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  • Everyone's favourite Swedish furniture store

  • How do we pronounce it?

  • In the UK, most people say:

  • [clips of English people sayingIKEA”]

  • The pronunciation here is:

  • but in the adverts in the UK,

  • it's pronounced slightly differently

  • [clips of UK adverts]

  • This sounds like the Swedish pronunciation,

  • which is something like:

  • Now of course Swedish and English are

  • different languages with different sounds

  • As native English speakers

  • we look at the letters I K E A

  • and pronounce it as:

  • and in fact this is what

  • the adverts in the US do

  • [clip of US advert]

  • but the adverts in the UK choose a more Swedish pronunciation

  • [clip of UK adverts]

  • Why? Perhaps to educate the ignorant British consumer?

  • or maybe to remind us of its Swedish roots

  • Who knows!

  • But what is interesting is that the CEO of IKEA

  • pronounces it in a more English way when he's speaking to English people:

  • [clip of CEO sayingIKEAto English people]

  • and a more Swedish way when he's talking to Swedish people:

  • [clip of CEO sayingIKEAto Swedish people]

  • So say IKEA if you want to sound English

  • and want everyone in the UK to understand you

  • or say IKEA if you want to show off your Swedish knowledge

  • Comment below and let me know

  • how you pronounce this Swedish furniture store

  • adjö!

Everyone's favourite Swedish furniture store

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How Do You Pronounce IKEA? | Improve Your Accent

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    nanako.kamiya posted on 2020/07/07
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