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Zelina Vega, the Crafty superstar all in trying to set up,
look at this submission attempt in the ropes.
And Zelina Vega using a of the referees,
five counts to inflict damage so Bianca Belair.
>> Let's not forget something we don't see Zelina Vega in action often here.
Now the cover and kick out.
We'll see Zelina Vega in action often.
>> Zelina can deliver inside the ring as she is doing right now
against Bianca Belair.
>> Off the DDT, could this put away Belair?
And, no, a kick out by the EST of WWE.
>> Get on her, get on her.
>> And now Zelina Vega, look at this, very creative by Vega.
Both these superstars competing in the 2020 Women's Royal Rumble match earlier
on this year.
Byron, your point about Vega, she is a Is coming in the ring and she is out of it.
Vega trying to use those smarts to slow down Bianca Belair who is displaying
just how resilient and powerful she is.
Now, readjusting the body of Zelina into a suplex.
>> [SOUND] >> That was a little unnerving.
>> Montez Ford loving what his wife Bianca Belair is doing.
Kick right to the face by Vega.
>> Zelina perched on the middle rope there and gets caught.
Look at the power, the strength of Bianca Belair.
That is impressive.
>> Bianca Belair is a special athlete.
>> [APPLAUSE] Yes, yes, yes!
>> Now Bianca Belair on the move.
>> You gotta stay down.
Like that.
It is not going like that.
[CROSSTALK] That is- >> And
Austin Theory was trying to slow up Belair, and here comes Ford and Dawkins.
>> That's a Austin problem, going after Theory and Garza,
right in the middle of The ring.
>> Ring the bell, ring the bell.
>> And this has gotten completely out of hand, once again, the official call for
the bell.
>> Tensions are just so high between all six of these superstars, and once again,
another disqualification.
>> That's enough,that's it.
>> [CROSSTALK] >> I mean we're just one day removed
from the prestigeous Wrestle Mania 36.
And man my brother is here, my wife is here,
so how about we just make this a family affair and
just do three [FOREIGN] against three.
>> Come on.
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Bianca Belair vs. Zelina Vega: Raw, April 6, 2020

22 Folder Collection
Ming Jie published on April 15, 2020
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