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  • I don't want you to just watch and learn from me and not take action.

  • So it's just two short questions.

  • First way have you said most important skill sailing?

  • Selling solid.

  • So is it selling in general?

  • Because there's a future difference between selling something you really believe in and just selling something to make a profit?

  • Yes, the whole sailing comes.

  • It is selling.

  • Ideally, you want something you believe in, but it's also the skill off selling.

  • So it's like a cop eyes that car you wanna drive, drive, drive.

  • What's your dream?

  • Was a drinker?

  • Lamborghini, right?

  • That's your ideal car.

  • But if you learn how to drive, can you drive out the car?

  • It's developing that driving skill first.

  • So then when the Lamborghini comes, you know, in the beginning, maybe javelina Honda.

  • It kind of sucks, but you have to learn how to drive right.

  • Then when you get the Lamborghini, you're like, OK, this is more difficult to drive, but I can handle it because I've had years of driving experience.

  • So that's selling.

  • That was that was one and then the other one.

  • What?

  • What is your advice for businessmen in your interview yours that face difficult that you know are completely unrelated to your skills and your given example.

  • Example.

  • It was it was really hard for me to come to Canada because month, literally one month before becoming my mom back.

  • So it was so hard coming.

  • And then last last summer, I came back to Colombia, just holidays, and I told my mom, You know what?

  • If you want to stay for you and it doesn't matter and she got really mad and whatever and it's being read a hard month, and that's not something related to like any skills or any, you know.

  • But every night I wake up like really a heartbroken or whatever, and then I'm like, You know what?

  • I have to continue, Continue.

  • But, you know, sometimes it's harder than other times.

  • What is your advice to overcome those kind of problems that night?

  • It's those emotional, personal problems happen to all of us, including me, us, and you would see that as you grow.

  • This would not be the first time.

  • It's not the last, and things were actually get more difficult because the truth is good.

  • Things happen like bad things happen to good people.

  • So I always say older young people, your adversity is the greatest advantage.

  • So if you think of these experiences is a way to kind of train your emotional muscles, it's like Wonder Jim.

  • It's like, OK, it's very unfortunate and it happens.

  • But what has that talk?

  • You tell me what what has experienced on Let's give me example.

  • It's made me more resistant to some other emotions that I used to get so much importance before.

  • Now you thought it's very important.

  • It's actually not that compared to your mom.

  • So you're mature your relationship with your mom.

  • It's better unfortunates that is in me.

  • You're better.

  • Man may have been a man held, and then it that would transfer to your business.

  • You have to get something out of everything.

  • Even if it's bad, you will always get something out of it.

  • Most of the time, I think about when my mom and dad got the voice.

  • It was devastating to me when my dad went bankrupt, wouldn't you say That's, ah unfortunate thing, but the question I have for you thinking about my story would I be wearing today if that didn't happen So it turns out to be the greatest thing that ever happened to that might actually went bankrupt so that it's forced me to be in different independent.

  • He forced me to be self, were lying.

  • So looking back, it's a great thing.

  • It's not.

  • Without that there will be no dad locked there.

  • Same thing without that.

  • There would be no you today.

  • And then more things would happen.

  • And you would Yeah.

  • Thank you, man.

I don't want you to just watch and learn from me and not take action.

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How To Turn Your Adversity Into Opportunity

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/04/13
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