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Have I ever told you how I got my scar?
No. No, you haven't.
I wasn't much older than Kion when it happened.
Back when I was leader of my Lion Guard...
When I was the Lion Guard's fiercest
I took most patrols on my own
So when I met this strange lion
I had no fear of being alone
He said he had wisdom and power
And the most powerful should be king
With help from me and my roar
He and I could rule everything
I found his idea intriguing
Though the most powerful lion was me
But the strange lion was scheming
And had a friend I didn't see
That's how I got my scar
When I led the guard
The lion would cure the snake's venom
As long as I did what he said
But I lost control and enraged
I roared and destroyed them instead
I expected to be praised near and far
For stopping that treacherous thing
But Mufasa just nicknamed me Scar
Then I knew that he shouldn't be king
That's when I became
When I led the guard
My first plot for vengeance
Was spoiled when I lost the Roar
My second plan later succeeded
Mufasa was king no more
If not for that miserable Simba
I'd have ruled Pride Rock to this day
But now, it is time
For Simba and Kion to pay
That's why I still am Scar
From when I led the Guard
That's why I still am Scar
And why I'll destroy the Guard
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The Lion Guard: When I Led the Guard - Full Song with lyrics (High Quality) | How Scar Got His Scar

39 Folder Collection
wayne wang published on April 11, 2020
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