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  • it's time to introduce myself.

  • Just three ounces of pressure to the vagus nerve.

  • And then look at your boy sleep The night night Lance Sterling, the legendary spy who's always dressed to impress Walter Beckett, graduated M I.

  • T at 15 and works in the tech Innovations lamp.

  • There are so many gadgets I wanna test in the field.

  • For example, the inflatable hug kind of ah, personal protection device I've been developing.

  • This is a vile waste of taxpayer dollars thistles.

  • Your next objective.

  • None of our agents can get close.

  • Thio, I have something that can help.

  • It's called biodynamic concealment.

  • Imagine if I could make you disappear.

  • Ah, Lance, look at me.

  • Look at you.

  • I guessing my butt and your face at the same time.

  • That is so cool.

  • Being a pigeon could make you an even better spy.

  • Pigeons are everywhere.

  • Nobody notices them on.

  • See in slow motion.

  • That was Ty.

  • Did anyone else see a pigeon on?

  • Pigeons can fly up to 92 miles per hour.

  • Don't you throw me off.

  • He'll figure it out.

  • All right, come or starting.

  • It's about to get messy.

  • Time to go sleeping at night.

  • I missed my hands.

  • I gotta stay way have different skill sets.

  • What team?

  • You're squeezing too.

  • What happens in the submarine stays in a submarine.

it's time to introduce myself.

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