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  • My name is Bleak Henson.

  • I play a double bass with the New York Philharmonic.

  • E was drawn to the base.

  • I've always loved the low tones.

  • Whenever I play piano in college for supplementary piano, I would tend to put things down the oxygen because it felt more at home for me, you know, So I don't know it always.

  • The voice always spoke to me.

  • Oh, I mean, they're all fantastic.

  • They're all great.

  • And they all have so many varied skills, which is what makes it so beautiful to play in this section.

  • And also just growing as a section player, you know, learn learning the deeper undertones of what it means to be a section player.

  • What your role is.

  • I mean on ork, for it's such a strange it's a it's a being in itself, you know?

  • It's like a single cell organism with many little bits working together, you know, and can't function without everybody working together.

  • So it playing in the Phil is, uh, it's It's a very enlightening experience in that sense.

  • X box.

  • Uh, Stravinsky.

  • Definitively Cats.

  • Oh, no.

  • Oh, no.

  • I can't.

  • I can't choose between those fellows men.

  • There to there too special.

  • My first sponsored with the New York film Waas Rite of Spring.

  • There was a portion where in my part there there's a famous thing where the bass clarinet goes up, up, up, up, up bum.

  • And then there's supposed to be a grand pause, and then the bases go.

  • But what happened is I didn't have the grand paws in my part.

  • And so it goes.

  • Yep, Up, up, up, up, off.

  • Alan is up here and does this and then he cues.

  • And then we went away and I turned red.

  • And he was, Yeah, it was probably, you know what?

  • The scariest moment of my life today.

My name is Bleak Henson.

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