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Welcome back to the gentleman's Gazette in today's video
We'll discuss 52 commonly mispronounced names from the car
Fashion and luxury industry and of course how to pronounce them properly
Brands dominate the car watch luxury and fashion industry
Sometimes in conversation when they come up people are not sure how to pronounce them and you hear all kinds of variations
often the reason is that the country's
Origin is not the country you're from and so it all gets tangled up that stirs up the question
Should you pronounce something in the original way?
It was meant to be said or you adapted to your local surroundings
The reality is no matter how you say it people will judge you for it
If you say catchy instead of Cartier
some people may look at you as an arrogant prick on the other hand if you say Cartier instead of khaki
People may think of you as a peasant
so often really the choice what to say is yours and it may even depend on the situation you're in but
It never hurts to know the proper pronunciation of a brand name
So without further ado here the brand's you may be mispronouncing Audemars Piguet
It's a watch friend and it has a soft G automatic PG next up voom MSE
It's not Baume & Mercier. It's boom MLC
The ampersand is a because it's French and it's very soft
It's a mid-range watch brand, but it's always good to pronounce it boom. Merci next up the fashion house
Balenciaga it used to be spanish valente Agha with a th but today it's French owned and they prefer to say
Balenciaga, you've also probably heard of the leggy. It's not break wet. Its braggy
then there is shopper shopper is without the deity and it's not shop hard or
Choppered it's schiappa. Then there is a Cartier
Cartier not Cartier the R comes from the back of your throat, which is typical French
That's Kathy Kathy. Next up is Shanna. It's CH a and e l
Yes, it sounds simple
But when you go to China, you'll see a lot of shirts saying channel number five with a double end in my opinion
There's not many things as embarrassing as wearing fake brand-name shirts that are spelled incorrectly
And our famous French luxury brand is Christian Dior such Christian Dior. It's Christian Dior
Again, that soft R in the end. Not the American R
then there's comme des Garcons which means as much as like boys and
It has that little hook at the bottom of the sea
but you just say comme des Garcons comme des Garcons next up the champagne brand don't perineum and
If you want to learn what a Dom Perignon champagne is worth it or not. Please check out this video here
Again, don't perineum. Another fashion house is fashionable
Fashionable. It's pronounced fashionable that a really great brand is go. Yeah, it runs good. Yeah without the D at the end
It's not to go hard. Next up is John Franco ferry?
It has an axle on the E which sometimes people think it may be French
But it's Italian and the are here are pronounced at the front of your tongue
So, it's John Franco Ferry John Franco Ferry now I'm back to French is called
Givenchy Givenchy
It's all more difficult because you have to G and the C and it's pronounced
Givenchy Givenchy
Givenchy probably one of the most well known luxury brands is a mess
It has an age in the beginning but in French usually that's silent. So it's not Hermes or LMS
It's ms. The name originally stems from Greek mythology
But today it's more synonymous with this French luxury brand the next brand. Is you blue
It's not who blush or Hublot
it's you blue again silent H brand with great French tailoring tradition is long than
It's not Lanvin as you might think it's long then again pronounced lomba
Lanvin brand that produces really great soaps is
L'Occitane, it's very confusing because you have to seize in a row, which is not something you're typically seen English language. So it's called L'Occitane
L'Occitane next up is long gene. It's not long jeans or on jeans is long gene
long gene, very similar brand is
not shown long shot
Long shot. It's not long champ. It is long shown next up. It's probably one of the most popular brands out there. It's Louie
Do we we talk it's almost like an umlaut in German under you. So it's Louie Vuitton
Louie we don't together, it's Louie Vuitton. The next brand is the most famous Champagne house in the world and
It's consists of two words. It's a boy without a tee and
however, when you pronounce them in a row
It's called wet a Shanda you say that he because there's the a in the middle and so it's wet say shondo
