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  • sell you guys and welcome to French cooking.

  • Today we are making a monumental recipe off the French cooking portal for French beef stew.

  • In fact, this is a very simplified version of the classic stuff.

  • A cheat on it, really.

  • I couldn't help myself.

  • Just picture yourself to savory broth.

  • The meat falling off the bone with soft and delicious veg is and, of course, the 19 marrow bone.

  • It's just a perfect family meal.

  • It stands in the center of the tables, and everyone's pushing.

  • Everyone's trying to knock the best bits, like fighting for your life.

  • Really well, I guess every family is different.

  • So just on judge, put a foot literally translate into pot over fire.

  • It's a very old, fresh cooking tradition.

  • It's like 1000 years old.

  • Hundreds.

  • Maybe, if you ever come to friends and I'm strongly advising you, choose because we're not so mean.

  • I mean, not all of us.

  • You will find that every region has its own version off the boat off, which immediately and naturally alos you to twist it.

  • Just make your own version of it.

  • First, you'll need some more muscles.

  • One kilo of locust cuts of beef.

  • Think of Shin Shank Chuck, but my favorite will always the oxtail in cheek.

  • These are cheap and tough muscles, but was low and slow heat.

  • They will turn into priceless delicacies where me to really falls about from the bones.

  • Nothing could be better.

  • First, we have to see of the meat.

  • Place a heavy bottom band over high heat.

  • Code the meat with drizzle of olive oil.

  • Season it was sold and pepper.

  • Drop the meat in the pan the ideas to caramelize the meat for a short amount of time.

  • After a minute or so, cover it up with water and try to scrape the bottom in order to get all this ticket goodness at a bunch of dried herbs with a known Ian in half strict with clothes, set the low temperature and let it simmer for at least two hours.

  • Four hours would be best, but I get it.

  • You're busy.

  • Everyone's busy.

  • During that time, we could do a lot of things like skimming off the surface or, you know, going Shefi and much more.

  • So you do it.

  • Me?

  • Nah, I got stuff to do.

  • Like work plan.

  • They have looked.

  • Do serious stuff happen hour before the end off the mid cooking, it is time to add the rest of the ingredients.

  • Vegetables easy to remember because they all comes in pairs.

  • Two carrots, two leaks to celery to peel turnips and two small wash potatoes.

  • Whiskey.

  • No, it will prevent the stuff from turning more cloudy at this time of the recipe.

  • It's clearly optional, but you could add marrow bones.

  • I mean, you can admirable.

  • You need to add marrow bones.

  • You have two.

  • Admirable is because you must do it.

  • Do it, as I told you, puked of edges and the marrow for nothing more than half an hour.

  • Otherwise, they will blend into a terrible yet structures.

  • Meth.

  • Carefully separate the meat in the match from the stock using this trainer.

  • A cool trick to clarify the stock is the boy with the egg wise into filter it egg Whites will act as vacuum cleaners and trap every particles and fat making stuck really clear on top of being impressive.

  • Any useful?

  • This technique allows you to pretend being French chef with a strong culinary background, support off or French beef stew smells incredible.

  • It looks absolutely gorgeous and everyone's going.

  • The meat is falling apart from the bones.

  • The stock is so savory and the edges are delicious and soft.

  • Place the dishes on the table along with some strong mustards, toasted bread for the marrow and a few gherkins.

  • So def is my definition of a family.

  • Me with food and wine helping.

  • Everyone will tell his own story.

  • Some will be fascinated.

  • Author might be really boring, but it doesn't matter, cause at the end, it's all about getting served first.

  • No, I'm just joking because food is really about sharing.

  • It's about being around the table.

  • And you know what?

  • In my house, I don't have any tea, but I have a proper dining.

  • You don't think they're surprised, do you?

  • I really hope you enjoy this recipe and that you will make it for your family.

  • So, like common share and subscribe for the next video.

sell you guys and welcome to French cooking.

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