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[Monthly GOING SEVENTEEN, March Edition]
[#They_said_to_dress_formally / A studio near Pledis Entertainment]
We'll be taking photos for Monthly SEVENTEEN again.
And as you know, it's March edition.
[March's HOST Hoshi]
It's my idea but it didn't get aired.
Ooh, I'm listening. What is it?
It's where someone plays a game and goes home.
[They usually mess it up when they count the chickens before they hatch] -Wow, that sounds great! -So if we do this quickly, are we free to go home?
[Lol / Amazing Idea indeed] -Yeah, play a game and complete a mission. -You just provided them the initial idea?
Yeah, and they developed it.
So it was edited.
So the concept it, it's not much but, we play a game together, and whoever comes first goes home first.
It's a day off!
[He asked for something trivial, so we indeed prepared a trivial game]
[If you fall sleep, you can go home]
[still confused] So we just sleep?
-Sleep? Just like that? -For real?
[Rules 1. Sleep for 3 minutes with heart rate meter on 2. The three with the most stable heart rate can go home(The one with the least gap between highest heart rate and lowest heart rate) 3. If you chat or open your eyes, you're out]
[Round 1, frontbiting / The video may contain exaggeration and false information]
[First turn] Let's give him some time to sleep.
[We never told them to mock others] -Where do we start? -Exactly.
-Even if you leave me alone, I can't sleep. -That's pretty apparent.
He started to laugh.
[Jeonghan START] -That's not good news for Jeonghan. -Let's not scream and such.
-Let's take it easy. -Start!
[Hypnotizing with ease] -You're falling asleep. -It's hard to sleep like that.
Nice lighting.
[Self Hypnosis] But upon seeing that, I'm feeling sleepy. What should I do?
[frontbiting starts (Sleeping)] I really didn't like it when Jeonghan danced solo in Melon Music Award Ceremony.
That was something.
[If you agree, scream] Jeonghan should do that ceremony all over again.
Was it Gaon? Or Seoul Music Awards?
-He took the stage with a pump. -Yeah, he was sexy.
-He jumped and it was super sexy. -His red back hair stuck out like mad.
Jeonghan was cool when he did this.
[Curiosity] Mmm, Hiya!
You must be curious, right?
One~ Two! That was really an eye-catch.
[Not curious at all] You must be curious about what move it is.
His concept was magnificent.
Right, right.
[Woke up] SHINee's Juliet where Jeonghan danced while he was a rookie was...
-Was the seventeenth. -Seventeenth? What's that?
[Thinking after saying puns] Seventeenth.
-It is ranked that low? -Seventeenth. We're doing something for SEVENTEEN at the moment.
[New slang for SVT: Seventeenth] New slang it is.
[Very stable] -His heart rate must have risen at least a little. -Yeah, he'll keep thinking of that moment.
-I bet he's smiling. -Remember what Jeonghan sang while he was a rookie called The Journey to You?
I thought it was Buzz who was singing it.
Nope, it's 'Let It Go' for Jeonghan.
[Lol] -'Let It Go'! -Yup, 'Let It Go' for Jeonghan.
I love Jeonghan's English pronunciation so much.
I hope he uploads a cover video.
[He has some work cut out for him]
[The end]
That's it?
-Jeonghan? -Hey, wake up.
[We're still not sure if he is sleeping for real] At least he's trying.
Wait, is he asleep for real?
Wake up, Jeonghan!
You don't have to pretend as if you're asleep.
He's acting.
[His from an acting school] Did you sleep for real?
[Asleep] Oh, come on! Hey! Nah~
[We're not falling for it] -Did you really sleep? -Oh, come on.
Come here and lie down.
[Did he sleep for real?] It's all recorded, you know.
-Did you sleep for real? -I think he's acting.
8 hours passed after you slept.
I was listening to you, but then the sounds faded away.
[He's getting a grip] -Oh, really? -For real?
-We must not whisper. -Maybe I'm just tired.
[He passes his heart rate meter] -But I bet he has a high heart rate. -Exactly. Really high.
[Joshua START]
[We never told them to make him laugh] -Start. -Now we make him laugh, right?
Joshua is trying to look good even when he's about to sleep.
Jeonghan, it's time to tell the backstory behind Joshuji
[The legendary Joshuji] It was 3 years ago.
-Big trouble coming in our way! -3 years ago...
[We did what you asked for] Please make sure you beep whatever I say.
