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- This can be any white man. I'm sorry.
- I feel bad now. I threw you off! Oh, no!
- We have to put-- - Ah! Okay, I know who it is.
- Wait. What?! (laughs) Oh, no! Michelle, no!
♪ (upbeat brass intro) ♪
- (FBE) Are you a fan of Funko Pops?
- Yes. - Oh, those are cute.
I don't have any, but I always see them, and I'm like, "Those are so cute."
- I hate them... - What?!
- ...because I used to work at Hot Topic.
There would be people who would literally make me climb the ladder and go through every single Pop on our shelf.
And there's like 500.
- (FBE) Well, we've brought in some Funko Pops of famous celebrities, and you'll have to guess who each one is.
- Oh, no! - Oh, no. This is not gonna go well.
- I don't pay attention to celebrities whatsoever, so I'll have no idea. - They're so cartoon-y too.
- Yeah. - So, I feel like I'm totally not gonna get it right. - They normally put 'em in pretty distinct outfits. - Yes, like the details, what they're holding, what they're wearing.
- It's not the face.
All the faces are pretty much the same.
It's the accessories.
- (FBE) This first one we have is a musician. Who is this guy?
- Oh my god! - (laughs) I already know just by the hair.
- I didn't even need to turn him around.
- You just see orange hair.
- Yeah, and a guitar. I'm like, "Done."
- Watch me be so wrong, but it's the flannel.
- I didn't even realize that they made so many actual celebrities.
I always thought of them as characters.
- Same.
- Like, oh, the Hulk, you know, stuff like that. - This is so cute!
Can they make me into a Funko Pop please?
Please. (laughs) - One, two, three.
- Did you spell it the same? Oh, thank god.
- (laughs)
♪ (upbeat music) ♪
- He's the star of the movie Yesterday.
Smash hit. - (FBE) Yeah, you both got it.
- Okay. Okay. - Yay!
- That was so easy, but I can't get too confident, because I know they're gonna get hard.
- Yeah. This one was like-- I mean, you know, red hair.
He's got the guitar, the glasses. That's just instant.
- It really does look like him. - Oh! He's got tats.
- I've never actually felt one of these. Hang on.
- Never felt a Funko Pop? - No.
- What?! - I've only seen them in boxes.
- (FBE) Here is the next one. Who is this?
- I have no idea. - Oh! Also easy, I feel like.
Oh, he's wearing a Birdhouse shirt.
I feel like it could only be-- - It could be a lot of people.
- No. - I see a skateboard.
His shirt says Birdhouse.
- I'm pretty sure I know. - Is that like a--
I know two skateboarders, and I just feel like this doesn't look anything like... - The one that you're thinking of?
- Yeah. - Okay. Well, it has a skateboard.
- I got this. - So, if it has a skateboard, I think there's only one skateboarder that comes to mind.
- That's actually kind of true. - We have to put--
- Ah! Okay, I know who it is. - Wait. What?! Oh, no! Michelle, no!
Oh my god. I'm so stupid. I know who this is.
- Tony Hawk? - Is it?
- (FBE) You both said Tony Hawk. - Is it wrong?
- (FBE) You both got this correct.
- Oh! Nice. - Thank god.
- Really? (chuckles) I don't remember him having blond-blond hair like that.
I feel like he's more of a darker brown hair.
- Birdhouse, that's his company. It literally--
- I didn't even know that, but I saw the skateboard, and I was like, "Okay." - My god. Tony.
- It's N64 Tony Hawk. - (laughs)
I guess. I mean, I think the only thing that does it for me is the Birdhouse, you know?
Other than that, this doesn't look like Tony Hawk to me.
- (FBE) Here's our third one. Do you know who this is?
- What?
Oh. Ah! This is easy! - Oh.
♪ (light Christmas music) ♪
What?! - Got it. Got it.
I got it. - Got it? Something Christmas-y.
- Oh. (laughs) - Oh, I get it! Okay, okay, okay.
(laughs) At first, I was like, "Huh?"
But okay. - As soon as I saw the outfit, I was like, "Yup." - The outfit.
- Oh, easy! What the heck? - Oh, I know this one too.
- Guys, are you kidding me? - Come on. You guys gotta step it up now.
I'm just scared that I'm gonna be overconfident in one of these and then get it completely wrong.
- I know. - I'm pretty confident in this one.
- God, I'm not confident at all. I don't recognize the outfit.
