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So a lot of people have been asking me...
"Rafi, what do you do in Japan, besides going to a Japanese school?"
So today I thought that I'd show you some of my trips!
Justin: Konnichiwa! (Hello!)
We were now eating ice cream, Justin is finishing...
oh boy...
Hey guys so we are now in Sakata Matsuri, which is, Justin, what is it? tell us what is it!
Matsuri is a festival in Japan...
People dance...
People dance, people buy food, people... what do they do?
Umm... they buy food.. and they dance!
This is our friend Nati, she was an official part of the parade and had to practice on the taiko-drums for 9 hours and then play it on the festival for another 3 hours
Great job Nati! We we're very proud of you!
Holy flip!
... Actually I would love to have like a vlog-buddy
I don't think I can be your vlog buddy...
One: I don't like seeing my face in vlogs...
Two: ...
So Umi!
Where- where are we going?
We're going to the Tsuruoka park and to the Shōnai shrine.. let's go folks!
Today truly is a special day, I'm finally discovering the beauty of this city, of Tsuruoka...
I saw so many beautiful buildings
Okay, so, I've noticed in the comments below that a lot of you guys want to go to Japan!
Maybe it's because of their delicious snacks...
Maybe it's because of their culture!
And because so many of you guys want to visit this beautiful country in the future...
I just thought that I'd tell you some of the things that you definitely shouldn't do while you're visiting Japan
One of the things that could maybe be a shock for you American viewers, some of you who live in the USA, is that Japanese people don't wear shoes indoors.
When you enter a Japanese house, there is always like a little stair, so then you know where to take your shoes of, and where you can continue only with your socks on.
I don't think we wear shoes indoors in Europe, at least not in the Czech Republic, so that shouldn't be a problem for you European viewers!
Another things that's kinda rude in Japan is that when you're walking down the street, you shouldn't really be drinking or eating anything.
For instance, if you buy something at a vending machine or in a combini, just eat your stuff in front of the combini or next to the vending machine
Don't be walking while eating something
And talking about eating, there is something very uhh, very spicy I think a lot of you guys will like
When you're finished eating in a Japanese restaurant, you don't leave a tip!
Apparently this is something that surprises people the most, and I don't mean only in restaurants, everywhere!
For example taxi drivers, the guy who brings you pizza, just don't tip anyone, it's like...
The way people think about it is that, they're already getting paid for the job so why should they receive extra from the customer
And talking more about food etiquette, don't ever stick your chopsticks directly and vertically into the rice
Because that's something you do when mourning for the dead
You never pass food from chopsticks to chopsticks, because- I don't really wanna expalin the whole reason why
But trust me, it's extremely rude and kinda... kinda gross
When you're receiving gifts or business cards, you always receive it with both hands
And also bow, you slightly bow and receive it with both hands
Umm especially business cards since that is a really important thing in Japan, you always manipulate with it very, very carefully
Don't talk or call with someone in public transport
A lot of foreigners laugh in buses or in trains. It's really annoying, so please don't be that annoying foreigner
Anyways guys, that's it for today's video, I really hope you learned something new, I really hope that you're gonna be polite when travelling to Japan
And yeah, I'll see you in another video, hopefully next week, if I'm not late again
So yeah! Thanks for watching and I'll see you next time, bye!
It is wednesday my dudes... aaaAAAAHHHH
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Just Hanging out in Japan

10 Folder Collection
ally.chang published on April 14, 2020
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