Isn't it time for Joshua to get mad?
[The heart rate decreases] I bet it's over 150.
Isn't it something to get mad?
He's trusting the editing.
But there was something else with Joshua.
Do you know how Joshua loves dyeing his hair even when we were on tour?
He still loves it.
He does it once every 3 days.
So I was like, did you bleach and dye again? Don't you have trouble with dandruff or something?
He said it was fine, but when he turned around, I could see some dandruff right away.
It was pitiful for me to see that.
[Somber] -He was just insisting he was fine. -Yeah, his head can't help but become dry.
[False news] When I was in LA, he was calling someone.
-Who? Who? -He called for 3 hours.
[The end] What, what?
[The true news] That was his mom.
Oh, mom?
Wake up.
[An actor of the Web Drama] Wake up~
-Man, but the time is really short. -Are you asleep? For real?
Hey, looks like Joshua is crying!
He's crying!
He's crying!
[It's not a tear]
He's mentally broken.
He's pretending to sleep,
but he's smiling because he can't act.
[His tip of the mouth can't lie]
Yeah, just wake up~
-Joshua, it's okay. -It's fine. You can get up now.
One, two, three!
[Rise and shine]
Nice Joshua.
Hey, did you hear us?
I can, and clearly.
[Next turn] -Did you hear us clearly? -Am I up next right away?
But Jun sleeps really well.
We're going to create some rumors.
[A fake news] Not rumors, but let's exaggerate something that's a fact.
[Jun START] Jun, say goodbye to us.
[Eager to sleep] For the last time.
[Ignore this?] Jun is eager to sleep. He's under a pressure.
So if he sleeps, it's a giveaway of both sleep and going home?
Just now, Jun and some people went to grab a meal.
And he was telling the cook to make Short Rib Soup little spicier.
So they added some chili.
He was saying it isn't spicy while he is eating.
[No I didn't] -He's bluffing again! -To have his pride high.
When the owner asked if he needs more chili,
he was saying no.
[Pfft] So...
[His heart rate explodes] -It was spicy, but... -Look at him smiling!
When he was saying that,
[There are those friends] he was already spicy.
He was feeling spicy but pretending to be cool.
Jun must have a big pair of eyes.
It won't close completely.
When Jun has his eyes closed, he isn't sleeping.
[Not asleep] He should have his eyes open.
When we were talking for 10 minutes, Jun was asleep.
Remember when we advertised bubbled coats?
And we received several coats, right?
I know what's that all about.
It was during Show! Music Core when Joshua spilled some drinks in his pocket.
I still remember Joshua getting nagged on.
And now the signing event.
So I picked up my padded jacket after the fan meeting.
There was a piece of tissue that seemed to be used to wipe something. It was wet.
So I thought, 'Ah, this is from Jun.'
'Jun wore my padded jacket' So I headed to the Inkigayo set and told Jun about it.
[Testimony] Yeah, he was with me.
We switched jackets.
I told him that we switched jackets and he's like, 'Huh? What are you on about?'
'No way.'
No way. LOL
No way!
'I have my charger still here'
'No, but the pocket is wet right now..'
[Expert at mimicking Jun] 'I don't know, let's talk about this later.' He still didn't know.
He had no idea. So I told him, 'That one is mine, this is yours.'
'I don't know. This jacket is mine,'
'Why are you like this to me?' he kept saying that.
'No, please listen.'
'That is mine... My name is written on the back.' I told him.
He was clearly annoyed. 'Why are you always like this to me?'
'You've been at me for a while now. Why are you like this?'
[Pinpoint details] There was a piece of lettuce from the snack wrap he was eating.
And he asked me, 'Why are you like this?'
[Having fun] -It was dangling from his teeth.. -'You have been really bad to me,'
'You are disrespectful to me.'
I was so shocked..
[Pfft] He said that I was disrespectful to him!
After that, things were really awkward between me and Jun.
So whose jacket was it in the end?
[Boss] But the misunderstanding was that it could have been misunderstood by the two of us, or it could have been something we didn't know,
[Cold shoulders] Uh... the jacket was mine.
-The jacket was his! LOL -Seeing Jun getting mad at you, I think you didn't act your best to Jun.
-He must have endured a lot. -Apologize to him.
- An 'I see..' is all he's going to get. He's sleeping right now. -Fair enough. Like a video message.