- That's what did it for me is the outfit.
- (FBE) One, two, three.
- Mariah Carey?
- Oh, thank god!
- (FBE) Angelina Jolie or Mariah Carey.
This is pop diva Mariah Carey.
- Boom! - I never would've guessed that.
- (laughs) - We doin' it!
We're on a [censored] roll. - Nice.
- The outfit. - The queen of Christmas.
- Yes. - She's in the Christmas--
- Yes! She's the queen of Christmas. And she knows she's the queen of Christmas too.
- It's... ♪ (elevator music) ♪
- That makes sense, and I feel like an idiot.
- That's what did it for me. I was like, "Ah! I know that one!"
- (FBE) Our next figure has a more classic look going on.
- There she goes. - (FBE) Took a tumble.
- Oh. - Her head is huge.
She's got a lot of thoughts.
- (FBE) Do you know who this public figure is?
♪ (patriotic music) ♪
- Oh! I think I know who it is!
- Oh my god. - Oh! I have a guess.
I know the outfit, I think. If I'm wrong, I'm gonna feel dumb.
- Oh my god. I don't. I have no-- oh my gosh. I feel stupid.
I should know this. - I know historically who it is.
I can't think of their name. - Okay, I think I know what it is.
- It looks like Harry Potter to me. - (laughs)
- That one [censored] in Harry Potter. The mean one.
I have no idea who this is. - I think I got it.
- (FBE) Kate Middleton. Ivanka Trump.
Nancy?! - Nance.
- I have no idea.
- Jackie Kennedy? - (FBE) And she don't know.
- (laughs) - (laughs) Wait. Is she right?
- (FBE) She's right. - Jackie Kennedy.
- Why couldn't I think of her name?! I knew the--
- It's the outfit. - Oh!
- I don't even know who that is.
- I couldn't think of her name. I was probably thinking of Nancy Reagan. - This looks like Kate Middleton.
Y'all cannot tell me it doesn't look like her.
- I don't know what audience they're catering to, but really, there is a Funko Pop for everything. - Everything!
- Everything. - (FBE) We've got another one for you.
Who is this figure? - What?
- We getting too political here.
- I know! - I have no idea who the hell that is.
- He looks like a TV host or something.
- He has little medals on him. Look.
- Okay. - (groans)
- This is-- - This can be any white man.
I'm sorry. - It feels like it could be two people, but I feel like they wouldn't make a Funko Pop of one of them. (laughs) So...
- I... feel like it's a president.
- It's the suit and the hairline, dawg.
- (chuckles) Well, he has-- ohhh! I think I know who it is.
- It's not the balding British monarch dude? No? Okay.
- (FBE) I'm not-- I'm not-- - No, but you're on the right track as far as like-- - British.
- No. - No? Not British. Wow.
- Are we working against each other or is it a competition? - A little bit.
- (FBE) You're definitely against each other.
- Okay. I feel like helping you, though, because, you know... - Oh, thanks, buddy!
- Okay. It is a leader... - Oh, cool.
- ...of a country, modern.
♪ (classical music) ♪
- Huh?
- (laughs)
- OHHH! Wow! - It's definitely Kevin.
It's definitely Kevin! - I thought it was--- I like Kevin more.
- (FBE) You both are wrong.
- What?! - AHHHH!
- Who is this?! - Screw you!
- (FBE) It's Prince William. - I KNEW IT!
You completely threw me off! - I was literally gonna say that.
I was like, "I just said Kate Middleton."
- This could be a lot of people. At first glance, I was like, "Is this Putin?" That's what I thought.
- I feel bad now. I threw you off! Oh, no!
I was so confident.
- (FBE) We've got another musician for you now. Who is this guy?
- I think-- - Wait.
Oh, I know who this is. - The tattoos are throwing me off.
- Oh, okay. He's wearing a jersey that says "huncho."
So... - These facial tattoos...
- He's from Migos, I feel like. - What is that?
Brass knuckles or something? (laughs) - Yeah, I don't...
- I have no idea who wears that. It's probably super obvious, but I'm just drawing a blank right now.
- Are you kidding me? This gives it away so much!
- (Seth) Oh, yeah. Wait. - I didn't even have to look at his face. - I hope I'm right for this one.
- Does his chain say "Dat way"? (laughs)
Yeah, dat way. (laughs) - Wait, really?
- (FBE) One, two, three. - All right. I have no idea.
- (laughs)
- Quavo! Huncho! - (FBE) Eric, you got it.
