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  • Hey everyone this is Tripp from and today I'm going to tell you what

  • to talk about on the first date.

  • What do you talk about first date?

  • How can you convey your awesomeness

  • through conversation? Here's the big rule about first dates. Everything

  • surrounding the date, especially conversation,

  • needs to be fun,

  • happy and sexy.

  • Remember this number one rule. We will come back to this. But first let's start

  • off the list of stuff

  • that you shouldn't talk about on the first date.

  • Number one,

  • do not talk about your

  • ex-girlfriend,

  • your past breakup or your divorce. This is not the time nor the place. Remember

  • our big rule?

  • There's nothing

  • fun about breakups.

  • It didn't work out at the last one, which sucks, but those aren't the first things

  • you should be talking about with the girl you just met. Keep the ex

  • conversations to a minimum until you have at least a few more dates. Number two,

  • politics and religion.

  • Do your best to stay away from sensitive topics. This breaks the big rule.

  • In general, there's nothing sexy about politics or religion. There is an

  • exception. If politics or religion define who you are,

  • maybe it's your job, maybe you're a religious person then fine, I

  • understand. You're maybe screening for someone who has similar interests but if none of

  • that describes you

  • then stay away.

  • Number three, don't talk about your problems.

  • Listen, we all have issues and nobody is perfect

  • but a first date is not the time to discuss those.

  • Back to the big rule, keep things happy.

  • If you start talking about how you're stressed out at work

  • or your mom is always nagging you,

  • then you're going to be labeled as a complainer

  • your stress is gonna make her stress

  • and now

  • you're making a bad impression.

  • Okay, enough about what you shouldn't be talking about let me tell you what you

  • should talk about on the first date.

  • Here's a quick list: passions, hobbies and interests.

  • What does she do for fun?

  • What is she interested in?

  • What are you interested in? What's your favorite music and movies?

  • Family background. Ask her about her brothers and sisters, where she grew up

  • and what it was like. Your careers, what do you both do for a living.

  • The date itself, how's the food, any good people watching, what's going on around

  • you that you can comment on?

  • Interesting things you've done over the year. Have you

  • traveled anywhere cool lately, been to any fun concerts? Have any funny or weird stories

  • to share? If you haven't seen a pattern yet let me help you out.

  • The more you've done with your life and the more you have going for you will make an

  • easier first date

  • because you love interesting things to talk about.

  • Go ahead and leave a comment down below if you have interesting stories of questions

  • that you guys ask on a first date.

  • I want to hear them. And I have a free gift for you. If you haven't already downloaded

  • my free ebook,

  • "Ten Simple and Unknown Dating Tips to Increase Attraction,"

  • than you're missing out because on page 22, I lay out a sample

  • perfect first date that you guys can use. Go to You can

  • actually click right here and it will take you to the download page where you

  • can get your free e-book.

  • Don't forget page 22. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel

  • because I put out videos every single week for you guys to get the girl.

  • I'll see you next time.

Hey everyone this is Tripp from and today I'm going to tell you what

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What to Talk About On A First Date (and what not to talk about)

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