[Jun...] I am younger than you, so try to be more accepting...
[Sudden attack] Stop it you geezers!
I don't think Jun is sleeping right now.
[Explosion] How can I sleep in this situation!
You failed!
-Jun just listened to Aesop's Fables. -Ah! You're driving me mad! I want to cry!
How do you sleep?
Ah, Moon Junhwi, more like Wook Junhwi.
Do I fail if I laugh in the middle?
-No, laughing is okay,. -Exactly 3 minutes?
It goes on as long as you don't break.
[I have been in your shoes] It won't be easy.
[Hoshi begin]
[Thrilled] Ha... Hoshi should just go to sleep.
[Found a weak spot] Let's just say
nothing for Hoshi.
[They always work as a team only when they are trying to mess with others] -Yeah, let's just say nothing. -I'm tired of talking.
You can just sleep.
Yeah, just go to sleep.
[Episode vending machine] Did Hoshi come at 2012?
I went to greet him when,
'Hello, I am Edward Kwon from Namyangju.'
Edward Kwon. LOL
[Caught him off guard] He had his braces that time.
[Pleased] When he had braces!
Do you know?
Do you remember? Back in the day on Christmas Eve, SEVENTEEN was aired on TV for the first time,
-(On the sketchbook) 'I take off my braces on Friday'. The company went nuts because of that. -Oh, yeah.
[Problem child] -He caused all sorts of problems starting from that day. -Yeah.
Let him sleep.
[Figured out his weakness] Leave him be.
[Another one who figured out his weakness] Go to sleep.
Sleep, hurry up and sleep./
Hoshi, go to bed.
-Wow... -A shame.
Ah, this is way too fun.
[Passing on the heart rate meter] You were waiting for the perfect time, weren't you?
[Wonwoo START] He is going to laugh on his own. Leave him be.
He can't hold back his laughter.
[Launching their attack] But do you usually go to sleep with your glasses on?
[Never lets go of the smallest details] You're going to break your glasses when you wake up.
Do you know the Chinese characters for Wonwoo?
What is it?
-What is it? -The... Before the former..
[ASMR] Ah...
He's going to sleep at this rate.
[About to sleep] He's going to sleep! This is bad.
This is bad.
[A fatal blow] Don't just sit there, hurry and dance..
Oh, do you remember the time when we were practicing, the PR rap.
I was wondering if it was a new type of rap.
When Wonwoo was being evaluated for the first time,
the 'pork cutlet'
[Pfft] Pork cutlet..
What's the 'Pork Cutlet?'
-The CEO loved it, -The highlight of that part..
Wow~ That brings back memories!
He said that the words 'Pork cutlet' was very unique and he was pleased about it.
But his hair was curled and silver when he sang that song.
The balance is... quite appropriate.
He even did the hairstyle that looked like it blew up.
What else did Wonwoo do?
Is there really not a single episode about Wonwoo after living with him for 7 years?
But Wonwoo's dances are right on the beat.
Really spot on.
-Completely spot on. -True
Do you remember the dance teaser for Wonwoo's 'SEVENTEEN PROJECT'?
Wonwoo was killing it with that dance.
[The copyright law prevented me from doing it] If I was Wonwoo, I would have stood up and stopped it.
[New episode] - I have something sad that I have been holding in my mind for the past 7 years back when we were practicing. -Oh, what is it?
-Now, I will be telling this story for the first time. -Oh, what is it? I am so curious!
-Hurry up! It could end! -I was fresh and new to the team and I wasn't all that close with the members.
Everyone was eating something when I returned back home.
But Wonwoo had a onigiri at that time.
He was eating it, so I asked him, 'Can I have a bite?'
He said, 'You're older than me, why are you asking me for a bite?'
-Oh, wow... -And then he just left!
I was thinking...
Was it because I wasn't close to him?
I was frustrated because of that.
And then Wonwoo came back after 5 minutes,
maybe he was sorry, but he said 'Hey, you can have this if you want'
[Finish] And then he gave me a onigiri and left.
-the end -Wonwoo, you may wake up.
What was that, I don't even remember.
[He passes on the heart rate meter] Ah, that was fun.
But I was holding the heart rate meter on my chest when I tried to sleep,
but I could hear the pounding.
Right?! It's like that!
Because I had no idea what you guys were going to say to me.
-This is harder than you'd think. -The moment you begin to think about your pulse..
