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  • As the novel Corona virus pandemic continues, more celebs are revealing their diagnosis.

  • GM anchor George Stephanopoulos said his covert 19 tests came back positive over the weekend.

  • One of those, I guess, cases that are basically asymptomatic.

  • I've never had a fever, never had chills, never had a headache, never had cough, never had shortness of breath.

  • I'm feeling great.

  • That wasn't the case for his wife, comedian Allie Wentworth.

  • She was diagnosed with the virus back in March.

  • She says she's never been sicker, experiencing symptoms like high fever and horrific body aches.

  • The man partially responsible for gifting us with Robin Rianna Fenty.

  • Her dad, Ronald, also tested positive for the novel Corona Virus, according to The Sun.

  • He said he thought he was going to die and said Rihanna checked in on him every day and even sent him a ventilator, which he never had to use.

  • After spending 14 days in isolation, Ronald says he's feeling much better, and the 66 year old is urging everyone to stay home.

  • On his birthday, Legendary Grammy Award winning artist and producer Babyface announced he and his family had the new Corona virus.

  • He said it was incredibly scary, but thankfully added, They're all on their way back to full health.

  • I've been to the point where I just felt like I was gonna die.

  • Broke in a live stream, rapper Scarface told his Ghetto Boys group mate Willie D, about his covert 19 diagnosis.

  • He said he'd gotten tested twice the first time his test got lost.

  • I got the feeling really, really, really bad wheel, you know, it started out with pneumonia in both of my loans, right?

  • 34 days later, my kidneys failed, and I you know, three or four days after that they tell me I can't move on quarantine.

  • I've been laying low for the last number of days because I could feel my body fighting something unusual, and I just got confirmation that I have indeed tested positive for the Corona virus.

  • Be loved.

  • Broadway star Brian Stokes Mitchell said he had to self quarantine away from the rest of his family in his bedroom throughout the entire time.

  • He remained optimistic and says she's feeling better.

  • Remember that more people come through this, then succumb to it.

  • So let's keep a good thought there, too.

  • Let's keep loving one another and stay safe for inside edition dot com.

As the novel Corona virus pandemic continues, more celebs are revealing their diagnosis.

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