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Speaker 1: Ladies and gentlemen.
Boys and girls.
Speaker 2: To the 2010 State
Farm Home Run Derby from Angel
Stadium in Anaheim California.
It is our privil
To welcome viewers from all
around the United States.
From Canada.
Speaker 1: From Mexico.
As we televised live here on
This is your chance to show
everybody that when it comes to
home runs.
You are far from being laid
loud and clear.
From Angel Stadium all the way
to the heavens.
And please give a big welcome to
our eight contestants.
This afternoon slash this
Speaker 2: Will be the center
The first banner from the
American League got off to a
Toronto Blue Jays.
The center fielder has 19 home
runs Vernon Wells.
Speaker 2: Last year a Brewer
won it.
Speaker 1: It was Prince Fielder
will it be two straight years
for a Milwaukee Brewers.
The right fielder his last wing
a walk off homer yesterday from
He's got twenty one of them.
Corey Hart you know he leads the
league in fun and pies in the
face and maybe tonight's his
night 15 homers.
Right fielder from the New York
Yankees Nick.
Sure sure.
He can hit long ball.
This left fielder for the St.
Louis Cardinals.
He's warming up like summer in
St. Louis is Matt Holliday he
leads the league and he smiles
the heart and soul of the Boston
Red Sox coming on just like he
The first baseman.
With 18 homers Big Papi David
He's a young man only 26 but his
third straight charted shortstop
for the National League from the
Florida Marlins 13 things Hanley
And could we possibly have a
Triple Crown.
He leads the American League in
batting average.
He leads the American League in
He's second in homers with 22.
He won a World Series when he
was only 20.
Now the first baseman for the
Detroit Tigers Miguel Tupper.
So there they are ladies and
gentlemen your eight contestants
And here are three compatriots
this evening here on our State
Farm Home Run Derby on Christmas
could pharmacologically with us.
as always Joe Morgan and he
managed the Rangers.
He managed the Mets but we don't
remember him from that.
We remember him from this.
Speaker 1: BLOCK.
Get him a youngster.
Once upon a time in California
Angel couple of stints Bobby
Valentine Dwight say welcome
home great.
It's great to be home.
First time in the new big day
here at Anaheim It's a beautiful
Home Run Derby.
through a lot of.
We had Alex Rodriguez.
We've had might be OK.
Speaker 1: Yeah we've had some
in great company with you too.
I'm honored to be here.
Speaker 2: Doesn't matter who is
I'm honored to be here.
going to put on a show someone
for a couple of players always
put on a show and it's not the
names that you normally think
about often.
So that being said put you on
the spot.
Joe what's your pick.
introductions and the best one
was from the gal Cabrera.
And I'm a go with Miguel
Even though the last four out of
five homerun winners Derby
winners were left handed hitters
and I think left handed hitters
have an advantage in this
have an advantage in this
they're going to beat him.
Speaker 1: There is a little
advantage going out there and I
feel that I'm going to take
Tuesday or tease it because he
is the man.
He is ready to go and he would.
Speaker 2: Tony Payne you said
that Ortiz is going to be the
I'm with him because Tony you
throw into him.
Speaker 1: Well I think it's
great that he is the Big Poppy
is in this 5 4 2 National League
or and it gets holiday.
Speaker 2: But I'm going to go
somewhere to go with the
I'm going on a long shot.
Speaker 1: What do you think.
We don't want any one of them
can win.
Graham he's out there.
Oh it's open.
Oh man.
Speaker 2: These are the best of
the best.
with it.
Speaker 1: Well we'll try it.
kick back relax and enjoy it.
Now in case you have forgotten.
These ceremonial first pitch
we'll get to the rules and stuff
But once upon a time this ban in
1989 the last time we had an all
star game here at the big day
leading off against Rick
rational blow Jack Ball knows a
long ball.
Under the tarp.
Speaker 2: Hit Centerfield way
box followed with a homer.
First time the NHL won back to
back All-Star games fifty seven
fifty eight.
Memory of the past.
And a reminder.
Of what a great.
Bo Jackson.
He'll throw out.
First pitch.
Hitting the ball up for him.
Will be John Simmons State Farm
agent from Hamburg California.
Speaker 1: He could have pitch.
Hi guys.
Bill got some heat.
Speaker 2: He good pitch foul
right if you're just joining us
for the first time.
you forget the rules.
Here's a reminder.
