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  • Act 2

  • >>Now, we will slow things down. Our friends will speak clearly and slowly.

  • >>Scene 1

  • [Music]

  • [Noise]

  • >>May I help you sir?

  • >> Yes, I was wonderingdo you have any long-sleeved shirts?

  • >> Yes, we doright here.

  • >> How much does this cost?

  • >> It’s $14.99.

  • >> Um, what about this one? It’s a smaller size.

  • >> The bigger ones and the smaller ones are the same price.

  • >>What about these pants? How much are they?

  • >> Theyre $33.50

  • >> $33.50! What about these darker ones.

  • >>They are cheaper. Theyre on sale this week at only $24.99. We also have suits for

  • sale this week.

  • >>Scene 2

  • >>Customer: What’s the price of this dress?

  • >>Clerk: It’s $42.50.

  • >>Customer: Do you have any that are more colorful?

  • >>Clerk: Take a look at these, but they are more expensive. Theyre 55.00.

  • >>Customer: That’s not too much more expensive. I like this one. Do you have something a little

  • less formal?

  • >>Clerk: How about this one?

  • >>Customer: Yes. That is lovely. I’ll try this.

Act 2

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