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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to show me the curry dot com I'm Hittle Avenue Jha and today talking about simple syrup on their uses.

  • Now we hear about simple service all the time, and it was always a different ratio of water to sugar for all of these.

  • So it gets a little confusing at times, but hopefully, we'll clear that up for you today.

  • So the first kind of simple syrup we're gonna do is a basic simple syrup.

  • Now, this is great for drinks, cocktails, anything that's gonna be so cold that you know has ice in it.

  • And you want to sit there and make sugar inside.

  • And the other thing is, you don't want to water it down too much.

  • So the proportion for this is gonna be one part sugar toe, one part water.

  • That's pretty simple.

  • Make any amount you want, So we're just making a little bit of equal amounts of water and sugar mix the two, So I'm gonna take it to the stole and put down a bit.

  • So basically, we ever stove on a medium heat, and what we're gonna do is let the water come to a boil, and once it comes to a boil that we're gonna make sure all the sugar is completely dissolved.

  • And as soon as it gets completely dissolved, which should only take about a minute or two, we're going to switch it off and take it off.

  • The soap actually did.

  • Listen a minute you can see all the ship was gone.

  • Everything is mounted perfect, done up the stove now.

  • So we mentioned the different types off simple syrup.

  • And while this is going down, let's talk about the other one is the one that we did over here.

  • Information about what it's useful second type is that we use to parts water in one part sugar that is used for things like ice t bythe homemade lemonade.

  • He won't stop like that, which is already watered down on.

  • You just need to give it a little sweetness to it, and you don't want to stir and stir and stir and stir for one hour in your iced tea, especially if you have a lot of sugar.

  • So the final kind is very diluted.

  • It's a very light, simple syrup, and that is three parts water, tow, one part sugar and that one is perfect for glazing cakes or, you know, just moistening cakes.

  • Sometimes the cake in the center is very dry.

  • So if you take up three part water to one part sugar mixture and same processes this you're gonna melt it down the exact same way and you just brush on the sugar all over the cake, and that gives it a nice to see Chrissy.

  • Oh, yeah, that is really a secret.

  • Yeah, I mean, gives you a nice, moist inside of a cake, and it's fabulous.

  • The reason we use so much less sugar in that one is your cake is already sweet, so you're not really adding a whole extra lot of sweetness in it.

  • But you just need a little bit just for the flavor and basically it moist since one day says no, and I love with three decks of simple syrup.

  • Meanwhile, we're gonna wait for this to cool down and want to absolutely cool down.

  • We're gonna start clean jar last job preferably and use it when you're right in its stores perfectly well in the refrigerator for at least a month.

  • Sometimes, you know, even longer it's only sugar and water, so Usually nothing happens to it, but it's great to have on hands or something.

  • When you have your free time, make it keep it and when you need it, it's right there, especially before party.

  • Yes, child, the symbols of your next recipe join us again, adding a pinch of spice tear like.


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Simple Syrup Recipe | Show Me The Curry Cocktail Essentials

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/04/13
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