Each player gets 10 outs in
every round swings that don't
produce home runs or outs top
four homerun totals at fans.
Now the totals carry over.
From round one.
In the round to where the same
rules 10 outs swing that doesn't
produce a homerun that's an out.
Top to homerun totals can
advance and.
Then we go to the championship
rounds we race every day.
We do not carry over from the
second round the player with the
highest total.
Who is.
Your winner higher dimensions.
The two lines left in right here
at the big a 330.
You got a call back from the old
days left center three eighty
seven Centerfield 400 feet right
center 370 feet right field line
After nine outs the golf ball is
in play every golf ball home
over seventeen thousand
From both State Farm and MLB
combined state farm also
donating three thousand dollars
for every non golf ball
As well.
Seventeen thousand base
seventeen thousand State Farm
agents in the U.S. and Canada.
Well you've seen the three of
Well you've seen the three of
little pomp and circumstance to
the proceeding shall we.
We'll welcome our compatriot
Erin Andrews.
Erin good afternoon.
Good afternoon Chris.
Thanks so much.
the local Boys and Girls Club
then each one of them is going
to be paired up.
With money from the Derby.
Now the one that is paired with
the winner of that is a fifty
thousand dollar prize.
Speaker 2: The other seven
handed they'll earn their club a
ten thousand dollar prize all
courtesy of State Farm.
Thank you sir.
And look forward to you talking
with all the players tonight.
Speaker 1: The all stars go to
going to bat for you fans blog
under State Farm dot com go to
bat to choose your favorite
charity from a preselected list
starting Thursday through the
charity from a preselected list
Farm a randomly select one
winner that person receives a
trip for two to the 2010 World
Series State Farm will also
donate to the charity you pick
one hundred dollars for every
Homer hit in the Major Leagues
that week based on home run
averages this could be
approximately twenty thousand
dollars a week charity with the
greatest number of entries at
the end of the program will
receive an additional twenty
five thousand dollars head
season end.
This is the 2010 State Farm Home
Run Derby.
Chris Berman Joe Morgan Bobby
Valentine Erin Andrews and let's
again take a look at tonight's
batting order presented by Taco
Leading off will be Chris Young.
Vernon Wells hitting second.
Corey our third.
Nick Swisher fourth clean up if
you will man.
David Ortiz and clean up for the
National League Hanley Ramirez
cleanup of the American League
the Triple Crown hopeful.
Miguel Cabrera.
Powers are Taco Bell starting
Valerie kind of coming in a
little later a beautiful warmer
than expected day here in
southern California though it is
than expected day here in
having fun and warm California
sun Cabrera and Ortiz two of the
best stories this year in
baseball comebacks.
Speaker 2: In different ways.
Speaker 1: Your quote finish
what you said.
I'll show them and here he is.
Miguel Cabrera who had the rough
personal last week when the
Tigers needed most.
They fell out of the playoffs.
He went through.
Rehab himself this offseason.
He's a much better person.
We could see what kind of player
he is.
comeback story.
The best stories and not only
the home run derby but also the
All-Star game show.
Speaker 1: Well when you look at
Miguel Cabrera he has been one
of the best hitters in the game
He came up at an early age and
played and helped more to win
the World Championship and he's
played and helped more to win
In fact I picked him to be the
most viable player in the
American League last year
most viable player in the
to spring training he was in
such great shape.
I felt like he would have a
fabulous year he did have a
I felt like he would have a
But he's doing better this year
he's playing much better this
year and Ortiz Bobby is coming
back as well.
Speaker 2: Absolutely.
David Ortiz nick his middle name
is Jose I hope he's dead now.
It's just a fabulous human
It's just a fabulous human
stuff thrown out.
I mean he was booed.
He was pronounced dead but he
has resurrected his his life in
his career up in Boston.
That team has relied upon him
and he has answered the call.
You've got to love David Ortiz
and the Boston Red Sox the way
they come back from all these
Some of the stories we'll be
talking about tonight and also
tomorrow at the All Star Game we
laid off where the young man.
That's not as well known as
David Ortiz or even Miguel
And we'll be Chris Young.
26 year old and his fourth full
season 15 homers 61 RBI to 66
for the Arizona Diamondbacks a
young man who was he chose you.
You don't have to be a heralded.
He was a 16th round pick in 2001
by the White Sox.
Young man from Houston.
Here he is.
Speaker 2: Police have it a
really big year.
He loves to play the game.
He could run them down and I
think as John Kruk says he might
have that that lean and mean to
that body.
