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  • guys.

  • I'm Alex.

  • Welcome to friends Get cooking.

  • And today we make an iconic family a glazed and smoked.

  • Yes, look all shiny and gorgeous cities.

  • Just picture it in the center of the table.

  • Friends and family will fight for even a slice off this delicious, rich and smoking piece of meat for you heard, well, smoke.

  • Despite the fact that I'm living in a tiny apartment, I intend to smoke it badly.

  • So stay tuned because there will be some serious cheats in this video.

  • Let's do it.

  • First off, we need the right meat.

  • It's pork, Right note, I mean, yes, but that's not what I meant.

  • Off course.

  • It's pork, but you need a reliable source for your meat.

  • Mine comes from a farm in western France where pigs are fed on cereals and oilseeds.

  • How do I know that?

  • Just be friend with your butcher.

  • He is the man, and for the record, I even have a cell phone number.

  • Thing is not a happy yet.

  • This is a gammon.

  • It's the top of the back leg of a pork.

  • Simply good.

  • Gammon, ISRO and ham is ready to eat.

  • You could also use the front shoulder instead of the back leg.

  • For a delicious and cheaper version off distant.

  • Place it in a big part and cover it with water at a vigil.

  • Street like carrots, leeks, celery Stokes, union whiskey known and, of course, some spices like cinnamon clubs believes black pepper, Jamaica pepper.

  • If you don't have everything, it's no big deal.

  • Just add what do you have?

  • Bullet for 40 minutes?

  • A killer.

  • Meaning that this four killed Gammon will have to see mom for two hours and 40 minutes.

  • At the end, you'll get a beautifully cooked have kept the stuck because this will make a brilliant starter for socials and soups.

  • At this stage, you could eat it right away.

  • It will be good for sure, but it won't be smoking good smoking.

  • I want to add a shiny and smoky place at the same time.

  • That's big tricky, and I want to do it indoors.

  • That's a bit impossible.

  • Impossible is nothing off course.

  • I'm not using a barbecue indoor.

  • I could do it if I wanted to, but maybe not yet creating smoky flavor without the real smoke.

  • Yes, it's possible.

  • These are some good cheats on it smoked paprika.

  • It gives color and flavor at the same time.

  • Smoky teat, also known as lapse um so chunky green believes finally, in the food processor and museum, Smoky spice liquid smoke or, in my case, homemade Smokey.

  • This is very convenient because it only as the smoky flavor and nothing else.

  • All these alternative is weak.

  • A fair, smoky flavor in any dish you wanna make outside of the box, I told you after cooling down the hand, remove the ring right, scored fat but not too deep criss cross it.

  • You have a diamond detected yet Let's make the smoky plays in a pan.

  • Go one cup brown sugar one cup honey a drizzle of apple cider vinegar 20 spoon black pepper one teaspoon salt and for a smoky flavor just at one tablespoon smoked paprika or one tablespoon finally grown smoked?

  • Yeah, I'm adding both.

  • Bring it to a boil and let it rest.

  • It should be syrupy.

  • Plays the ham in an ovenproof dish and gently cover it with half the place puppet in a preheated oven at 200.

  • Sell shoes off 3 94 a night for about 15 minutes.

  • Get the hell out of the oven and pull the rest of the glaze over it, then back in it for 15 minutes more.

  • At the end, the skin will be shiny and paralyzed.

  • There is a nice hint of smoking it as well, and inside the ham is full of flavors and so moist make beautiful slices and probably placed them on the table along with mashed and gravy.

  • Let everyone begin.

  • Seriously.

  • How good is that?

  • So that's it, guys, I told you.

  • Food is about sharing.

  • It's about being around the table, and I'm sure you will enjoy this dish with your family.

  • Always your friends.

  • Just don't be afraid of its size because basically a ham is really versatile.

  • Think of pizzas, pastors, pies, sandwiches.


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Smoky Glazed Ham ! Scrumptious Family Meal

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