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  • Hello, my name's Ronnie. I am going to teach you about math. I hate math.

  • It's really confusing. I am going to teach you some easy expressions

  • about math. I am NOT going to teach you math! You can teach me math,

  • because... can I do it?

  • I remember being a child, being a teenager, and being a now-ager and math

  • terrifies me. There are too many numbers, too many things to remember,

  • therefore I am an ESL teacher, not a math teacher. But I can teach you how

  • to talk about it.

  • So I will teach you the English you need to know to talk about math -- bear with.

  • First thing: the very, very long word for this is "mathematics". We

  • never have to say "mathematics", or "arithmetic". If you are a very, very old

  • person, living... you might be dead now... you would say arithmetic.

  • Arithmetic is a very, very old word for math, or mathematics, that we do not

  • use today -- it's too old. Don't even worry about it. Don't worry about

  • math! So the first thing that I am going to teach you are the symbols, or

  • how to the say the symbols.

  • This sign "+" we say "add". This one (-) is "subtract", (/) "divide", and (x) "multiply"

  • However, when we actually speak about math in a sentence in

  • English, we don't use these words. We use these red words, so instead of

  • saying for example: "5 add 7"; we say "5 plus 7", so if you

  • look at my equation here we say: "5 plus 7 equals"

  • "5 plus 7 equals 12." I did it, I did it, I did it. I get an answer right.

  • I hope that's right.... 5 plus 7 equals 12 -- *ding* a point for me. The

  • next one's yours. We do not say "subtract", we say "minus". This is the sign (-)

  • So we would say "7 minus 1". Do you know the answer? If you

  • know the answer, you've got homework.

  • Go to You Tube, subscribe to my channel, write the answer to this in the

  • comments. You'll win, you'll win amazing prizes like trips to places, and

  • money about things, it'd be a fabulous great time. The next one is "divide".

  • This is closer. We say divided by, so we say "42 divided by 2."

  • This one's mine. "42 divided by 2 is 22." (21!)

  • The last one is "multiply". It looks like an "x" and you might

  • say "9 x 7". We have to say "9 times 7". I don't know why

  • "times" is an "x" -- it's math. Math is difficult and complicated and hard,

  • but I'm going to teach you a trick.

  • My Grade 4 teacher taught me this. This is the only thing that I can do, like

  • magic for math. If you want to figure out what 9 times something is

  • up to 10... You are going to take your fingers, and you're going to count.

  • For example, if I want to do 9 times 7, I do this: one, two, three, four,

  • five, six, seven, and I put number seven down. I have one, two, three,

  • four, five, six, and three. Magically, the answer is 63.

  • Let's try again. 9 times 9. So count on your fingers, one, two

  • three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Put number nine down. You

  • count how many fingers you have here. I have, oh, I have two thumbs. It

  • doesn't matter. I have eight fingers here, and one here, the answer for

  • 9 times 9 is 81.

  • Yes! Nine times tables -- ask me anything up to 10, past 10 I've run out

  • fingers, can't use my toes. I don't even have toes.

  • I don't even have legs. I am just floating here, teaching you math(ematics). See you, later.

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Hello, my name's Ronnie. I am going to teach you about math. I hate math.

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Basic Math Vocabulary in English

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