He might be able to go deep a
few times even though it's 17
feet deeper I believe out there
and left center field.
Three hunters that really tough
him right handers.
Definitely but that's all right.
My God a beer will make it look
He makes every park look small.
So we're underway into his day
farm home run derby for 2010.
Speaker 1: Young having Sydneys
Holland pitch to him.
And let's see if he can get off
to a good start.
Speaker 2: That's the key for a
young guy with someone who was
in this for the first band
getting off to a good start.
Getting that first home run out
of a fifth and.
Then you.
Speaker 1: And getting used to
I guess go you know getting a
So it's not rushing and it's not
rushing his swing or the ball
not making it.
Speaker 2: But I liked that he
just getting into it because
look all star game the
surroundings you're leading off
pretty difficult didn't it.
I mean it's a lot of butterflies
kind of.
Speaker 1: I think you have to
have the adrenaline's going.
Your knees are shaking and he
gets off to a good start.
And census one back in the.
Chris Young he's on the board.
And you see him Payton himself
Got that first and that's the
one I'm looking for.
It's not going to be you know
You know Sal he's ready in 0 7
he was the first rookie to have
a 30 Homer twenty five stolen
base season so.
Speaker 2: I don't Ana you
He got into this one a little
Member any ball.
Swung on.
That doesn't go into the park.
It is an.
they know him.
Well that one's ripped but that
Not get out of there to home
runs against the Cubs.
LDS for Arizona to help.
Arizona advance that's going to
be foul.
So very quickly.
Five outs Chris Young you get
Now need to slow down and I
think that's what you're doing.
Take a couple of pitches and.
Find your rhythm.
Speaker 1: Because you're coming
Mike right.
I mean to slow down.
B.B. pitcher.
Believe me.
You don't usually throw a V.P.
with every when it hits the
Haiti of watchin and all.
All the money on the one.
Speaker 2: Man everyone in so
mean some BP you want to give
him the tough curveballs on the
outside corner right Bobby.
Speaker 1: Well you usually laid
what I expect.
You know what guys to feel good
because they could go into a
slump in a hurry.
You know what's interesting
run derby.
The last round of batting
practice most teams players play
home run derby that last.
But now they've got to do it on
a big stage.
Big states no smoke cage round.
I think that really makes a big
You know use the hit batting
Speaker 2: Now you're standing
You don't have the helmet on
Oh he just got underneath that
He's got to get moving.
He's got three outs to deal with
To get Heidi the low ball hitter
he's making all those high
He knows what he's doing.
Still patient enough I like
All right.
Speaker 1: Right.
Ball is in there now so maybe
this is when he sees the golf
ball better John.
Speaker 2: We'll see.
There you see Vernon Wells
mentally preparing himself for
The ball is burning.
He's down to your final out.
Speaker 1: He's underneath that.
Well I got one.
Speaker 2: So Chris Young and
the Arizona Diamondbacks gave it
a shot these couple of days will
certainly be a big throw for
He wanted to do a little better
He was entity gave it a shot.
Not me.
Speaker 1: Pitching his own this
season hasn't the guy so maybe
even in batting practice getting
the same way.
We'll go chronologically how
good as you follow him and who
has been 15 and one good year.
Not to mention no hitter first
one in Rockies history from 70
Dallas Braden.
Get off of my mound perfect
Roy Halladay.
Perfect game.
in any imperfect game Armando
Galarraga had it.
We all know what happened.
The bottom line is you don't see
one of these a perfect game once
every blue moon.
rly last year two perfect
games this year almost three.
Tell us it's a pitching season
what's happening Joe.
Speaker 2: Well I actually
hitters had an advantage using
the video and watching how to
pitch a fit for them.
the video and watching how to
pitchers are making better use
of video now and finding the
hitters weaknesses and it seems
like everyone has a game plan
when they walk out on the mound.
Speaker 1: Now I couldn't agree
with you more Joe and I think
you're throwing more pitches now
and I think the information is
getting to the pitchers a little
more than the hitters say they
have more time to study as you
say in the video but also study
their own mechanic.
Speaker 2: So they're throwing
the ball extremely well.
96 is is kind of regular.
Here comes Vernon Wells.
He got off to a big start for
the Blue Jays and will this
carry enough.
You mean an hour before I asked
him who's going to pitch.
which is not what I wanted to
hear on my selection.
