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  • As the fight against Kobe, 19 rages here in New York and hot spots across the country, There are a few pockets where the Corona virus is very much out of sight.

  • Out of mind arcana Whitworth went to a town called Washington City in Utah, where it's still business as usual for some four or five in Los Angeles is utterly empty.

  • Yet the roads here in southwest Utah are totally jampacked.

  • Business is still open, hitting the links with friends.

  • They feel like long gone luxuries when so much of the country is locked down.

  • But in Washington City, Utah, this is still daily life.

  • You don't feel like you wanna wear masks or gloves.

  • You feel safe.

  • Yeah, way hand sanitizer in the car and we're good.

  • I feel I mean, like, yeah, don't touch your face that, like I don't Yeah, I mean, that's what you do anyways, So you guys just invited me to come party with you.

  • Are you parting like normal, enjoying lunch behind me in a group, They say that's different because they're not in a restaurant, but they're outside together.

  • Behind me, you can see there's a cigar shop that is open for business.

  • A nail salon where you can go get a manicure or pedicure.

  • They say they're letting fewer people in at a time.

  • My policy.

  • Everyone's a sheep, Right down, they say were amassed.

  • People put a mask on.

  • Don't be a sheet research.

  • Educate yourself educations.

  • But Countywide, they only have 35 cases here and one death Lacey priests who owns and operates a barbershop in neighboring state.

  • George has stayed open for haircuts and beard trips, and we're doing everything we can to keep it clean and safe.

  • And I don't see why we shouldn't.

  • Why we shouldn't be open for Lacey is life after the Corona virus that she's more concerned about.

  • We need to go on and little day to day.

  • Still, you know, after this is all over and done with, they're still gonna be like if I close my doors.

  • I don't know if I'm gonna be here when I do, when it's time to reopen them.

  • So just being here and being cautious and being aware of our surroundings and the people that were inviting into the shop restaurants are doing takeout on Lee in some retail shops on Lee allowing curbside pickup but Jo Ann Fabrics letting in 20 people at a time.

  • Most residents move around freely without masks or gloves.

  • I think for a lot of people in Washington City, their lives have changed that agree?

  • I agree.

  • City leaders encouraged social distancing and only essential travel.

  • Utah is one of nine states without statewide shelter at home restrictions, but the governor has extended a stay at home directive to May 1st.

  • Local leaders in Washington City claim the virus is not spreading by community transfer, and they want to keep it that way.

  • And Kenna joins us now from Utah.

  • Qena, the governor of Utah, did announce some travel restrictions earlier today, right?

  • Yeah, Lindsay.

  • So starting today, any adult that enters the state will be required to fill out a health form.

  • So if you fly in, you'll do it at the airport.

  • If you drive in, you'll receive a text message asking you to fill out this form.

  • Government leaders want to know if you've had any symptoms.

  • If you've been tested and where you've been traveling and the Governor Warren's, some people might have to be quarantined and talk us through the overall rules in Utah because some cities in that state are locked down at this point, right, so they're doing it county by county.

  • So leaders in more densely populated areas like Salt Lake County, for example, they've implemented their own restrictions.

  • But the governor hasn't issued a state wide decree, which is why you're seeing people here in Southwest Utah move about quite freely.

  • Lindsay, can I thank you for that report?

  • It's so interesting to actually see people out and their daily life daily routine at Parks, that nail salons, its images that people like us here in New York, We just haven't seen for someone so really eye opening report there, of course.

  • Thank you, Lindsey.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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As the fight against Kobe, 19 rages here in New York and hot spots across the country, There are a few pockets where the Corona virus is very much out of sight.

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