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[door creaking]
l came to leave you this.
(Darcy) l shall not renew the sentiments...
which were so disgusting to you...
but if l may, l will address the two offenses you have laid against me.
My father loved Mr. Wickham as a son.
ln consequence he left him a generous living.
But upon my father's death, Mr. Wickham...
announced he had no intention of taking orders.
He demanded the value of the living which he was given...
and which he gambled away within weeks.
He then wrote demanding more money, which l refused...
after which he severed all acquaintance.
He came back to see us Iast summer...
at which point he declared passionate love for my sister...
whom he tried to persuade to elope with him.
She is to inherit f30,000.
When it was made clear...
he would never receive a penny of that inheritance...
he disappeared.
l will not attempt to convey the depth of Georgiana's despair.
She was 15 years old.
As to the other matter, that of your sister and Mr. _ingley.
Though the motives which governed me may to you appear insufficient...
they were in the service of a friend.
Are you all right?
l hardly know.
[church bells ringing]
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Pride & Prejudice (7/10) Movie CLIP - A Letter to Elizabeth (2005) HD

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Why Why published on March 30, 2013
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