So very quick two outs Vernon is
a one of a quiet player in
a one of a quiet player in
this year.
Third time an all yes I bought.
Way back to.
Get out.
Well this one.
Might have had a videotape
replay see where.
We got one.
No replay we've got one at 360
one young man from high school.
With the high school in
Back in 1997.
His dad was a wide receiver for
the CFL Calgary Stampeders
absolutely fabulous athlete can
run can run them down in the
outfield at one of the greatest
sports artists in our country.
That wonderful job his dad does
portraits and sports.
Sports art.
But I'm hoping that his son can
be a home run artist.
So far only one and that it
looks like he's under that.
A little too m
Happening fast up here already
six hours it seems like not even
his patient is the youngster
It is the year of the pitcher
I'll stick with Graham McDowell.
He may have a better chance.
Vernon's going out of here
Well again this was not guys
their first time in this.
Home Run Derby.
And I think they're getting a
little excited just a little.
Slower and they're ready to hit.
That line and get back back back
back back back.
I think.
So I can still do something's
got to the leader in the
Note that the average home run
in the major league this year is
three hundred and ninety six
feet nine inches.
I meant's those some long
Yes that's.
That's a big fly.
Ball ball is in with one out to
go Vernon Wells.
Looks like a great.
It now.
That's the big area this
ballpark left center field.
So Vernon got to.
My ball he had.
Long when that one was for 28.
Norma and I said the average
home run is 3 9 6 and that was
for 28 for Vernon.
Speaker 1: He wasn't patient
he's only 18 pitches.
I mean.
Speaker 2: You know and like him
Joe West.
We love Joe.
Gary Hart Nick Swisher.
Coming up when we return to our
2010 State Farm Home Run Derby
here in Anaheim.
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Speaker 2: On how we look in
But we did get an interesting
look pretty good in here and you
got kind of like the lone angel
over there.
Speaker 1: The loan into the
lone angel tree hunter that told
this entire ballpark that you
wanted David Ortiz to win.
The guy just got booed during
Poppy when.
Speaker 2: Oh well definitely
because of the boards.
But I know that it's hard for
writing to really hit home runs
and I really want somebody from
American league to win us or.
Have the big David Ortiz and
he's one of my favorite
teammates of all time.
And I'll sign it we're still
buddies we're like brothers.
And I'll sign it we're still
The key.
Speaker 1: Hitting a bombing is
Hitting the ball out of his is.
The key is.
Swing hard.
Just in case you hit it out at
lot of writers and for the
players that play here the is as
lot of writers and for the
You got the marine layer thick
air at night as a little cool.
Sort of bottom floor.
So whenever we play a day game
everybody is swinging for the
But at night no.
Speaker 2: I know Poppy's God
Thanks to her.
for him.
Yeah because our Robin he knows.
Thanks I appreciate it.
Who can play center field with
the face of a Mrs. Corey Hart.
Thank you.
Corey Hart No.
He draws his on the board.
So they're talking about
For those who forget a poppy
once upon a time it's win
Biggest mistake sorry Hunter
made letting him leave.
Speaker 1: Market.
Corey Hart.
You got to have heart.
Prince Fielder one of the last
year brewers you probably gave
the good vibes to him.
Corey you won a game in the
against Pittsburgh with a
homerun for the Brewers and
obviously he's taking that swing
to hard.
Speaker 2: And he's doing it to
Fallon Well what he's doing is
keeping his rhythm by staying in
the right center.
Back through the middle and he's
not pulling off.
Corey Hardy.
Kentucky is pulling him out of
When Albert Pujols was at his
best in the Home Run Derby he
was hitting ball at the right
center that keeps you on the
ball a little bit longer and you
can get the bug and deeper in
batting practice.
can get the bug and deeper in
in a groove.
So yes one bad.
Heaven forbid he made it out.
Corey got that ball you know two
years ago.
He was the last man in here with
twenty one home runs among the
major league leaders.
Speaker 1: Just missed it.
We talked about 30 miles just at
a moment ago.
Corey saw his son.
His dad was a great softball
player if I would.
Corey says he said I watched him
Not different hitting the
softball to hit.
Number three.
Corey Hart with six homers just
three outs Sandy Guerrero the
hitting coach for the Nashville
Pitching to Corey 6 foot 6 Yes
and this one is quite frank back
back back back back back.
Speaker 2: I really liked the
get sad and not rushing him at
all they have a really good
career that's going room four
outs and plenty to go.
