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Hello, bonjour! my name is Nael I'm an SSI dive guide and a PADI Rescue Diver and
today I'm joined with my good friend Christy Freya
who's gonna attempt to guess some scuba diving sign
hi my name is Christie Freya
and today I'm gonna be guessing a few scuba diving signs provided to me by Crazydivers
So thank you so much for sending them to me and I'm gonna have a
go right now
and I'm not sure how well it's gonna go
Nael: so the first sign I asked
her to guess was this one
this one can be as well question and an answer
Christie: I feel like this like it's just a universal okay sign like
It's OK. So
when they say question and answer
it's like is it okay ?
and then someone would
reply (sign ok)
like is it okay to go scuba diving now?
yes okay thanks
Nael: That's exatly it!
We also say are you okay to go down at the very beginning of a dive
which basically
say I okay to go diving right now
good job !
okay the second sign is
and the
bonus points like kind of a clue was
Christie: okay uh
for some reason this made me feel like it was meh
okay but then it also
made me think
water like a reference to the water
Is the water meh?
steady, safe, meh?
and then the thing
should I put my scuba diving,eye protectives on?
The water is too
vigourous today
I'm sorry
Nael: this is also an answer to this (sign ok)
If for some reason I'm not feeling great I would say "meh"
that part was good
and because when you're under the water you can't speak to each other
you have to point to
what's not good
so for example if you go (sign)
means I have a problem with my ear
which is quite a common problem for scuba divers
no matter what your level is you
might have troublewith your ear
balancing with the pressure
because we're on the water the pressure of the water on your ear can be higher
than what it is in the air
so you can feel a slight compression
and when you start
to feel that you do have to do a maneuver usually you pinch your nose and
exhale through it here
to just unlock your ear
and if that doesn't work you
usually sign I'm not okay with my ear
I need to stay at this level because if
you don't you can blow your ear basically
so that's one of the most
common sign you will have in the water
if you have an issue with your mask you
will show your your mask
it could be simply as simple as
water is in your mask
it's foggy or stuff like that but always try to point when you say " I'm not ok"
The next thing was this one (sign)
Chrisit: If someone did that to me
I would have no
clue what they were saying at all
if i am honest
honestly this could mean something very simple
I mean they said it was like questions so it could be like her oh...
Do you need more oxygen?
are you breathing okay?
Nael: the oxygen one was good
I'm asking you "how much air do you have"
What i am showing with my hand is the manometer
that shows how much bars got left on your tank
I did a video about how scuba
diving works you can go check this out
you have air on your tank and it's
compressed to fit in your bottle
and you can measure how much air you got
By measuring the pressure on your tank
you usually start at 300 barq
and when you
breathe you your pressure will go lower because there is less air compressed on it
This is very important you know how much time we got left on the dive you
You can also go up to me and say I'm half tank
Or, I only have 50 bars left
this is these are very important signs to have underwater
if I don't know you're half I wont turn around
I usually ask at
the beginning of the middle of the dive
just to make sure how much time we got
left on the water and how well everyone is handling.
the next sign was this one
Chrisite: well like (sign)
okay that's...
that's different!
Like a piece of equipment maybe that sort
of a link sort of connects.
maybe maybe that's what it's referencing to because
it wasn't like dim dim dim
It was like, Dim dim
okay my guess is that it's a
reference to a piece of equipment so like else make sure you secure your
whatever you are required to wear while scuba diving
Nael: so that means buddy up
there is a link means two people keep together
we can have you to buddy up if
we see you're too far away from your buddy
you should never be less than one
meter away when the visibility is clear
because if something happens you need to
be able to go to your buddy and say I'm out of air or I have a problem so you
need to be secured together
if I see there is a be current or if I see I need
to pause something is happening,
I would say buddy up please
stay a bit closer
The next sign is one of my favorite one, it's this one (sign)
Christie: okay that makes me think
something... yeah like that?
that makes me think of turtles Nael: yes it is!
Christie: that would imply to me personally that would imply to me
directly that there is a turle on the water and
I wouldn't mind seeing a turtle!
That implies turtle to me!so my guess is
there's turtle, there's a turtle be careful please!
Nael: if you didn't know every marine creature has a sign in scuba
diving we already have turtle shark Lobster
I use that one also with
my partner to signal a cow fish
because these one are one of my favorites
A ray
I think there's Barracuda as well
every dive site every place in Earth's have
their own sign
we usually remind everyone what signs means at the
beginning of the dive
so that we're on the same page because I
know some people have murene as well
and that's different from each other so just
make sure, usually that's the turlte sign
and that's a pretty common one
Chrisite: Honestly my knowledge of scuba diving is very low
if someone were to ask me what do you
know I would just be like
oh I know they wear eye protection and they have a tube
that helps to breathe and that's pretty much it for me
thank you for sending them to me
I'm excited to know if I got them right or how many I got wrong or how
many I was close to I'm really hoping however this means
turtle bye!
Nael: Just a general point about scuba signs these are very important
science to know because we can't speak in the water
we usually remind everyone of the signs in a dive briefing so that's everyone in
the same page and they are basically very straightforward I mean you can see
that Christie did very well with her gazing and she's never been diving so
that's why even began I can remember them very easily I don't know if you
guys have any special life signs I have one that is this one when I'm
training which means try again I know that one is not very common I think my
dad instructor might have made it up but that's good that means the language is
evolving and everyone can be a part of it so if you have dive science please
let me know I hope you've enjoyed this video I would love to make more collabs
if you're a scuba diver or if you just want to join this all over the place of
the internet feel free to me and email are go on my social medias
to the chat and I hope you like this kind of different video if you want to
see more scuba-diving go travel feel free to subscribe also please go to
christopher yost channel and she is a amazing human being I'm so glad she
accepted to be part of this video so go say hi for me
please okay see you next time
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Can a non diver guess scuba diving signs? | Crazydivers

12 Folder Collection
Nael published on April 13, 2020
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