Wet - oh no
What a Shanda the next brand is known hurry down jackets and winter gear and it's often mispronounced as Mon clay
However, the correct pronunciation is more clear
more clear again
More clear. The next print is a subsidiary of Prada, which is Italian, but it's more spelled French its Miu Miu
Miu Miu if you're into watches, you've likely heard of Phe
Phe it's a pure jet you don't he'll dirty Piaget probably popular lager beer from Belgian is
Stella Artois, it's not Stella. Our toys. It's Stella Artois, Stella Artois
never famous luxury watch brand is
Vacheron Constantin
Bashful constant an so hard because you have the whole stone ten
But it's washable constant time
This brand is famous for their swim gear and it's called veal breakin veal breakin
Not villa breaking its pimp lickin will become
Villarrica, he's probably well most famous designers in the world and his name is Eve Sullivan. Eve-san. Oh ho
Sometimes it's also abbreviated to YSL, which is a lot easier now enough with all those French names
Let's move on to the German sounding once I'm originally from Germany and most Americans prance all these brand names wrong all the time
Here is how to pronounce them originally
First up is the famous German election watch brand our longing and zuny a lot of time people
say are long and zoom which is wrong because they assume it's a French name, but it is German so it's aa
long a and Zune Zune
It's an email out. Ooh. Zooni. Next up is adidas. It's not adidas. It also doesn't mean all day
I dream about sports instead
It's a brand was founded by adolphe hustler and his nickname was Adi Adi
Dassler became a ddos as a sidenote
The brain was founded in the small Bavarian town
Hetsig and Allah and his brother who got the slur founded another sportswear brand, which is called Puma
It's not puma. It's puma
It's just ironic that two iconic sportswear brands or iconic shoe brands come from the same podunk
Germantown head Sigonella now famous mid market watch brand is tightening. It's not brightly. It's writing
The Germans similar to the French have the heart that comes from the back and just say titling. This front is most well known for
Aspirin and most people in the u.s. Call it Bayer. However, it's called bhaiyya
simply by which in German has another meaning which is a
Bavarian again
It's pronounced by ax the next print is one of the most commonly
Mispronounced one in the US and it always hurts my ears
It goes all the way from Porsche or Porsche. But in fact, it's called Pasha
Faerieland Pasha, he was the founder Pasha Pasha not
Porsche or Porsche but Pasha
Pasha really famous men's fashion brand is
Hugo Boss in the u.s. Often times is called Hugo Boss, but the proper pronunciation is Hugo Boss
The brand is actually German and was followed by its names
Hugo Boss the company became really big when they
Manufactured World War two uniforms for German military. Next up is one of the most famous German car companies met siddhis Benz
yes, it has a - and
Although the name Marisa des is Spanish in German. It is called mad sadist Vince
how did the German car company come up with his name the company originally consisted of Daimler and Vince as
well as their chief engineer Maya, it's called Maya with a
Maybach not my buck email Hellenic a successful businessman had heard about the company. He visited them
He bought a car he liked it and he kept ordering more and decided to become a car dealer
however, he wasn't happy with the performance and wanted to tune the cars and
race them and so he did and very
Successfully his daughter's name was Matt cedis. And so he named his cars Mercedes
It's a bit similar to
AMG which is kind of a tuner for Mercedes cars. And by the way, AMG in German is called AMG
So yell neck was very demanding and Daimler was annoyed by him, but Maya thought he had good ideas
And so they worked together on performance cars
And so they had a thirty five horsepower performance car in 1903
That won all the races it started in and so Hellenic trademarked the name Matt Serra's in 1902
Later on it became Matt's ADA's Vince and it has remained the name ever since next up is a German high-end brand for
vacuum cleaners and
Kitchen appliances. It's called Mila not me lay on me
El it's Mila. If your entry hair products, you might have heard of Schwarzkopf, which means as much as black head
It's a famous German brand for hair products again, Schwarzkopf
Schwarzkopf another watch friend with a German surname is tak Hoya. It's not a tag heuer or tag. Heuer