Speaker 1: You came up there and
was doing Joe but definitely by
staying back to the middle he
got his rhythm.
staying back to the middle he
Does this have enough just to
Speaker 2: Things some of them
Man there's a little breeze
going Joe but not much really
So much for that marine layer
Speaker 1: Sitting in the
This one is.
Didn't I say.
I think Cory heard at the
beginning of the show.
I I said or.
10 homers for three hard.
Speaker 2: Eleven.
He's pretty soon peppering the
five and.
I think he's g
It he's got a chance to get it
get to the ground.
He's always someone that puts on
a show that you don't.
Speaker 1: Really anticipate
coming into the park.
Speaker 2: Well you know he's
home so there is a little
anticipation isn't there.
Speaker 1: Well homers it
Do we have a baker's dozen.
Out number six.
Twice as many homers in our.
Start for Corey Hart of the
Brewers and we should say it
like Prince Fielder last year
the Milwaukee Brewers have a
great deal for their.
There's a couple of games that
they've designated you take off
a dollar.
Speaker 2: For each Homer from
which are 40 bucks in the low
outfield seats which are 30
bucks all the homers city hits
They're not a couple of games
you can start flying tomorrow.
So last year when Prince r
had all the homers tickets were
like five bucks.
the Brewers fan.
Fall into four yard.
Twelve homers Lansdowne.
This is really a show and I
think Nick Smith.
You know I guess we should have.
Given him a little more.
Consideration because.
Since May 15th at.
Than anyone else in Major League
Well that makes thirty one.
Speaker 1: Standing ovation for
What a job.
Speaker 2: We've got real good
balance at the plate he doesn't
oversee right he's not over
He started off by hitting both
the left.
And I think that kept him.
From pulling off and kept him
from swinging too hard.
So great job.
And a great game plan.
By Corey Hart.
Last five homers were all over
450 feet.
How about that.
Ryan Braun his teammates brewers
who is positive pretty well in
the home run derby couple of
years ago.
There he is getting firm getting
off the back side.
Wonderful follow through.
Wonderful flick.
Speaker 1: Was an obvious
a home run derby game.
We explore and evaluate those
differences with our sports
science team and John Branca is.
A badass arms and shoulders are
like coiled springs.
Speaker 2: Loaded with potential
energy as the swing progresses
more and more energy is
converted to kinetic energy
hitting the ball later in the
swing results in a faster bat
At the moment of contact.
Speaker 1: And bat speed is the
single most important factor in
hitting for distance.
Our data reveals that a bad
moving sixty five miles an hour
at a 60 mile an hour pitch.
Can send the ball flying.
Four hundred feet.
Hitting the ball pitch five
miles an hour faster.
Only travels.
Five feet farther.
But increase the swing speed by
five miles an hour on that 60
mile an hour pitch.
In the ball will sail.
About 25 feet farther.
Nearly five times the five foot
difference of hitting a faster
It's mainly about momentum.
Speaker 2: Which is a product of
mass and velocity.
A 31 ounce bat.
Over six times more momentum
than a five ounce ball.
Which is why swing speed is much
more important.
Speaker 1: Its speed.
In the home run equation.
Speaker 2: To put that in
In the home run derby in Angel
Stadium the difference between
hitting the warning track and
going yard over the fence and
left center three hundred eighty
seven feet away could come down
to a swing speed difference of
only half a mile an hour.
For sports science on ESPN I'm
John breaks.
Speaker 1: John thank you very
Speaker 2: Well here's a guy
days almost.
Alex Rodriguez congrations
on another All-Star selection.
Welcome back to the game.
We've gotten comfortable.
So this is a reunion for us.
Speaker 1: Thank you.
Good to be here.
Spea2: Exciting to see all
these great guys hitting home
Spea2: Exciting to see all
What happened.
Trying to get a little healthier
over the last two or three weeks
feeling stronger and healthier
and working on the morning for
Work and stuff.
I'm feeling better and I'll tell
Speaker 1: The care is getting
Well l see if Nick Swisher
can get.
Bill is.
Well I said this.
If he goes over and.
Rolls over in the first three
swings he might have an open.
But if he goes and has two or
three home runs early on we may
have a.
Well he did a group that was in
Bat here.
That is the right handed bat in
case he's not hitting.
Lieutenant maybe he'll jump over
on the right.
Maybe he's a little
superstitious but we have Tony's
he sees every day.
Jesus they say.
