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Hey guys.
So I noticed that we've got more than 10,000 subscribers and one million views.
Thank you so much.
We've got a lot of messages and
I was surprised that there're actually much more
people who're interested in Japan than I thought.
I hope all of you who're coming to Japan will have a great time....
but here's one thing
that I want to tell you before you come to Japan
which is
"The Scariest Thing that Can Happen to You In Japan."
So actually, this happened to one of my friends.
I went to Nagoya station tohang out with some friends.
Nagoya station is one of the largest train stations in the world.
and we were supposed to meet at 2 o'clock
but he didn't show up on time.
So we waited for him.
and about 10 minutes later I got a call from him and he asked me for help...
He was in trouble.
At that time this is what he was doing.
Don't tell me...
Yeah, some toilets in Japan don't have toilet paper!
My friend was stuck in a toilet.
and what's worse...
...what's worse, all he had was 5,000 yen, which is worth about US$ 63.
And he had a crush on one of the girls we were hanging out
so he was suffering a lot.
¥5,000 or getting a new nickname "Toilet Man"
So, he ended up calling me and ask for help.
Actually there was a guy called "Toilet Man".
He found himself in a toilet in an electronic store without any toilet paper.
and he tweeted his location
and got rescued.
This news was even reported on ABC.
I put a link in my description so if you'd like to watch.
but the toilets that don't have toilet paper
sometimes have a vending machine that sells tissue paper
at the entrance of the toilet.
It's very expensive though.
And in big cites,
sometimes people will be handing out tissue paper
with an advertisement in front of the train station.
So before you find yourself in a desperate situation
and tweet about it,
make sure you have toilet paper.
Thanks for watching and
I hope you'll have a great time in Japan. See you next time.
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The scariest thing that can happen in Japan (日本でも起こりうる最怖の事態) 字幕付

36 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 14, 2020
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