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The Samsung Galaxy Note has the most passionate smartphone fans in the world.
Even though the Galaxy S20 Ultra is the company's top smartphone right now, but the Note fans
know the Galaxy Note 20 is going to be the smartphone of the year and today's leak shows
it could be the most powerful Android phone that has ever been made.
Samsung is expected to launch at least two Galaxy Note 20 variants and one of them showed
up on Geekbench.
It's codenamed 'SM-N986U' and it is believed to be the Galaxy Note 20+.
Last year the Note 10 Plus used SM-N976U as its model number, so logic dictates this new
model number could refer to the Note 20 Plus.
The Geekbench shows that Samsung is going to use a new processor on the Galaxy Note
Usually what happens is whichever chipset the Galaxy S phone uses in that year, the
Galaxy Note follows up with the same one.
But this year it's going to be different.
Samsung is using a supercharged version of the Snapdragon 865 that will probably be named
the Snapdragon 865+.
The exciting thing is for the first time ever a smartphone's processor is going to cross
the 3Gz speed barrier, To be exact the processor can top 3.09GHz mark, thereby beating the
2.85GHz top speed of the Snapdragon 865's 'Gold' performance core.
By the way, This is an early prototype model, so certain specs like RAM could change by
the time the phone will be ready for the market.
They've used an 8GB RAM variant for the listing but you can be sure there will be a 12GB RAM
variant as well as 16GB.
So basically in real-world terms, this geekbench listing means the Galaxy Note 20 Plus is shaping
up to be one of the most powerful Android phones around.
But what about Exynos variants.
The majority of us will end up with the Exynos Galaxy Note 20, so what about us?
Well, I'm positive Samsung will use an overclocked version of the Exynos 990 as well.
The possibility of them using AMD GPU is slim to none, they're probably going to use it
next year in 5nm chipsets.
But you can be sure that customers in the US and China will get a superior Galaxy Note
20 while the rest of the world gets to pay the same amount of money for the same Galaxy
Note 20 with reduced performance and efficiency.
I hope Samsung brings the Snapdragon variants of the Note 20 to more markets this year until
they make their own chipsets perform on par with Qualcomm's and fingers crossed that it
happens next year itself.
Here's one of the reasons why Android users hate Apple.
You see Apple acquired a very popular weather app called Dark Sky a couple of days ago and
now they've announced that they will shut down the Android version of this app pretty
For iPhone users, the app will continue to exist, though.
To be honest, I'm not really surprised this happened Because that's what Apple does:
buy something and give the middle finger to anyone who was previously using it (and probably
paid money to do so) because they don't mean squat.
If anyone wonders why a lot of people despise Apple even while using their products, it's
because of BS like this right here.
They are the absolute worst at not sharing or at the very least acting ethically during
and after acquisitions.
Anyway let me know what do you think about this down in the comments and as always I'll
see you tomorrow...Peace out!
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21 Folder Collection
Ali.K published on April 10, 2020
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