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  • baxam Nuka Cola bottle caps into a fallout shelter.

  • 1 11 backpack.

  • Because I'm Jake, and I think you could use some fallout loot.

  • Pour a cup of Joe into a fallout mug and then put on a volt tech industry.

  • Single rotation.

  • Watch because it's time to explore the wasteland.

  • Before you go, though, you're going to need a pit boy, So three D printing Assemble one at why tech dot com.

  • We can download the files and read detailed instructions on how to craft it yourself.

  • Use your smartphone for the screen, so be sure to get the fallout pit boy up, booted up and live out your wasteland fantasies with a fully functioning accessory of Awesome.

  • But be careful because there are schools everywhere, so escaped by throwing a survival grenade.

  • Zombie addition.

  • It doesn't explode, but it is filled with 28 different items to help you stay alive.

  • That was close.

  • We better check our status with the pit Boys stats.

  • Three D neon lights.

  • Not bad, but I could do better.

  • Have to restore some health with whatever I conclude out of this Roman great, which comes with six different types of soup, a pair of sword chopsticks and this crowbar, which would come in handy against the mole rats.

  • I got more rattle over my pit boy messenger bag.

  • I need to find something to clean it off.

  • Ooh, Soap.

  • Oh, no, it's nuclear element soap.

  • No.

  • Well, I guess I'm a cool now, so I'll have to hide from the world in my awesome full to 45 de costume.

  • Kind of lonely here.

  • Maybe I look at some fallout canvas our prince.

  • Sometimes it's almost enough to make you forget that nuclear winter is coming.

  • Fall out.

  • Game of Thrones matchup, Woody.

  • To avoid radiation poisoning, we should go outside, but it's getting cold, so find yourself a building marked with this fallout shelter sign and then seal yourself in with a vault door.

  • 1 11 Key ring.

  • It's kind of dark in here.

  • Better use this glow in the dark pop final vote Boy to light the room up.

  • Hey was sent in the corner, a mad max leather jackets.

  • Aside from inspiring many pieces of armor in the fallout, Siri's This jacket also will look awesome on you as you drink some radiated toilet water and then pass go to collect 200 bottle caps with followed Monopoly Or if you'd rather be playing video games than board games, check out this awesome fallout inspired gaming PC, which you can learn howto build on robots is YouTube channel.

  • It includes all the supplies and parts you'll need, and man, does it look pretty links to all the loot can be found in the description below.

  • If you need more looting your life well, good news.

  • The Sauce Holiday box.

  • Powered by geek fuel, it is filled with awesome sci e and saucy gifts.

  • Also, it has a bunch of V sauce exclusive merchant You can only get from this box and, most importantly, all the V sauce proceeds from this go to Alzheimer's research, so it helps a really great cause.

  • You need a lot of cool stuff.

  • They're limited.

  • Everything's been curated by Michael Kevin myself.

baxam Nuka Cola bottle caps into a fallout shelter.

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