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  • desperation is setting in for millions of Americans.

  • This is the line for a food pantry and Pennsylvania, hundreds of cars snaking down the highway.

  • It brings to mind images of bread lines from the Great Depression of the 19 thirties.

  • In Miami, these folks are ignoring social distancing to get their hands on a precious unemployment application form.

  • There is hope today that better days are coming.

  • Hospitalization rate does suggest that it's coming down and we are flattening the curve.

  • But Dr Anthony Fauci warns, We cannot let our guard down.

  • We've got to continue in many respects, to redouble our efforts at the mitigation of physical separation in order to keep those numbers down and hopefully even get them lower.

  • And does he really think we should never shake hands ever again?

  • Sounds crazy.

  • We're never shaking hands again.

  • I did it almost a little bit tongue in cheek, but not really.

  • There was a bit of reality to that is hit us smack in the face.

  • We're learning now that the covert 19 virus reached New York City from Europe in mid February, much earlier than previously thought, Theo virus has spread throughout the city's Mass transit system, and it is devastating the ranks of transit workers.

  • At least 41 of them have died and 6000 Maur have fallen ill.

  • That's three times the rate of first responders like cops and paramedics, with hundreds dying every day.

  • Freezer trucks have been brought in to store the bodies.

  • We spotted these trucks lined up side by side outside Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.

  • Reinforcements are on the way.

  • These healthcare volunteers from upstate New York got a hero's send off as they headed south to lend a much needed a helping hand to the Big Apple.

  • And can the virus be spread by neckties?

  • That's the warning from the governor of Virginia, a physician.

  • He no longer wears a tie.

  • Neckties actually harbor of contagious passages, and Kelly Ripa is feeling the strain of being cooped up.

  • I'm currently not speaking to two of my three kids right now.

  • My kids, like won't hug me, Don't want their like I'm like guys were.

  • We've all been in lock down together.

  • We're we're fine.

  • You can give me on, huh?

  • It's fine.

  • Anyway, I'm sorry.

  • I didn't I don't know why I'm crying.

  • Last night, Jewish people observe the start of Passover and in all the centuries of time, it has never been conducted like this.

  • Virtually over zoom pestilence, wells.

  • Hell, focus.

  • The peak of Covert 19 is expected to hit the U.

  • S.

  • A.

  • In just four days landing Easter Sunday.

  • It is forecast that more than 2200 Americans are expected to die from the virus on that one day.

  • The Easter, which is a good day for a resurrection, will be the peak.

  • It's going to be close to that for other parts of country, maybe a week later if they're that part behind New York and Los Angeles.

  • But that's a good sign, because after that, I'm hoping will start skiing downhill.

desperation is setting in for millions of Americans.

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Is the Hand Shake a Thing of the Past?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/04/15
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