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Tell me my son,
did you feed our donkey?
Yes father.
Where are we going so early?
We are going to the town to do some shopping.
Come on, hurry up.
It is getting late.
Good morning.
Where are you going so early?
We are going to the town, brother.
Forgive me for asking so.
Why are you going by walk?
And why can't you ride your donkey and go?
That's right. Father,
Why can't we do so?
I always appreciate you
and your advice.
It's getting late now hey.
Who is going to ride the donkey?
Father, you can do it.
I can come by walk.
Hey you,
Good morning madam. hehehehe
uh Good morning uhh
uh uh
I know uh, that is none of my business
Why is this poor little and sweet boy walking?
What happened?
And why is this strong man ride the donkey? Why?
She's right.
Didn't you think about that before doing this, father?
Okay. Let's try.
Uhhh, how are you? hahahaha Good morning.
anhh I'm fine.
uhh When I was a young chap those days, this was never happening
Why a young healthy boy riding the donkey
and you as a father, walking on the road?
This is a disgrace. Oh my God
What's happening now a days? I can't believe this .
What do you think about what the old man said?
I think he 's right.
It would be better , if we both can ride the donkey. Father, what do you say ?
Huh ?
Oh ! What a sweet donkey!
What's his name?
His name is Banjo
Oh Poor Banjo
Look at his tired face.
Why are you both riding this poor donkey?
Very bad.
Now, What are we going to do, my son?
I think that girl is right.
Father ,
Banjo looks tired.
Let's carry the donkey ourselves and nobody will criticize us. What do you say?
huh ?
Okay, Let's see what happens now.
And now, what are we going to do my son?
To tell you the truth,
I don't know father.
We did that, what they told to us..
But we couldn't please them.
Everybody criticized us and now they laugh at us.
Look my son, I wanted you to see with your own eyes, that there are many different options
and that it's not possible to please everybody here.
You know very well my son.
I understood father,
they laughed at us because we tried to please them.
But what are we going to do now?
you must think right and decide what you do is better always, you know
Even if nobody agrees, I know very well what to do
You will ride the donkey half of the way
and I will ride him the half way.
Along the way, we can also walk a little
So that Banjo can also take rest.
What do you say huh?
Well done my son. We will do just that. Come on Banjo Start walking.
Come on come on, walk yup walk. come on..
Let the people talk.
Dear kids, the moral of the story is
We cannot always do,
what others want us to do.
We cannot please every one because, there will always be some one
who will disagree with us.
Don't ever listen to gossips.
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The Farmer, His Son And His Donkey - Aesop's Fables - Animated/Cartoon Tales For Kids

18 Folder Collection
大文 published on April 17, 2020
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