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  • duty.

  • Benvenuti.

  • Our Nova is audio.

  • The easy Italian Ogi Sama, Bergamo a C four and the animals.

  • Thank you.

  • Better Bergamasco.

  • Ayla Polenta.

  • Polenta.

  • Tanya Santo for Maja A Boudreaux.

  • You mean they're Ikemoto?

  • Gore?

  • Oberon, Fort Kearney.

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  • I love your car.

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  • Hey, Charlie Rose.

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  • I mean, you just you just forget it.

  • I am okay with Spain.

  • Yeah.

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  • Finally.

  • Polina Polina!

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  • So far they wanna defended the carbonara.

  • Defend Eva Allen!

  • Cherica!

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  • Thank you, Queen The Obama impractical carbonara come in Italian.

  • Avoid Cucina Stacy Quality Foster appear for the screen.

  • Particular comment in on romantic out of these three very Alcon Allah Easy languages.


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Italian recipes | Easy Italian 13

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