[Wow, it's WOOZI ★] Is it okay if I make you mad?
[He is very familiar with WOOZI] If we bring up something that makes him mad, then I bet he's going to stop the game.
-What do you have in mind, Seungkwan? -I'm going to sleep.
WOOZI, please relax.
[Nothing happened but the heart rate meter reads 120] -He's flustered -He's angry!
WOOZI, they are saying your heart rate is too quick.
I am more nervous here than I am on stage.
Hey, we don't bite.
[We just laugh] Don't worry. Trust us.
[WOOZI START] -Okay, let's begin. -But those who finished first are at ease.
-Okay -Oh, it started.
WOOZI hates it when he accidentally wears the same clothes as me.
-Yeah... Not a fan of it. -Actually, I like it a lot.
[Guess the mouth shape] -Oh, so it's like that huh? -He is just pretending to hate it.
WOOZI actually like it.
WOOZI is always embarrassed about acting cute,
-But WOOZI is the best at acting cute! -He is the best!
He pretends he is bad at it, but he's the best.
Maybe he is practicing...
[Legendary cutie]
-Wow~ -Ah, so cute!
[Watching WOOZI's cute actions right in front of him]
[This is me♥] He is a pro at this!
And he keeps saying that he is bad at it.
-Wow.. He's a pro at this. -This was when he was at the bathroom..
-Oh my. -Wow~
Hey, this one here..
I bet he practiced when he was in the shower.
-Yeah, I bet he did. -Did he practice this when he was in the shower?
[Just remembered a new episode] Oh, and when we just got debut,
He climbed on top of Mingyu's back when the number one winner was being announced during the ending.
[Refusing to look]
They were announcing the number 1 and he believed that we would win because we were all new.
-Do you remember that time? -But I was really grateful for WOOZI back then.
[4 jang experts] -Why? -Do you think that WOOZI did that to stand out by himself?
-He did that to make us stand out. -Is that so?
Leave him be, now he won't be able to sleep.
[Vicious comment] Is there more? Don't we have more stories about WOOZI?
I think we need to say some good things about him now.
[Talking about positive cute actions] Those were all quite positive.
There's nothing bad to be said to each other.
I think we already did...
DK, why don't you share the time when you forgot your wallet so we had to pay for the spicy stir-fried chicken.
My heartbeat is going to rise if I do.
[Taking care of the aftermath] WOOZI, you've done well.
-It's not as hard as you'd think right? -It's not a big deal but your heartbeat is pounding, right WOOZI?
[Next turn] But my mouth is so itchy, I want to complain and make excuses.
Myungho can't sleep immediately.
Surprisingly so.
Myungho tried to make a habit of sleeping right away,
but he can't
[Myungho START] -I'll go to sleep -Yeah.
Goodnight Myungho~
Good night~
I wouldn't be looking at the roof if I were you.
[Cynical] I'm not going to sleep.
I heard a rumor that Myungho prefers to drink soju and not wine at his house.
[Soju Myungho] -To look good, I would guess. -Oh, he's pretending to be a wine lover?
Myungho doesn't like wine in the first place.
He takes a glass of mukgeoli and yells, 'Ah~'
Last time, (Myungho) told me that he won't eat unhealthy food anymore.
[The man who ate 4 servings of ramen] He ate 4 servings of ramen on the plane.
Last time, Myungho
[Remembering a sweet memory]
Do you remember the pose he makes when he says, 'Just a little?'
[So cool]
That's true.
I bet that rose his heartbeat.
I loved Myungho the moment he came in.
It was the first time seeing someone my age having his hair shaved.
But he shaved it himself because he was determined to prove that he was a better dancer.
Wow... That's so cool!
Myungho told me this himself, but he said that he was more popular than ever when he shaved his hair.
[The first peak of popularity] He was certain of it.
So he personally said that he did b-boy dances when he was in elementary and junior high.
Myungho said that he was really popular.
[Finish] Okay, Myungho, wake up.
-Myungho's time was really fast. -How was it?
-It's fun. -The 'I will run to you' part was really fun.
[The original]
[Mingyu START] -Good night -So we can lie right?
Lie? Sure.
[He seems confident] Is it just me, or does Mingyu look like an entrepreneur to me?
-After taking a look, I think Mingyu has about 2.3 billion won worth of property. -Oh really?
[TIP, 2.3 billion entrepreneurs sleep while looking at the sky.
