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  • (Leah) Smoking gave me colorectal cancer.

  • (Asaad) My mom and I, we are really a team because there was

  • times where she didn't want to get out of bed

  • and she would fight me, like all day, she's like,

  • "Nah. I'm not getting up, like, leave me alone."

  • You know, and I'm like,

  • "Nah, I'm not just gonna let you just rot. You gotta fight!"

  • Those days were, they were very grim.

  • I didn't know what was wrong with me,

  • I just knew that something was wrong with me.

  • I wasn't eating, and I started to lose weight.

  • When I was going to the bathroom,

  • I was starting to see blood in my stool.

  • Well, I was 19.

  • My goal was always just I can't see my mom pass away.

  • You've gotta be a fighter with this type of illness

  • because of the fact that, it's not gonna stop, you know,

  • it's like an everyday thing.

  • The biggest part is just the medicine every morning

  • in the regimen, try to get up, you know, let's, you know,

  • get you bathed, make breakfast.

  • Phone calls, there was a lot of them. Or making appointments.

  • Appointments, appointments, appointments.

  • You cannot give years back to the people who help you.

  • If you care about your family,

  • you don't want to put them in that situation.

(Leah) Smoking gave me colorectal cancer.

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Asaad and Leah: We’re a Team

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/04/07
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