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  • This is like a marine extreme sport.

  • Free divers literally take a deep breath, then descend into the depths without a breathing apparatus.

  • It's dangerous.

  • Free divers can get lung damage.

  • They can black out or die from doing this.

  • But for those willing to take the risks, their love for the sport goes well below the surface.

  • I'd be lying if us here.

  • I've never been scared.

  • I've had two occasions where I sort of thought you're not going to make it.

  • But as long as you keep your composure, everything seems to work out.

  • My name is Jonathan Cenex.

  • I'm 30 years old from New Zealand.

  • We're on Long Island in the Palmers at the beautiful dean's blue hole.

  • I'm a professional freedom.

  • Competitive free diving is where we compete to see you, consume the further wrist, deepest or hold their breath for the longest.

  • We've achieved things that doctors once thought were impossible way We're exploring the capabilities of the human body, pushing ourselves to see what the human body can really do.

  • I feel like I'm just getting started.

  • We could have designed anything better thistles like free diving mecca.

  • People come from all over the world it is, Think place to die.

  • One of the things that lured me into the sport was the whole science behind it.

  • Before I dive will go through a whole preparation, and that will include stretching of the body stretching of the lungs, diaphragm, intercostal muscles.

  • Packing is adding extra year to your already full lungs by using the mouth is a pump.

  • I would estimate that I will pack at least an extra leader into my life, and then I'll come down to the beach.

  • I'll visualize my dive whilst I'm making my deepest dives.

  • What goes through my mind is always positive thoughts, positive energy.

  • It's like a form of meditation, very deep within yourself.

  • Physical sensation.

  • I get through diving.

  • It touches on all senses.

  • What you can see, what you can hear.

  • Or maybe even it is the lack of.

  • During dives, our heart rates dropped down to below 30 beats per minute.

  • When we're going down to depths where we've got basically the length of a football field above us, it's not the sort of place where you want to have any sort of negative thoughts when I make it to the surface.

  • After big dive.

  • It's almost spiritual experience.

  • It is quite a famous quote.

  • A scuba diver will go underwater to look around, and free Diver will go underwater to look inside himself.

This is like a marine extreme sport.

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