-4 convenience stores. -4 convenience stores?
[Change of plans] He has a lot of expensive watches.
Do you remember, when we were choosing a fashion terrorist among us?
[Dissing him indirectly] I thought Mingyu looked so cool when he wore a suit with training pants.
Mingyu... right now..
Mingyu got his fashion roasted by Wonwoo.
[Seungkwan roasted Mingyu as well]
Mingyu's clothes is a little odd.
Mingyu likes to show off too.
[Kim Min Showoff] That's why he wipes his head with his T-shirt.
So show off his stomach.
[He got caught]
But in the videos, that's not the belly we know.
So when he is about to show his belly,
he tenses up.
Everything is planned.
[Agreed] So he would flash his stomach twice.
He would do it once, and then do it again.
To let some air in, and then to show it clearly.
Mingyu has a lot of stories involving him.
I think this should be enough for Mingyu.
I want to push down the blue collar he folded up.
[Finish / Last strike] -It's over~ -He would wear clothes inside out.. oh okay.
It's fun.
2.3 billion entrepreneur.
That was a good lie.
[Satisfied] -All lies... It's all in your heads. -Ah, okay. It's fine.
[DK is up] Ah, I am getting nervous.
Why am I getting nervous?
But after this,
your body gets strangely relaxed.
What can we say about DK..
[The most formidable person in this game] -I have some -There's a lot to talk about DK.
[DK begin]
Do you know the story of DK and the black plastic bag and grey towel?
No, I don't
[Things are on fire the moment it began] -The black plastic bag and grey towel -He's done for already.
He's done for.
The story of the black plastic bag began when Mingyu and DK argued
They were arguing when DK
-Suddenly went to the convenience store and returned with a black plastic bag. -A black plastic bag.
[LOL..] Yeah, he had a black plastic bag.
So when he was arguing with Mingyu, someone threw out a swear word,
[So interesting] so DK got mad.
So in anger, he threw the black plastic bag while yelling.
So Mingyu asked, 'What are you doing?'
[He's getting nervous for some reason] Hey, but aren't you bad mouthing me by telling this story?
He told him to 'Pick it up.'
He was seething with anger.
'I said pick it up'
(DK) picked it up.
DK went and picked it up.
But DK is really pure.
He was so pure during the time when we were still practicing.
There will be evaluations.
DK sang the 'Blue Whale' perfectly.
Wow... such passion!
After he was done singing, the trainer asked
'DK, what does the lyrics of 'Blue Whale' mean?'
[Smooth Transition]
-Sorry? The lyrics..the.. -He got frightened right at that point.
The power..the..
'Sorry? Say the sentence properly'
'What, DK?'
[With tearful eyes] Then he suddenly cries.
'I am sorry'
'No, DK. I am not scolding you'
He asked DK because he was curious what DK was thinking when singing,
because he sang well.
Though he sang well, he couldn't answer, so he got zero point.
[Endless Episodes] You know the grey towel.
A black plastic bag and a grey towel is a set.
He had a quarrel with me at our house.
-He had an argument with Seungkwan. -DK was awkward with me the hole day, but it bursted at our share house.
When he was going for a bath, he was holding a grey towel,
we were quarreling, and it seemed as if he was trying to throw a black plastic bag. I think he was mad.
I get it that throwing is his hobby!
[Te-hee] He was trying to throw it like this.
[DK Lee (24) Singer / Specialty : fastball] "He was trying to throw it again, so I said,
'Throw it'
'See what will happen if you throw it'
Oh..you are scary Seungkwan!
[Cool] 'If you throw it, then..'
Seungkwan went 'Aaah!' when he got hit.
[Gave up sleeping]
Didn't DK have the second kind impression after God?
It is not Dkind, everyone.
Everyone, when you ride a taxi with friends and if you are in panic because you don't have a wallet,
[Spreading the good tip] You can say that the wallet is
[In tatters] deep in your bag.
It was the best excuse I have ever heard in my life.
What is more hilarious is that no one told him to pay.
[The end] He told all the places.
Keep going.
Then, he said he will pay.
[Grey pillow] -'I will pay for it today' -This grey towel!
Is it grey pillow today?
[Short presentation] Throw it.
[Awkward] Ah, I was so embarrassed when talking about the black plastic bag.
Pick it up.
Then, they reconciled.
I thought he would hit me if I don't pick it up.
[Passing the heart rate meter] Is it Seungkwan?
