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So Rachel made videos about her most embarrassing moments in Japan
and it seems like many people want to know what I and my family thought about her.
So I'd like to tell you how we enjoyed out first family trip from my perspective.
Haha, no, I don't drink. Sorry!
I don't really care for rides or amusement park in general so I was planning to be a camera man all day
and take lots of pictures of Rachel enjoying the day with my family.
But on the way to FujiQ highland, my sister told me that the haunted house there
was really good and she showed me some pictures of the inside of the house.
And they exactly looked like a building from Resident Evil
so it got me little excited and Rachel, too
or so I thought. Because, she's said she wanted to watch horror movies with me sometimes.
I don't care for horror movies because they don't make me happy. And that's what I want.
I'd rather watch other kinds that make me feel good or excited, you know, like
"Wow! It was really good. I wanna watch it again!"
You know, this kind of feeling?
But horror movies cannot make me feel this way.
I mean
what would it be like?
"Oh wow! ...Everyone died. It was so disgusting!
Hey Rachel, I wanna see this again!
Hey, what's wrong?
You look sad."
Anyway I thought she would be excited.
And she said she didn't want to go on the way to Fuji-Q Highland
but I thought she would enjoy it anyway. And I was wrong.
As soon as we got in the haunted house, she started crying.
She's not the kind of person who cries in public but obviously she couldn't handle it at all.
So we all felt really bad for her and decided to use an emergency exit.
But Rachel said she didn't want to ruin the trip and wouldn't use the emergency exits, so we all
respected her will and managed it.
We ended up walking around the haunted house for about an hour and it was much more
difficult than protecting Ashley Graham if you know what I mean.
We've got no guns, no herbs, and we were not allowed to fight against zombies--
we just keep running away from them.
And since Rachel was the only one who was scared
they always targeted her and chased her.
I even begged one of the zombies not to scare her too much.
But since Rachel looked seriously scared,
some zombies worried about her and told us where the closest emergency exits were.
Me, my sister, my dad, my mom, and even some zombies--we all felt bad for her.
So, after the haunted house, we just wanted Rachel to be happy.
And we did our best to help her enjoy the trip.
My parents waited in lines for her, and I took her to all the rides she
wanted to try with my sister.
And I took pictures of them while they were enjoying the rides.
And she seemed very happy by the time we were leaving.
So, since I only rode a few rides because I was taking pictures of them,
I decided to get on the teacups. Rachel and my sister were resting on
a bench right next to the teacups and they both seemed little tired.
They enjoyed many rides and I took lots of pictures. I spent all day for them.
So why not have them take a picture of me enjoying the teacup with bunch of little kids?
I'll show those kids how to enjoy the teacups. Why not?
So I told Rachel and my sister about it , and then my sister said she wanted to try it
with me.
So I asked Rachel to take a picture of us and then she said she wanted to ride
with us, too.
I told her that I would spin the cup really fast and was worried about her getting sick but she said she
be fine so I said "Ok" and we all got in the teacups... and I was wrong.
For about the first 20 seconds, we were all having fun but after that,
as the cup spun faster and faster,
I started to be unable to hear anything.
So when I noticed that Rachel was looking down, she was already totally sick
and her world was a spinning hell.
After that, as she said in her videos, she couldn't handle it at all.
She was dying on a bench. So when my parents got back, they were like,
"Jun, what the hell is going on here? What happened to your wife this time?"
So I was like... "We... got on the teacups and...
spun it relatively faster than the other kids...?"
I'm so sorry Rachel. I'll never get on teacups with you again, ever!
I'm sorry.
So, after that, we went straight to the hotel. She kept throwing up and we felt really
bad for her.
But on the way to the hotel there were many sharp turns and she was feeling worse in
the car, so we decided to stop at a restaurant to let her rest first.
And at the restaurant I kept going back and forth between the restaurant
and the car to see if Rachel's okay,
so the workers at the restaurant
got annoyed with me, like
" いらっしゃいませ。何名様で... Oh."
"It's this guy again."
"What's he doing anyway?"
Oh, by the way, a lot of people asked in the comments if my parents were upset with Rachel or
or if they viewed her badly for getting sick,
but actually they were upset with me and my sister for spinning the teacups so fast and
making her sick.
We all felt really bad for her.
Rachel said in her videos that she ruined the trip, but
actually I'm the one who did it.
She said she didn't want to go to the haunted house but I took her anyway.
It was stupid of me to spin the teacups so fast...
I'm so sorry.
So the next day, she got better and we had a great time. It was such a nice trip.
If you are interested in visiting Japan,
Hakone is one of the best places to go.
If you ever visit, please tell us on faceook.
By the way Rachel has been planning a lot of videos to make but
hasn't been able to upload anything recently because a few things came up.
As most of you know she is preparing to move, and recently she also got sick
which gave her a condition called myopericarditis, which is inflammation in and around
the heart.
She had to spend a couple days in the hospital and has been taking things slow to recover
but she's doing okay now.
She wanted to let everyone know that we'll do our best to upload videos more often.
For my next video
I want to talk about the differences between manga and anime in real life,
when it comes to dating and love.
So if you've ever had any questions about love or dating when reading manga
or watching anime and wondered,
"Does that really happen in Japan?!"
please leave your question in the comments and I will answer it in my next video!
Thank you for watching!
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Hakone trip from my perspective 日本語字幕付

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 14, 2020
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