That is Quavo. - Yeah! It's just 'cause he says that all the time. - Dammit!
- Woohoo! - I didn't know if it was Offset maybe.
I was second-guessing myself. - No, Quavo-- his Instagram is literally like HunchoQuavo. - (FBE) All three members of the hip-hop group Migos have their own Funko figures.
- Oh, wow. - I don't listen to the Migos.
What the [censored] is a Quavo? - (laughs)
- Sounds like a fruit. - I only know one of them is dating Cardi B, right? - I'm just kidding.
I know who Quavo is, but I don't think I've ever seen what they look like, more so just their music and "Migos"! - That's cute. (laughs)
I think I only would've guessed it because of the glasses.
- (FBE) Who is this celebrity? - Oh.
- Wait, what? - Oh. Easy.
- Oh. - Oh! Easy. She's dancing.
- Ah! That's so easy. - Ah.
- Are you kidding me? - She really also just wears the same outfit all the time. - Right. (chuckles)
- Wait. Oh. - Oh.
(laughs) - Oh, okay. At first, I was like...then I turned it around. I was like, "Oh."
- I was like, "This could be any Backstreet Boy."
- You know what? I know! That's what I was thinking!
- (FBE) That's right. This is Ellen.
- Oh, thank god. - (laughs)
- She's in a dancing pose. That's so funny.
- It's amazing how even with minimal facial features, these characters are so distinguishable.
- Yeah. - Yay!
- She also has a nice rosy-- I guess those aren't rosy cheeks.
- (Jayka) I don't know. Her face looks off.
- Yeah. She's just lookin' a little, like-- I don't know.
Just not herself.
- (FBE) For our final Pop, we've got another musician.
Who is this celebrity? - Musician.
- Who are you? Oh my god. Who are you? Crap.
- If it's anything that has to do with rap, I'm not gonna do it well. - (blows raspberry)
It might.... - What the heck?
Who dresses like that? I have no-- oh my god.
I'm just gonna guess. - I know it.
- You know it? - I'm confident enough that I have a good guess.
- (FBE) One, two, three.
- "Sean Kingston." I said Ceelo Green. (laughs)
- I wrote "a cutie." A cutie. - Is it Ceelo Green?
- That's what I thought! - Yeah. Right?
- That's what I thought! - It's Ceelo Green, right?
- (FBE) You actually both missed this final point. - What?!
- (FBE) This was actually the late rapper Notorious B.I.G.
- Oh! - Really?
- Oh, I feel... - I feel like they could've nailed that one a little bit better, because this outfit really doesn't tell me too much. - Mm-mm.
- I feel like a lot of people notoriously wear hats.
- Oh my god! Duh! - You put a question mark?
- Yeah, I was like, "Eh, Biggie? Maybe?"
- Ooh! Yay! - Oh! Okay. Okay.
- I knew it was Biggie. I was like, it has to be Biggie.
His album covers literally look like this.
- (FBE) This was a close game, but the final score was 6-5.
Adam, you won. (ding)
- Woo! I thought I didn't win.
Okay. Heck yeah. - That was really close a lot of the time. - That was good.
- Good game.
- I did a lot better than I expected.
- Woo! Good job. - I know. I'm glad, because if I lost, I would've been mad.
- You did great! (clapping) - Thank you! (chuckles)
- So good. - Thanks.
- You were very knowledgeable. And just the slight features...
Like, you caught on. - Yeah. Some of them were--I had to do a double take, and I was like, "Okay, I got it."
- Really interesting on what the perception is of like, "This is a defining characteristic of this person," you know? It's incredible.
We've had fan art done of us, and it's very similar, very minimalistic.
And when it was done for me, it was a red flannel.
And it was a done for him, and it's like, that's so interesting that these are the defining characteristics of us.
- Biggie Smalls had days where he just wore a tank top and sweatpants, but when you think of Biggie Smalls, you think that Funko Pop.
- Thanks for watching us guess that celebrity Funko Pop on the React Channel. - Subscribe for new shows every week.
- Bye! - Hey, guys.
React producer Lindsey here. If you want even more FBE access, then join our SuperFam. Each tier level has tons of fun bonus features such as Funko Pop giveaways, and you're helping us grow on YouTube. Bye!
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Can YOU Guess These 8 Celebrities By Their Funko Pop?

22 Folder Collection
nanako.kamiya published on April 13, 2020
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