[Prey] Oh, there are lots of things to say about Seungkwan.
Seungkwan can't sleep.
Okay. Seungkwan.
[Seungkwan START] -Here we go. -It will be funny from the moment you lie down, Seungkwan.
[Attacking even before lying down] -You know that Seungkwan has a pride about his Fashion, right? -Of course.
There is a hat that he values.
Adidas Original with a spark in navy color!
-Seungkwan likes navy colors. -The always puts on the navy one.
[Navy-Boo Seungkwan] -He is a navy-addict. -The hat itself is quite plump.
The hat on the head looks very weird even though a person with a very small head puts on.
Seungkwan had a nice hair.
He was wearing nicely with a coat, and all the four members of the vocal team
were giving complements saying, 'You look good today, Seungkwan.'
'Oh, thank you, thank you'
I was walking at the airport and turned back.
Seungkwan looked nice. He was walking with his hair fluttering.
After about 12 seconds, not lying,
I looked back at him again, and he was wearing the navy hat,
that doesn't go well with the outfit at all.
[Another navy episode] Seungkwan really is a navy-addict.
He bought a black earphones few days ago,
but after he came back to Korea, he bought the same one with navy color.
[A newest Navy-Bu Seungkwan] Oh, really?
He went, 'I wasted some money'
'What is it?'
'I bought the same one in navy color'
[Fact Bomber] You really did waste some.
You really did waste some. haha.
You know when I was a trainee, I used to pick some second-hand clothes and wear them.
-Because you all did. -He is done when Dino starts speaking.
-We were like that. -Dino!
[Worried] -Let's tell something bursting, Dino. -Because many people, and you all wore second-hand clothes.
I was told, 'You should dress up, so then you can look nice,'
Seungkwan would quietly stand with them and tell me
'You should dress up.'
I only could see one person, Bu Seungkwan, in the crowd.
'How well does he dress up that he is telling me that kind of words?'
[Agitated] Wasn't it Seungkwan who got the most comments about fashion when we were trainees?
-Seungkwan's short pants story is famous. -Mind your own business.
You know about SeungKwan
wearing black jeans alone after coming back from outside.
Back then, our director would come to our practice room and say,
'You should dress up good and nicely even when you wear sweatsuits'
Seungkwan had always get criticized,
but he was confident that day.
-I am wearing black jeans. -It is a simple pair of pants.
He is also wearing black jeans today.
So he thought 'I will not be scolded today',
but as soon as the director came,
'Bu Seungkwan, I told you not to wear that kind of pants'
Still, I remember Seungkwan got complements when we were practicing the face expressions with the song 'Adore U'.
Oh, right, right!
Right after 'SEVENTEEN~', he said 'Oh, you look nice, Seungkwan~'
With the director, I really have to ..
[Seungkwan is a good boy]
You should have done 'Wild Eyes'!
[Vernon START] I think we will go at 11.
-Vernon? -Maybe he can make it.
Vernon, with the blanket..oh, yes. Perfect now.
-Let's talk about that first. -What?
Starting from the vest jacket
Aha, the legendary vest jacket
Then, our practice room toilet was filled with toilet water and drain water because it was broken.
It was flooding on the floor
But to clean the practice room, we had to walked pass the water to grab the mop.
[Mime presentation] We imagined in our head.
To step on here
-The towel holder -grab the towel holder
and go through the water.
The floor was flooding with waste water.
[Waste water] It was nearly a game.
Vernon and I were there, and I went in first.
[Rotten rope] -I grabbed the holder, but.. -That was the wrong way.
It was so shaky.
This is wrong.
It was because so many people grabbed the holder and entered.
-The time.. -This is wrong.
It was not the feeling I had when grabbing it until now.
Ah? Vernon, hold on.
You go first.
You were really bad.
I was leaving after sending him in telling let's do it quickly and go.
[Happy to think about young Vernon] Vernon was..lolll
Vernon was
[haha] Splash~
[Can know without looking / Story of legendary vest jacket] -What was more important is that it was your vest jacket. -It was mine.
[Vernon style reaction] 'Oh my god..'
-'Oh my god..' Right, right. -Vernon was like a baby back then.
You know right? When Vernon asks something when he was a trainee.
[Vocal mimicry expert] -'Can I use the pad Seungkwan?' -Oh, right, right!
[Vocal mimicry expert2] -'DK, can I..' -'Can I try this headphone?'
