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You might be wondering why Eddy is wearing a hat.
'Cause we can't get a haircut.
(The most talented subreddit ever!)
(Ling Ling 40 Hours, unite!)
(Ling Ling wannabes!)
(Practice, practice!)
(Did you practice today?)
What better way to spend your quarantine days
stuck at home than reviewing memes from the best,
most talented subreddit:
Dude, this meme has happened before.
- Yeah, I saw it. It happened- - Yeah, it happened before.
They made it again.
It's so relevant, guys.
How many of you are just playing through your instrument,
- not even practicing, huh? - Yeah.
That's nasty!
My skin has also been playing up a bit
just from all the hand washing and stuff.
Well, how long is Mahler 9, like, 70 minutes?
- Pfft! - 80 minutes?
"I'm in the last movement now!"
Dude, your fingers would be so like...
It's funny too because I'm pretty sure
the end of Mahler 9 is meant to signify, like, death.
This is his last symphony, right?
Yeah, so he literally died after...
hand washing to Mahler 9.
Oh my god...
- That's so... It's from- - What game is that?
I used to just play a bit,
so I can read it in the voice-over. It's like...
"Killing spree!"
That's so Ling Ling.
He's like "How do I play?"
Two minutes later, he's playing...
- Paganini Nel cor po- portanto or something. - Yeah.
Nel cor portanto!
Oh, wow! Cool!
I like the red E.
Did you actually draw this, or did you put a...
- artist filter on the phone? - Yeah.
'Cause it looks so good.
- Thank you for making me look so good and classy. - Yeah.
Another one!
That's the description! Just...
Wow, that chicken is long gone.
You look depressed, Brett.
I think I was watching something
the other day on YouTube.
I think my friend linked me this guy playing...
electric guitar with a violin bow.
- Clearly, the audience is mainly like metal rock people, - Yeah.
so they're like "Yeah...!"
But then there was this one in comment section was like...
"This is sacrilegious."
You guys are all out there.
Is that how it works?
I know like for violin,
- if you're nervous, you get a very fast vibrato. - Yeah.
So if that's what you're going for, that's good.
But it's like...
- Sometimes... Yeah. - A lot of times, you don't want to always be fast,
and like...
It's like the opening of Sibelius.
- *inaudible* Yeah. - "I could never do this before!"
Is that true?
Oh, that's a bust.
I thought that was a corpse.
- Oh dude, no, that would be- That would be impo- - I thought it was like a mummified hand.
- Oh dude, that would be so disgusting. - That's huge.
Yeah, Liszt is octopus.
- That's so true. Liszt would be like... - Dude, Paganini...
Paganini's hands look like...
Didn't he get problems with his hands? Like...
No, he had hyper...
- ...flexibility, right? Ah! The hyp- - Yeah.
Whatever you call it.
- Ooh... - Oh my god!
I always thought about that.
Why didn't "Do" start on A?
Why isn't it just ♪ A, B, C, D, E, F, G, A ♪ ?
Now people do like movable "Do."
- Oh yeah, like, "Do." It depends where it starts. - Yeah.
Eddy: I can't stand that. Brett: That is so annoying.
Wait, there's a r/twosetviolin?
I didn't even know that existed.
- Yeah, you guys don't have pitch. - Yeah.
Unless it's timpani.
You drummers out there.
Are you guys watching?
How are you guys?
"It's an E♭."
I pretty sure anyone with perfect pitch will tell you
"It's relatable."
Dude, it stops even if I have practiced.
- When I'm on stage, I swear, it just freezes. - Yeah...
My brain is like "Nah. Pfft."
And Ling Ling is just like
"What is this human brain thing?"
Yeah, "godlike!"
"I think I got the hang of it now."
Is it completed?
(both) Whoa...!
- Wow, that's sick! - Damn...
Dude, is that her hair behind her?
It's cool 'cause they showed what happened before.
Yeah, we'll send this to Hilary!
Ooh, it's reverse psychology!
- "No upvotes needed." - Nice!
- I see what you did there! - Nice!
It's cool!
In the beginning, I was really confused because...
her rhythm and her beat
- that she's keeping with her feet.. - Feet.
There's a lot of...
So it was tricky to figure out what she's doing.
Dude, how do you do that?!
I can't do it.
- I like it! - Wow!
It's really soothing.
That's right!
- Dang! - Yeah, the pinkie is bent!
Dude, that thumb there...
Nice, nice, nice.
One Punch Man.
It's so true.
The amount of times I played so ***.
And then they're like...
- "Oh my god! That was so amazing." - "Oh my god!"
I'm just like...
- "Thank you for being so supportive." - Yeah, it's like-
But that's also nice, though.
Sometimes you don't-
- You don't wanna always play to an audience - Yeah.
- that's just out there critiquing your... - Yeah.
technique and whatnot.
"Press L SHIFT to dismount"
It's dismounting.
- Oh, the music is in the- Oh, it's going through that! - Oh, the notes!
Oh... ****! That's so cool!
- They even got the grace notes! - Dude!
Dude, that would be so much effort.
- *gasp* - Oh!
Oh, dude, it's...
- Oh, and these are the different variations. - Yeah!
The mounts are...
Whoa... If only my thirds are so...
It sounds... It sounds so cool
- when it's done like, properly, the tenths. - Yeah.
- Like, every note. - Dude, Whoa!
Oh, crap. Here's the coda.
- Whoa! Dude...! - Hey!
That was actually epic.
That was epic.
I wish they put the last chord, though.
- But they probably couldn't do it, so there's no- Yeah. - Couldn't do it.
How much time were you spending
- not on your cello to make this...? - Yeah!
God dammit.
Should take that video off.
- Why is it still on the Internet? - Yeah, it's so old!
What's this?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Are you a...
- Are you- - Are you a classical musician?
- What do you do here? Oh... - Well...
What if there's a...
you left a window open, and there's like a hurricane?
- Yeah, wh- - It just goes...
What if a spider goes in and lays eggs?
Bet she's going to take it off now.
Now you're gonna take it off!
Thank you so much for all the support.
You guys are the most talented people
on this r/lingling40hrs.
- Sorry about that. - Eddy is tired.
Remember, use this time well,
and practice as much as you can.
Not that.
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22 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on April 14, 2020
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