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  • Hey Sophie. I sent you an Email. Did you get it?

  • Ummm. Wait, let me check.

  • Okay.

  • No, I didn’t get it.

  • Oh! Let me send it to you again.

  • But what’s in the mail?

  • I just sent some documents for you to look at.

  • Okay, send it over.

  • I heard Mr. Peter called you?

  • Yeah… I just got back from his cabin.

  • Why? Was it something serious?

  • Not serious, but it was pretty important.

  • What was it?

  • He was just telling me about a new project. That’s it.

  • Oh. Thank God! You were getting your ear chewed, because he looked a bit mad today.

  • He’s mad alright, but not at meHe’s mad at the competition. Theyve underbid us.

  • Hey Fiona, are you done with the support team review?

  • Nope Sophie. I am still grading the calls.

  • Oh, come on! Youre gonna get me in trouble. We have our team meeting this morning!

  • I know, I know. I am working as fast as I can. There’s a lot of work here.

  • Fiona, I gave it to you three days ago.

  • Well, don’t worry. I am almost done. I’ll have it all laid out for you in a couple of hours.

  • Great! I hope so. I gotta review it so that I can answer the questions in that meeting.

  • Don’t worry, Sophie. I’ll get it done.

  • Listen Jake, I want that contract.

  • I know Mr. Higgins. We need it.

  • It’s going to do wonders to our bottomline. So get it for me, will ya?

  • Well, I am pretty sure it’s ours.

  • I am not so sure. Wheelers Inc is after it too, and theyre a slick outfit.

  • Not as slick as ours. I already know about their operating margins.

  • Theyve got a higher manufacturing cost. Well beat them with a lower bid.

  • A lower bid? Have you checked the project viability?

  • Sure! Weve got the advantage of economies of scale. Were already producing this stuff for Checkers Corp.

  • Yeah, that makes sense.

  • Okay, keep the bid low, and send them a sample of our current work. We want them to be impressed.

  • I’ll take care of it Mr Higgins. Won’t let you down.

  • Ear chewed : When someone is chewing your ear, they are criticizing you for something you did wrong.

  • Underbid : To underbid is to give a lower priced bid than someone else. A bid is the offer you give someone when you do their work for a fee.

  • Grading the calls : It means to rate or analyze the phone-calls made by company employees for quality. Call-centers often do that.

  • Laid out : Laid out in this context means available. When a work is laid out, it’s ready and available.

  • Bottom line : The bottom line is the net profit after all expenses have been deducted.

  • Slick outfit : A slick outfit is a company that’s very professional, well managed and efficient.

  • Operating margins : The operating margin is the amount you need to earn to pay the expenses you make in running your business.

  • Manufacturing cost : It is the money you spend in manufacturing something.

  • Project viability : When you check the project’s viability,

  • it means you consider all the factors like expenses, time, capabilities, etc., and decide whether a project is worth doing or not.

  • Economies of scale : According to a rule in manufacturing,

  • the more quantities you manufacture of an item, the less each individual item costs you because some costs like rent etc., are fixed.

  • This is called economies of scale, example things become cheaper to manufacture, the more quantity you manufacture.

Hey Sophie. I sent you an Email. Did you get it?

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