When Vernon first came in, he was so cute and lovely,
but the next day, one of his sideburns was gone.
What was funny is that
[ha] He looked very neat.
-The first day he came in saying 'Hello, I am Choi HanSol, and I will be coming here from tomorrow.' -He was really cute.
We said, 'Oh, OK', but when I went to the practice room the next day,
It was not like he trimmed his hair.
In the past, people used to do 'one block' hair and shave one side of hair,
but it wasn't even like that.
Only this part was just shaved with hair trimmer.
It was shaved white.
I said 'Oh? Vernon, did you cut your hair?', then he said
'Ah, a gum stuck on my hair'
'so I just shaved it'
He shaved his hair by himself.
[Still don't get what is strange] He just shaved it.
-What is really funny is that -How did he get a gum stuck on his hair?
Why does WOOZI have so many skits?
I have another. When I first saw Vernon, he looked very cool,
so I wondered 'what kind of person is he?' very much.
[Two best skit comedians] We were both new to the practice room, so we were sitting down in the vocal room we were sharing, then he suddenly went
[Cancel about being the top] [If only he had a navy hat]
It's OK, SeungKwan.
[Unyielding will] Your heart rate must have risen because of my embarrassment.
[A stable comfort] You may have thought 'Poor SeungKwan', your mind must have weakened, and your heart rate must have risen.
[The end] -Oh, the end! -It is over.
Vernon's turn is over.
[Self-criticising with no regret] If you were to sing, you should have sang 'My Way'.
-We sang 'My Way' too many times. -You should have done 'My Way'
[Passing the heart rate meter] We sang 'My Way' too many times.
The last. It's the last.
-Dino~ -There are so many things to say about Dino.
[Expecting for Dino's turn] I think Dino has the most episodes related to him, right?
[Dino START] But if Dino enjoys having many episodes.
So I am not going to say it out.
[Weak at ignorance]
It was our youngest members birthday few days ago, so let's just let him sleep.
[Surprise attack] It was Dino's birthday?
[Starting for real] He's been drinking for a whole week lately.
-Didn't he come back after drinking until 8. -Oh, really?
[Skit vending machine] I came back home at 8 saying 'Aaaaah..ah', drank hangover drink,
and in a sudden, started using electric shaver.
The important things is that he always drink alone.
[In Coma or drinking alone] I didn't drink alone.
[He spoke]
[Game Over] -It is over? -It is already over?
It is over when you speak.
[Failed because he spoke] You shouldn't speak, but you spoke.
Oh? I shouldn't say a word?
-You shouldn't. -You failed.
-Fail? -Failed~~.
[Result announcement] Who are the three who can go back home?
The one with the most heart rate rebound was Jun.
[The last of the 1 ROUND is Jun]
-You must have had a hard time. -Why do you do this to me?
[The two best skit comedians coming again] -What is wrong with your heart rate? -Why do you do this to me?
I will announce the ones who will go back home.
There are three people, right?
[Tense is needed even in a small game] All eyes are sparkling.
-I failed right? -Slowly. Slowly.
-DK. -Wow!
-Jeonghan. -Wow!
The 8.
[The ones going back home : DK, Jeonghan, THE 8]
[The ones working over time at night / Going back home]
Wow, awesome! I didn't expect I would go, but wow!
[Being sensitive] -Don't make it noisy and go out quickly. -OK.
[Three going back home] -I see. -We can just go?
-Thank you everyone! -Congratulations for going back home.
But you can be summoned.
Why do we be summoned?
[FINAL RULE - If the host, Hoshi is included in the top three, he can summon the ones going back home / However, Hoshi can't go back home]
-If I am included -You can be summoned by Hoshi.
I recommend DK.
You can be summoned, Jeonghan.
I have a wish card,
-Oh, you can defend the summon with the wish card? -Yes.
[Spoiler : Hoshi uses his summoning ability] -OK. Bye, MyeongHo~ -I envy them.
[The ones going back home- 1st : The 8 2nd : Jeonghan 3rd : DK] [4th: Joshua 5th: WOOZI 6th: SeungKwan 7th: Vernon 8th: Mingyu 9th: Wonwoo 10th: Hoshi 11th: Jun Failed: Dino]
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[GOING SEVENTEEN 2020] EP.8 #1 (Insomnia-Zero #1)

36 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on April 15, 2020
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