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  • Have you ever wondered why Google can guess your next search before you even type in all the words?

  • Or how come Amazon No switch book you were just planning to buy without you even looking for it And Facebook.

  • They recommend that you add certain people as friends moments after you've met them.

  • How do these companies know everything about you?

  • The simple answer is through data science and at the forefront of this field is the most invoked profession of the century.

  • The data scientist, a data scientist, is someone cracked arised by deep curiosity, creative thinking and analytical mind, and usually but not necessarily ah, computational background.

  • It is the data scientist job to decide for massive amounts of data.

  • For example, they will use information about your past Amazon searches and purchases in conjunction with your preference for genre and your hobbies to obtain a meaningful output.

  • The books were most likely to purchase and read if you were interested in a data science field.

  • Here are some facts that explained it's great potential.

  • First, the average annual salary offer US data scientist is over $120,000 2nd that data science industry will only continue to grow because of the unprecedented quantity and variety of data we face today that needs to be processed and analyzed.

  • And third, data scientists are like a rare species, every companies looking for talented and educated experts.

  • But they're just not enough out there yet.

  • One of the reasons for this phenomenon is the lack of accessible, adequate and comprehensive training programs.

  • Traditional degrees and courses are either too expensive and time consuming or too narrowly focused and inflexible.

  • We have 3 65 data science believe this educational gap should be filled.

  • That is why we want to create the data science online program, the only comprehensive curriculum that can help you become a skilled data scientist within months.

  • Even if you don't have a numerical background.

  • What's the right approach to a career in data science?

  • We thought hard about this and identified the biggest challenge to entering the data science field is having all the necessary resources in one place.

  • Then we worked even harder and are very close, degrading the first comprehensive data scientist on my program.

  • We envisioned it not as a single course, but rather as a series of courses which flow smoothly and complement each other.

  • We don't mix teaching styles.

  • Instead, our instructors work closely together to provide a seamless experience.

  • Our training starts with mathematics probability and introduction to data and data science.

  • We explain all the data science buzz words before we dive into coding and creating sophisticated models step by step.

  • We go through excel and statistics and learn how to create professional visualizations with powerful tools.

  • So just tableau about that time we start quoting, we've included the top three programming languages data scientist needs SQL are and python.

  • But all these separate concepts are meaningless without putting everything together, aren't they?

  • Well, we will also teach you how to combine these tools pairing sq well with Tab Leo so you can visualize data from the source itself.

  • Later we combine python with these two to teach you how to process and percent the most complicated of concepts.

  • And we saved the best for last.

  • Stepping on all that knowledge, we will explore advanced statistical methods to arrive with the basics of machine learning both in our and python.

  • Then we will go all the way to deep learning with tensorflow and caress to bring in a state of the art data science level.

  • Sounds good.

  • There's even more You may expect a presentation like style, but instead we will bring it beautifully animated videos that simplify the most complex of topics.

  • Our examples are based on real life cases, and together with you, we will navigate through chaotic data sets to turn them into meaningful insights.

  • Descriptive diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive data analytics, you name it.

  • Everything is included.

  • Why should you entrust your data science education with us?

  • Here are some of our credentials were committed educators with extensive teaching background.

  • More than 130,000 students from 201 countries have taken our various courses and have enjoyed millions of minutes of online content.

  • They have shared a myriad of positive reviews and success stories.

  • We hope you will join our growing community, too, if you like us, believe in the transformational power of education and information dissemination.

Have you ever wondered why Google can guess your next search before you even type in all the words?

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