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  • Hi, My name is Hans-Peter Nuernberg. I work in the adidas innovation team.

  • I'm with adidas for almost 20 years and since 1998 I'm involved in the development and the design of the official match ball for the Fifa World Cup.

  • I'm a passionate footballer and that is why I'm really proud and excited to be part of these big events.

  • Oh! It's mixed up! So this ball goes to this position here.

  • What makes a good ball? The combination of many things: roundness, mass balance flight stability, texture for wet grip.

  • From the players point of view it's important to have a super balanced, a super uniform ball that behaves perfectly and allows him to express his skills no matter what the conditions are.

  • How did we achieve the Brazucas final pannel shape,

  • consisting of six panels?

  • We have looked into the mathematical world or the world of geometry,

  • And then we found the cube and it also consists of six identical elements of the same size.

  • This is a radical simplification of the ball manufacturing that leads to less defects, less potential failures to higher uniformity, to higher symetry.

  • That in the end produces a ball that performs perfectly.

  • This is our ait Test Center. This is where we have to test the balls after they have already passed the standard test procedures like the Fifa denomination test.

  • We have built our own specific test devices.

  • This is our so-called Robi-Leg, It can do straight kicks, curve kicks, all sorts of reverse spin, side spin. And we get an objective feedback. Daniel, please go ahead...

  • This is our second special test that we have also designed.

  • This machine is needed just to detect any sort of unbalance.

  • Here our target is to have the least amount of out-of-balance in order to make the ball fly perfectly straight.

  • So what I do, I take all these findings, all this knowledge, and transform it into one perfect ball concept.

  • Moments of goosebumps; it's always when the ball gets presented to the world.

  • In South Africa in 2010 when the games started, that was an absolutely, exciting, fantastic moment.

  • I think with this ball we have really created something exciting

Hi, My name is Hans-Peter Nuernberg. I work in the adidas innovation team.

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