Speaker 1: A little light to
your clubhouse when I'm sure
I mean he's been a.
Breath of fresh air for our team
bringing a lot of energy.
He comes ready to play every day
and comes in with a smile on his
face comes in loud and you know
what I like most.
face comes in loud and you know
We love to win.
And he likes the Pies right.
He knows all that stuff.
Speaker 2: So let me ask you
He knows all that stuff.
watch Nick.
He knows all that stuff.
Barry Bonds.
Babe Ruth.
Sammy Sosa hit Griffey.
600 homers.
Just a few off.
Do you grasp what that is.
I certainly do.
But I mean I tell you first for
It's f the perspective that
I get from where I was when I
hit 500 and where I am today
when when I'm about to.
Hit 600.
Speaker 1: I'm in a much better
I'm enjoying the game a lot
I feel like I'm a better team
I think overall I'm just
enjoying the game.
And you know what's funny about
the home runs is.
You know the biggest homerun
that hit in my career I don't
even count.
Six hundred.
I hit him last year in the
So it's just great it feels good
to be in a good place and I
think finally.
I found my niche in New York.
And I'm having a good time
playing ball.
Well you throw a lot of lot of
us a lot of people for a long
time and.
us a lot of people for a long
number by the way.
Look at that number.
Or twenty point five.
Now 16.
How is your defense it's been
terrific to hear your back it
looks like he's very comfortable
with that.
Making a lot of great plays.
We've seen.
Those great plays the.
Doesn't collect.
your defense and others.
My back team is built around
kitchen and power but the one
thing that goes.
On talked about sometimes is our
good defense and we're.
Very big on fundamentals.
Joe Girardi preaches
fundamentals from day one has
been training.
And the one thing that helps.
Me and my otteammates I mean
we have Robby Cano we have Derek
Jeter but Mark Teixeira first
I mean he is back and playing
over there and he helps us out
and we just throw the ball with
so much confidence and the
And once my successor got that I
mean you had that with John with
the Mets.
It's such an important position
and my six year I just I can't
say enough great things about it
not only what he brings
Switch it in the middle of our
lineup but what he brings to our
Speaker 2: He's phenomenal he's
spent some time with his
splintered terrific guy and the
range at the base is what you
don't get when you throw it it
doesn't have to be down the
He does that at the corners.
He'll he'll help you out east
west north and south.
Not only that Bobby but he goes
after five balls so well.
He does it for me 6 1 double
Speaker 1: 3 6 3 double play and
He's made a le to play so so
Well next get two outs to go
he's got four homers which I
mean for the moment moves him
ahead of.
Vernon Wells and Chris Young but
you need a couple of more to
Any sort of wiggle room.
Forward and that'll bring on the
gold ball.
That's pumped up.
First round pick of Oakland back
in 2002.
His dad.
You guys remember you played
against him maybe.
against him maybe.
Tubbs C. Lewis San Diego.
Great baseball man.
Speaker 2: Hear.
So good ball for Nick.
What do you think.
I hope so.
I know that make probably slept
I'm so excited for his home run
And he's talked about it for the
I'm hoping he has a couple more
here I like it is the fan votes
and he's the last guy to be
selected he goes home run derby
piling on.
selected he goes home run derby
Yesterday by.
Play but he does it with a smile
on his face.
Play but he does it with a smile
The first one that he fell
Speaker 1: He worked.
Well the one thing that he does
look at the balance he stays
behind the ball very well.
And that helps him to elevate
the ball when he makes the
And that helps him to elevate
Speaker 2: That hand backs in
the hand steps away from his
hands and drives it well.
So the Yankees on the board
there for the fourth spot.
Alex you know when the home run
Hey you might be in it.
But but as one of our alumni
along with Beyonce and a couple
Speaker 1: All the best.
Alex Rodriguez joining us out of
the Home Run Derby festivities.
When we return.
My holiday Big Poppy coming up.
Stay with us.
Police in Anaheim.
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that connection is more
important than ever so we're
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Introducing T-Mobile connect a
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Speaker 1: Welcome back
The 2010 State Farm Home Run
Derby and aerial coverage
brought to you by State Farm.
Log on to State Farm dot com
Go to back.
for your charity.
So let's see Corey Hardwick 30
And the other guys.
Nick Swisher with for Vernon
So 13 versus seven for everybody
We're halfway through the first
Here on the big boys.
Wait a minute.
Yeah wthat's a different sun
setting sun.
