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Typhoon Hagibis is coming for Japan.
(Life in Japan Theme Music)
The typhoon comes in tomorrow morning
so I'm headed off to the coffee shop, we're going to have a prayer meeting there
pray for God's safety over everyone here in Japan,
pray for the storm just to dissipate and to lose strength.
and then get back (home) before it comes in.
That's important.
It's amazing: there's a typhoon coming and people are still in line for ramen.
Here we go.
This is us.
So we're just chillin' inside today, right guys?
Just chillin.'
No garbage today.
No garbage.
I'm pretty sure that no one wants to be out in that.
I wish it could be raining money, coins and ice cream.
There's a potential risk for flooding here,
and it's pretty serious, so I'm going to move my gear upstairs to the second floor.
So all my studio is upstairs on the second floor...
...and all the people are on the second floor...
Well almost. Joshua is downstairs chillin' right now.
Almost all of our doors here have these storm protectors.
Which is fantastic.
You can put those down...
...and it protects the windows...
and it protects everything else. Very nice.
We are doing a roller coaster.
A roller coaster? A big ride?
Yea! OK let's see what it looks like!
Wait, I've got to buckle Joshua in.
Oh that's a good idea. Buckle him in for safety.
It's my turn, daddy! Here it goes!
Se, no... (ready, set)
You can definitely see the river.
and it is moving fast.
Fortunately there is still quite a bit of room in between the river and us.
And plenty of people out! Like going for a little stroll, why not?
Flood risk, level 4.
The only thing higher is the flood occurrence itself.
Ruth has been working the LINE messages like nobody's business (like crazy).
Look, the field over there is starting to flood.
I don't know if that's river or just so much rain,
Probably from just so much rain, huh guys?
And we still have a lot of rain to come!
And these guys have been so good today, right?
I wish I could play on my bike outside.
I know you want to play on your bike outside.
Yea! Even today is supposed to be my undoukai (sports day)
but we can't because there's a storm.
Right! The storm really messed up your undoukai, didn't it?
Hi girls! I'm praying for you during the typhoon...
I declare in Jesus' name that your house will not get water in it.
There's already water in it.
I mean... There's no water in it!
There is! Where?
Water, so we can drink.
That is your humor, not mine!
So, it wasn't enough that we had a typhoon, what's happening now?
An earthquake!
An earthquake? With a typhoon? That's like Japan's two big things all in one.
Oh! There's someone out there!
Oh my, I'm getting wet!
Oh my goodness! We gotta close this. It's intense.
It's 8:00...
Oh yea, it's starting to hit here.
The worst is about to come...
The garden that's in the middle is completely gone.
The garden is underwater over there.
That's just crazy.
It's been an hour and half and the river level hasn't gone — hasn't come up anymore.
So that's good.
It looks like it's holding steady.
Which is good news for us.
One of our followers on Life in Japan said that in 58 years of living in Japan he has never ever seen a storm like this.
And the worst of it is passed now, but we still have all of this water to come downstream.
which could really affect the parts around here.
For me now, I think it's finally safe to go to bed.
It's been a really long day, but God's protection was on us and Noborito.
I just pray for all the other people, who knows what the damage is like,
I hear (of) many other places where flooding happened
so I hope it's not bad.
(Singing in Japanese)
It's Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.
Which means we have church today.
Boy, what a great day to go and thank the Lord for his protection on all of us last night,
and also to pray and cry out for more mercy as we all recover from this typhoon.
Alright! We're getting ready, practicing, right everybody?
Our thoughts and our prayers go out to everyone who was affected by this typhoon.
We weren't affected, but that could have easily been a different story.
So if there's anything we can do to help, please let us know in the comments
and if we or anyone on our team can help out, we would love to do so.
Thanks for watching this video. Give it a thumbs up if you like it,
please subscribe if you haven't done so already,
and until next time, we'll see you on Life in Japan.
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Our Typhoon Hagibis Experience | Life in Japan Episode 28

18 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 14, 2020
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