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  • Yo, this is dope! Check it, it's the summer of slang.

  • Today you're learning 3 new slang words: dope, savage, and hype.

  • Slang is something that changes a lot,

  • a term may only be in use for a year or two.

  • 'Dope' is something that was around way back when I was a kid,

  • so I thought it has passed.

  • But a friend of mine said he heard his son use it the other day,

  • and then I noticed on the HBO series GIRLS,

  • that it was used twice in episode 1 of season 6.

  • So it's definitely still in use.

  • It's used as an adjective to mean cool, awesome, great.

  • Jay-Z's new album is dope.

  • Dope shoes!

  • It can also mean drugs.

  • It's a little outdated, this use for it,

  • as far as marijuana, but it's still used for narcotics like heroin.

  • She does what she can to get more dope.

  • It's also used as a verb, doping,

  • in sports to talk about athletes who take steroids, illegally, to enhance performance.

  • Doping has been a big problem in American baseball.

  • Lance Armstrong has admitted to doping.

  • Savage.

  • This is used when someone is bold,

  • doesn't care about consequences.

  • Someone might also use the term 'bada---' you get the point.

  • It can also be used if you did something hard, something other people wouldn't do,

  • and you did it really well, making it look easy.

  • Like the guy who recently climbed the face of El Capitan without ropes.

  • That was savage.

  • It can be used in terms of an insult.

  • If someone insults you and you come up with a great comeback,

  • and insult them even more than they insulted you,

  • someone might say: That was savage.

  • So, it's a positive thing you might say.

  • You're complimenting someone on doing something really well.

  • Hype. This means excited.

  • I'm so hype! We're going to Disneyland tomorrow.

  • You're really looking forward to it.

  • You're pumped up for it.

  • I'm so hype for the state finals.

  • You're pumped, excited, you're ready to play.

  • Both 'dope' and 'hype' are 1-syllable words that end in P.

  • You may hear Americans dropping the release: dope--- dope--- dope--- dope---

  • I'm so hype!

  • But you don't have to make it a heavy P: pphypehype

  • Not a strong escape of air. It should be very light or it might be skipped.

  • Dope.

  • Hype.

  • When should you use slang?

  • I went over that in Summer of Slang video 2.

  • So click here to check out all the videos in that series.

Yo, this is dope! Check it, it's the summer of slang.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/04/13
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