Speaker 2: He's just he's
electrified by career
performance that young man.
Let's see how long he can light
his hair on fire.
Well that would be quite a.
To be pretty good.
I think he's lit up a little
a coach at Vanderbilt throwing
BP to him.
You got to imagine he's got a
lot of batting practice to him
over the years.
He Matt did very well a couple
of years ago and we had him in
He Matt did very well a couple
Well he starts off pretty well
in the end air could swing just
be really warming up here as the
season has gone on for the
Cardinals but they weren't for
like two years to get them in
there getting to the trade and
signed him.
Man from Stillwater Oklahoma.
Fourth all star selection three
with the Rockies and this is
going to be out of here.
Speaker 1: No holiday on the
board isn't the Home Run Derby a
holiday after all.
It'll be shopped around well.
Speaker 2: God knows him pretty
I'm trying my my holidays with
our Erin Andrews Erin.
Speaker 1: Hi Chris.
Thanks so much.
You've been in like three of
these turkeys right.
Yeah like we taught you every
year that you enjoy every single
have done it this year again but
I think it was time to give
You guys you know new faces so.
They have a pretty good group of
guys in the lineup.
I love that job that got hit
It's unbelievable.
your boy right here Matt
What he meant to youubhouse
right now.
What he meant to youubhouse
that brings you know a lot of
energy into our ballclub.
You saw what he did last year to
help us out with to to Wing our
Signing him for seven year.
You know I'm playing.
With hanging hopefully for the
You know a great guy that plays
the game hard work hard every
You know he's.
Got a lot of work to do right
hopefully he gets hot.
If you're in a ball like this
because you have been in derbies
before I mean what what's the
key here to get out of this
You know what.
It Away Brad darling.
I don't have batter's box and
get back to anything.
Hopefully you regroup.
You know.
Speaker 2: He got one outlet.
Come on bro.
You need two more.
All right Albert Good to see
Thank you so much.
Thank you very much.
All right.
All right Albert thank you earn.
So very quickly the ball ball
for Man Holiday.
Can I Can it happen fans like
Vernon Wells right.
Swinging at every pitch.
I don't know about you boom but.
Albert Pujols was always a great
Oh he can he would.
He can get to know him under.
Well this is a big one because
it's way back to left center.
Speaker 1: Which it doesn't
Vernon Wells is no.
Poppy Harlow she's getting ready
my holiday.
Speaker 2: Doing it with a golf
So all of a sudden.
Speaker 1: Those homers may
have gotten him into a position
breaking just advance.
Well he's ptist one.
Way back.
Just so he can get his timing
didn't throw it that step.
Didn't swing.
Speaker 2: And block.
he's he's.
He's not faking ane Bobby.
As they say in Canada.
He put that ball.
On holiday.
That puts him in the second
Behind Corey.
But that was a big little run
that he has a.
Nice room with the gold balls.
To go from one.
So he passes Nick Swisher.
One of those in forward.
Seven feet for.
Speaker 1: Now.
We told you warming up late
maybe he needs to just get a
little warm.
Well kind of like his season he
started off slowly and then he
got hot.
Speaker 1: That's upstairs with
the big boy his cup of coffee
generates all his bad his hips
opens his hips gets his hands
throw he uses everything.
Look at that balance.
Great great swing there.
You remember him with Colorado
in 0 7 he had 5 postseason home
runs as the.
rld Series.
How's work.
Well if you're asking us it
works pretty good because Big
Speaker 1: Hanley Ramirez after
that and then triple crown
Miguel Cabrera to finish out the
first round.
Speaker 2: Welcome back
Not far off the road.
The 2010 SBA pnted by
Capital One the Castrol Edge is
on ESPN Wednesday night.
That's at 9:00 Eastern live.
We're doing it alive from L.A.
with Saturday Night Live Seth
We're doing it alive from L.A.
Gillespie's big fans of the
year's best plays biggest upsets
most outstanding performances
across all sports.
Do you have.
The feeling.
Speaker 1: That this is a we're
going to show you this first big
poppy last year.
Now what's wrong and Big Poppy
sitting eighty eight below the
Mendoza line.
Twenty seven homers changed all
Came back a little bit at the
Speaker 2: A lot of people
wondered Was it done.
How do you let him go.
How do you let him go.
And what we missed.
Was like a heavyweight fighter
walking into the ring riding.
Warmed up down below.
He took his time walking out
there was more like the.
This is my stay.
