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Coronaviruses are a family of contagious viruses that can cause respiratory infections from the common cold to “Sars”.
These viruses can mutate rapidly,
resulting in the 2019 new coronavirus
named “Sars-Coronavirus-2”,
which has crown-like spikes that characterize the family.
As with most viruses
“Sars-Coronavirus-2” commonly spreads from an infected person to others through droplets in the air when coughing and sneezing,
through close personal contact,
or by touching a contaminated surface and then touching the face.
Unless controlled,
each infection typically results in 2 to 3 subsequent people being infected.
Like other coronaviruses, “Sars-Coronavirus-2”
deposits its genetic material into host cells.
The viral RNA reaches host elements called ribosomes
which act as factories that produce viral proteins.
This facilitates replication of the viral genome and assembly of viral components,
producing fully formed replicants that are secreted and further spread infection.
Infection caused by “Sars-Coronavirus-2”
is known as “Covid-19”
and can cause fever, coughing and breathing difficulties,
along with cold-like symptoms.
Serious cases of “Covid-19” can cause pneumonia,
severe acute respiratory syndrome,
kidney failure and can lead to fatalities.
Global health organizations have outlined preventive measures
to reduce the chances of “Sars-Coronavirus-2” infection,
including refraining from touching the face with unclean hands,
and frequent hand washing with soapy water.
As with previous global outbreaks such as swine flu,
“Covid-19” has gained global attention and treatment development is being accelerated.
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The Coronavirus Outbreak | Random42 Scientific Communication

165 Folder Collection
ally.chang published on April 16, 2020
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