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Hi everybody! Today we are going to learn something special, original Korean dish.
It's called Gamjajeon, potato pancakes.
Simple ingredients, you need only potato and salt, that's all.
In Korea, Gangwon province, is really well-known for gamjajeon.
They grate potato and simply they make pancake
but texture is very different from the real, original gamja taste, you'll be suprise
Let's start!
So, Idaho gamja, potato, really delicious looking, isn't it?
so pretty handsome
We need to peel first.
Rinse in cold water
This is one pound of peeled potato
One you peeled the potato, you will see the really, color change into brown
So to protect this, soak in cold water
Red bell pepper, make it flat
Small strips, around 1½ inch long
This is asian chives, I'm going to make green gamjajeon today
color is pretty and also more tasty
green color gamjajeon
Let's grind!
and drain the water
cut into small pieces
and to the food processor
½ tbsp salt
¼ cup water
chopped chives, around ¼ cup
and blend
Okay, done
Nice, beautiful lime green color
lift this
use your spoon
put this in another bowl
This one, starch from the potato is going to be sunk
so let's wait, a little like one minute
So you see, on the bottom, is the starch
Starch is really important to make it more elastic, chewy
and mix
Let's heat up the pan, make a pancake!
Pancake, pancake, gamjajeon
Stir this well
Make a beautiful circle shape
Make it smooth on the edge
You will see, on the bottom part is little change color is a little yellowish
it's time to turn it over
this too
lower the heat
wow, really crispy huh?
turn off the heat
so let's put this here
How do you like it?
Check this out!
We just made a really feast, beautiful, colorful feast
For this sauce, just simply soy sauce and vinegar
soy sauce around 2 tbsp
and vinegar, 1 tbsp
Let me taste it
This is like rice cake
It can be use as snack or appetizer
So what did we make today? Gamjajeon
potato pancake
Enjoy my recipe, see you next time, bye! :)
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Korean potato pancakes (Gamjajeon: 감자전)

22 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 14, 2020
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