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Hey everyone! So Jun has gone back to Japan now which is really sad
but he ending up getting to spend a whole two months here which is great!
He was originally supposed to go home like three weeks ago but he got the flu
so I didn't send him on the plane. So yay flu!
But in more exciting news: it's our one year YouTube anniversary!
Oh my gosh! It's so amazing.
So we have like 34k subscribers,
we got it after one year,
that's so amazing
so today is cause for celebration.
I don't even know why so many of you guys are watching us but we're SO grateful.
It's amazing the response we've gotten and seeing so many people interested in Japan
so thank you guys so much!
I'm a little drunk.
So in honor of our one year anniversary I'm going to tell you the
most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me in Japan.
And probably not even just Japan, probably like the most embarrassing thing
that has happened in my entire life.
It happened
almost immediately after Jun and I first got married.
His family took us on vacation, like the whole family.
Well, "whole" is not like a lot of people.
Just my father-in-law, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law, and then Jun and me.
And we went to Hakone,
which is like up... near Mt. Fuji,
for two days.
And like the first day we were gonna go to Fuji-Q High Land,
which is an amusement park, and the second day we were just gonna like...
drive around the mountains and see the sights and stuff.
So my sister-in-law watches a lot of tv with like idols, and they go to this haunted house at Fuji-Q
High Land, and it's actually like a haunted hospital.
And it's supposed to be like, the longest haunted house in the world.
And she's watches them and they're like all screaming like "Aahhh!"
"They're so scary!" And she wanted to go really, really bad.
So when we first get there that's the first thing the family does, it's like
we all go to this haunted house. And you have to pay like,
an extra $5 a person just to get in to the haunted house.
And, I'm not big on horror stuff.
I don't like getting startled.
It freaks me out! It's stressful. It's not fun for me.
So I'm telling Jun, like,
I don't wanna go in the haunted house, I don't think this is a good idea.
Like, I'm just gonna...
I'll sit here, I'll wait for you guys. You guys can go in the haunted house but I'm
going to sit here! And I'm not gonna go in, cause I don't think it's a good idea.
And he's like, "It'll be fine! Just go in! Everyone's gonna have a good time, like it's--
They're just people in costumes. I'll be here with you. I'll hold your hand if you want."
And I'm like... okay.
And then,
like 15 minutes later I'm thinking about it again and I'm like,
"Okay, no. NOOO I don't want to go in the hosp-
I don't want to go in the haunted hospital. I've never been inside a haunted house before.
I'm going to freak out. This is not a good idea. I don't wanna do this!"
And Jun's like, "No, no, everyone's doing it. You should do it, you should just stay with the whole family.
Just come on, it'll be okay!
We'll just get through it, it'll be fine.
And I'm like... "okay... okay."
And this goes on for like the whole two hours that we're waiting in line.
And finally we get through and like, I've worked myself up...
a LOT.
Like just being in line.
And so we get inside the haunted hospital and we're sitting in this, like, room...
And they're explaining all the rules to us. But I'm not paying attention to the rules.
'Cause there's like doorways
all off to the side and they're like all dark, and I'm looking around everywhere and I'm like,
I know someone is gonna jump out of one of those doorways. I know they're gonna come out and try to startle us.
And I was like...
thinking I was like so amazing and I was like,
"I'm gonna get them before they jump out and startle me. I'm gonna see them first,
so they're not gonna surprise me."
So I'm looking around like everywhere, and I'm like, no, no, they're not gonna jump out and get me.
So like the whole time I'm not even paying attention to what they're saying. That's what I'm doing.
But no one jumps out at us.
And then they just start sending us through in groups, like the groups you come in with
so you're not like walking around the haunted hospital with like strangers and stuff like that.
And so it's our turn, and like, I'm freaking out at this point.
And I'm like completely out of my mind at this point.
And we finally start like walking through the haunted hospital,
and eventually like, the first person jumps out at me,
and I'm not dumb. I know this is a person in a costume.
I mean, I don't think that it's like a monster or they're gonna hurt me
or anything like that.
But I dunno. I've worked myself up so much
at this point that I'm just like so freaked out
and when they jump out at me I get startled, and I just start immediately
Like, tears running down my face, like my make-up, my mascara is running down my face.
And like, in my mind I'm like, that wasn't that bad!
It's just-- He's not that scary. That's okay! It's just a person in a costume. He just jumped out at me.
But I'm like so stressed out at this point I'm just crying.
And like all of my in-laws are like,
"Are you okay?? What's going on?"
There's like these doors that are like emergency exit doors that you can
go and leave if you're too scared.
And they're like, "We can leave! Do you wanna leave? Let's go leave!"
And I'm like, they spent $5 per person just to get in here.
I'm not gonna leave and I'm not gonna ruin this for everyone.
This is the main thing they wanted to do.
My sister-in-law really wanted to go in this haunted house. So I'm like, "No! No. I'm gonna stay.
I'm gonna do it! I'm okay!"
But I'm still like crying at this point.
And so we go through the haunted house and I think it's like,
it took us like 10 or 15 minutes to get through the whole haunted house.
And like, they're so worried about me this whole time,
they're just asking me, "We can leave! Are you okay?"
And like eventually like I'm holding Jun's hand in one hand
and I'm holding my sister-in-law's hand in the other hand
I'm just like walking in between them,
like sandwiched in between them because I'm so freaked out.
And of course,
like the people who jump out at you, they don't care about the people who are just like, they don't care about it.
'Cause like my in-laws, they're just laughing. They're like, "Ha! Someone jumped out us.
I don't care, whatever. Hahaha!"
But I'm in the back like crying so of course they all run towards me
and everything and so that just makes everything worse.
And eventually like halfway through the haunted house,
my mother-in-law just starts- she goes off like 10ft in front of us and she starts, like
stomping really loudly
so she can draw out all of the people so they don't jump out and startle me.
And like...
She brings them out, like it works.
She like lures all of them out.
But as soon as they come out they just, like you can see it in their face, like they look at the situation and they're like
This is just one person...
The whole group of people is back there and there's a girl that's crying back there.
So after that they all come running towards me and I'm just like, "No, stop! Please!"
that's how the whole haunted house went. And I mean we got through it okay.
But at the end I was just like,
this is what my family wanted to do so much and I ruined the whole thing because I was crying.
Like the whole time they had to worry about me instead of enjoying the haunted house
and everything like that.
So I was like so embarrassed about that, but I was like, you know,
it's okay! This is just the first thing of the day.
That was really embarrassing but I'll get through it. It'll be fine.
And we'll just, we'll go on. There's so many other attractions at this amusement park.
It's like a really pretty amusement park. So we'll get through it and the day will just get better.
But I was wrong.
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My most embarrassing moment in Japan 日本で恥ずかしかった出来事 字幕付 (part 1)

21 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 14, 2020
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