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That's amazing!
I love it!
So because it's summer vacation we decided to go to the biggest manga shop in the city
And we are actually.. going to take our bikes
Which is going to be an adventure!
So yeah, this is it! Basically the biggest geek shop in Tsuruoka City... a shop full of surprises..
Okay, so we've been here for about 30 minutes already and just like looking around where everything is because there are so many sections in this shop
uhhh so I'm probably gonna buy some manga and Umi is a big card fan, so he's now looking for Pokemon cards and other cards...
As you can see, there are like so many types of cards; Pokemon, YugiOh, Love Live even, Magic, everything really..
Yeah, and like this is probably one of the coolest shops I've ever been in, because where I'm from, in the Czech Republic
there is no shop like this. We have only like a shop called Comics Point, but that's like, that's nothing like this
That's like a small shop. But this... like, this shop is huge. It's... really... it's HUGE!
So you've got, you know, these grabbing machines, when you try to grab, umm I think you have to like...
Put this through the ring, you know and try to like pull it down. It seems easy, but it's like, it's impossible to do...
Then there are like also normal games like for the 3DS or a Nintendo Switch or GameBoys even yeah like
I'm sure like, maybe I will buy some games for a GameBoy because I have a GameBoy SP (advanced) at home
And maybe I will buy some games, but I don't know like...
I was looking for Pokemon Sapphire Blue, which was my first Pokemon game, but they didn't have it
But of course the best thing in this shop is something that you can see right behind me
Oh boy, let's go!
I'm sorry guys, but I really have to censor everything that you would see on the screen, like I cannot put this on YouTube
I'm sorry :D
*sounds of vomiting*
So we were eating lunch now, Umi how are you feeling the shop so far?
"I bought good things ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
Umi is right now looking at a package, which I'm not going to show!
This is how he has to read it because, he has to have the book in the paper bag
So I would actually consider buying some of these figurines because some of them are really really cool
But I don't want to look like a fucking weeb- So right now I'm gonna do this Gachapon, which is 300 yen
and basically...
What comes from it is a number of one of these figurines or one of these, you know items?
And yeah, that's basically how it works. Everything is for 300 yen, which is about 60 crowns for my Czech viewers
So yeah, let's... let's do it!
So I hope that I'll get something in the box because then I will be able to put it in the suitcase more easily
25 I still don't know what it is, but...
Oh that's such crap!
ohohoh... duck!
Oh, yeah, okay. Okay, so let's take a closer look on what I actually won
That was a really unlucky day for Rafi...
Okay, I'm really bad at transitions
but now it's a different day and we're in Karaoke again with Justin and we ordered a room and uhhh
We didn't really expect it to look like this XD
Okay guys, so this was our last day with Justin with my boy, my best friend here
"I'm sad."
Subscribe and uhh follow him on Instagram of course
"Every like that we get is one more tear for me!"
#Tears4Justin okay? #Pray4Justin, Pray for Justin!
So for the goodbye...
Because this is our last day together. The last song is gonna be...
I've seen some shit!
Wha- what kind of shit?
The good shit!
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I went to a Japanese Manga Shop

30 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on April 14, 2020
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