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  • let's talk about this.

  • Great.

  • Uh, I stay home for campaign that you're doing, which has really caught on.

  • Tell us how that got started.

  • You know, it became pretty clear to me pretty quickly that the one thing that the virus really, really didn't like it this point was, um, social distancing and being, you know, us isolating ourselves.

  • So, um, we came up with this hash tag.

  • I stay home for it.

  • It was a very simple idea, which was just I just held up a poster and said, I stay home for Kira Sedgwick because the idea is that, you know, uh, you can feel okay, but you can go out and somebody can get sick, and somebody else could get second that person be connected and connected and connected to somebody that you really care about, You know, whether someone's fucking your grandmother or child or whatever.

  • And, you know, this is a frustrating situation, because we we wanna have something that we can do.

  • And there are a lot of people who are doing heroic work who can't stay home, medical workers and first responders and even, you know, the mailman and that and the people that are delivering food, et cetera, et cetera.

  • But for those of us that they can't stay home, this seem like a ah, pretty simple thing that we could try to do.

  • And the other piece of it is that the reason that I was the sort of like, um, became the kind of face of it initially is just because of the six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

  • Because I've always felt that you needed to take me out of the game like if you take.

  • If the game has nothing to do with Mai, which it really doesn't, it's really the idea that we are connected and, um, the the Corona Viruses is kind of a terrifying example of that.

  • But on the other hand, we see now that the connections between people are really, really very powerful.

  • Ley and and we're all really hungry for that.

  • I don't know about you, but, you know, I'm spending time zooming with my family, reaching out to people that haven't spoken to for a really long time, checking in checking in checking it, because even though we're isolated, we're hungry for connections.

  • Yeah, well, what I'm doing is that then I'm having my manager call everybody on.

  • I'm told they're all doing really well.

  • Uh, but, no, I know what you mean.

  • I'm I'm doing the exact same thing.

  • I think we're all doing that now.

  • And, uh um, I wanted to throw in my support for your campaign.

  • I think it's a really cool idea.

  • What I'm supposed to do is write out hashtag I stay home for my first draft was also Kira Sedgwick.

  • She's already been done.

  • I know.

  • I understood that you have some connection with her that a c I guess, is more important than mine.

  • I don't personally get it.

  • I just want to say my parents I stay home from my parents because, um, I, uh you know, my parents are up there on, and that's who I think about in this In this crisis, I'm staying home, and I want to encourage other people to stay home because I want to keep people of that generation safe because they're the most vulnerable.

  • So to me, that you're paying for you're doing well so far, and they really love that I'm staying away from them.

  • That's their favorite part because they have a lot of kids, and, uh, I was never the favorite, so let me make sure I mentioned that season one of City on a Hill is available on Showtime on demand.

  • And there's never been a better time to catch up on these great shows that are out there on streaming.

  • It is a golden age of streaming city on a hill is terrific.

  • So check it out now while you're sitting at home waiting for your Postmates delivery, uh, and join in on the hashtag.

  • I stay home for campaign on social media and you can learn more about Kevin's philanthropic work at six degrees dot or GE.

  • It's organization.

  • That's doing a lot of good.

  • Kevin, thank you very much for doing this.

  • But thanks so much for having me.

  • And, you know, hopefully, uh, next time we see each other, it won't be on him.

  • I'm told I actually look better And zoom, this might be the way you prefer to talk to me next time.

  • So thank you for being here, Kevin.

  • And take care of yourself and my best to Kira back at you, man.

let's talk about this.

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Kevin Bacon On His #IStayHomeFor Campaign - CONAN on TBS

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