It's tak Jolla. So how is this one pronounced? You guessed it VW? No, not quite in German
It's called Southie which stands for folks Bagon. It means as much as people's wagon and the company was founded on May 28th in
1937 in the newly from town of Wolf's pork
Which was just built to build cars of the fall the brand the first and likely most famous car of
Hobby is deck
Ephah which means as much as the beetle now
The beetle was designed by Pasha who you know is the other famous German car brand which is more focused on race cars
Volkswagen was supposed to be the people wagon that was affordable and reliable
If you're into cooking and good knives, you've probably come across those two brands one. It's called first
Hope a model maker is called Mustafa, but it's actually called Gustav
Gustav it's it's the umlaut
Gustav Gustav, again Gustav, the next brand is called filling your
Tankards is not willing or swilling or handholds
it's spilling like with a TS spilling your
Hanket's alright now it's time for other sounding brand names. First of all
Alfa Romeo its Alfa Romeo
Again, it's an Italian name. So use the R in the front and it's not Alfa Romeo its Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo a famous cloth producer is
Charity, it starts with a c but it's called charity. It's not Saru D or C Rudy. It's charity
I quite an experiment was originally a cloth Weber. But today they also produce men's clothing. It's Ermenegildo
Ermenegildo Zegna, it's a soft G and you don't say the Z very hard so it's Ermenegildo
Xenia now, this one seems easy and most people in USA. It's a Ferrari
They use the American are in Italy they say Ferrari Ferrari
Ferrari the use that are in the front roll with your time roughly the same area around Bologna is Lamborghini
Lamborghini it's not Lamborghini or
Lamborghini, it's Lamborghini. Another coffee bird is now very well known for their cashmere to their products. Is, Loro Piana
Loro Piana, next up is a luxury car and many people here called Maserati
However, it's called Maserati Maserati Maserati. It's not oh it's a and it's air
Maserati next up is an Italian fashion brand, which is called most genome most gene. It's not mushy
No, it's most gene the next one seems like why simple most Americans called Prada?
However, it's called Prada Prada
Prada again rolled are on your tongue
The next one has been subject of discussion for a while
Some called Ralph Lorraine others called Ralph Lauren
The company says the proper way to pronounce it is Ralph Lauren like the name Lauren Ralph Lauren
Ironically the founder is only known as Ralph Lauren. However, his real name was Ralph Lipschitz, which I gave it to him
He's not very marketable and he did well by choosing a different
More American sounding name last but not least. There's another Italian cloth weaver by the name of Batali barbarous canonical
Vitale barbarous canonical
oftentimes abbreviated to BBC it's simply easier to say if you enjoyed this video you probably will also enjoy our
22 most commonly mispronounced words here in today's video very combination of a single breasted jacket in a green
Which is part of a suit and pairing it with a houndstooth pair of pants in black and white
Combined with a white French cuff shirts and double cuffs
I have a hideous wah knit tie in rust orange, which is from Fort Belvedere
Which you can find in our shop just like the cufflinks which are round tiger's eye with Vermeil sterling silver
my ring
Matches, the cufflinks were the same Tigers out of stone and the same gold colour
my socks are the charcoal and orange shadow striped socks from further Belvedere, which
Contrasts the pants as well as the shoes
But they're quite harmonious with a brown loafers and they tied all together with the orange tie
Which becomes the theme of the object the penny loafers have more of an Italian last they're a little longer which I quite like
Especially for summer wetter. The pocket squirt is no name. It's printed silk
It has tones of blue and red and it picks up those orange tones of the tie as well as the socks all four babbled
your accessories are available in our store here and if you want to support our videos and what we do with our
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52 Luxury Car, Watch & Fashion Brand Names You're Mispronouncing - German, French, Italian...

20 Folder Collection
nanako.kamiya published on April 15, 2020
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