This is what I do.
with his back.
And look at those shoe
That's what I'm I'm excited
about those shoes.
You know what else.
Forget that Yankee Red Sox thing
Tony Fania pitching to both
Swisher and a big poppy.
Forget it.
This is a country thing not a
Yes indeed.
Speaker 1: So it almost looks
I don't know.
Looks like it looks like this
padding so you foul one off.
Look at that.
Love it for the last five years.
A lefty has won this thing and
we're going to break that trend
This year with.
The go for broke.
Speaker 2: Poppy got a center
field alone off often get enough
of that.
Speaker 1: Wow.
Didn't look like it right but
then again it's big poppy.
And when the big guys hit him
they continue to go.
They continue to fly.
know exactly why he couldn't
wait to be in this thing.
One of the guys the veteran home
run hitter is you know he's done
it it's tiring it takes a lot of
he et cetera especially if he
keep advancing with everybody
questioning a big poppy that
ball out here.
Speaker 1: On.
Oh yeah.
There are still sooubting
Thomas is out there.
He wants his show.
He's the best of the best.
He is such a face for peace not
only for Boston for baseball
comes he's happy he's playing a
game but he's business right
Back back back back back back
back back.
Speaker 2: With him.
He's got a hit.
Speaker 1: Not showing any sign
of nervousness.
Speaker 2: That falls away.
Going to take it easy and get
that big that he wants.
That was.
that pitch up that we thought.
Speaker 1: We all agree again.
He'd been the praise but let's
not forget when you talk about
clutch hitters of this
generation of baseball are in
his day right.
His name is gonna be right in
Speaker 2: Right.
Not just in relation to any
What he has done in the late
innings of ball game and that's.
What make.
What make.
Yeah well let you.
Pick up a more we will see Poppy
in the final.
If he gets a couple more.
there isn't anybody Bobby that
would say to you.
No way it was a no play.
They actually did.
He could be nervous.
I came to meet two men you know.
For homers big pop just.
He walked up there like a heavy
You're right.
This is his third and.
Speaker 1: Speaking very
Think of all the great hitters.
The history of the Red Sox
I mean we don't have to go
through the names but certainly
with Jimmy fox and a great
Jimmy Fox and William.
Moran was on it for a while and
he adds of course we go on and
earn no money in Red Sox
straight years other than.
And not only that when.
Babe played in Boston he was
He became the babe.
He was George Herman.
Speaker 2: In Boston.
That's what he wants and he
wants us both down there.
Need level down there where he
can launch.
This day fair.
They both keep the ball down.
He doesn't like the ball up and
Yeah if he gets one more I'm
going to put.
Little D'Angelo is pulling for
Six hours sitting he went up
there he taking his time he's
measured the whole thing out.
He's a veteran.
Like I say so many young players
are excited to be in this
contest and it shows a little
And you really have to have
presence Joe and you're standing
up there as you said no screen
and that's that other one
To get to.
stay there.
You don't rest.
Give me the spotlight make it
brighter I'm gonna clap my hands
a while on the big poppy and
you've gotta be special to wear
those shoes.
In public.
Think about the.
Other kids out there.
Until the ball hits by David
Until the ball hits by David
Speaker 1: How cool is that.
As long as they catch the buyer
is getting back I understand.
It must mean some kind of tryout
to this Muslim or pretty good
little athlete.
to this Muslim or pretty good
doing and they're getting hurt.
One to 10.
Are in early that.
Might carry.
A move.
Speaker 2: Okay.
Well all of a sudden the wind
change and it's actually blowing
a little bit toward right field.
Blowing out the left a little
bit earlier.
Here's a guy that because he
plays at Fenway Park certainly
knows how to hit the home runs
the left center field into the
street or.
What was the screen you know
into the monster seats but here.
Speaker 1: We go back to just
pulling the ball right because
it's right it's a long way to go
to left center here and big
coffee's not having anything of
it it sends it back back.
I take it you didn't ask for a
title I thought he might have
said that Tony is getting
Instead of that one.
Story I know he's leaving now
Speaker 2: It.
We're going to put on this show
I need you know.
I'm going in my corner.
I love it.
See who has the presence to say
Well I get like an hour or to
laugh and I'm gonna have a drink
Well you gotta be special again
if you're going to wear those
kind of shoes in public.
You feel special about yourself.
And that's good.
Vladimir Guerrero he won.
Home Run Derby in San Francisco
he's the only righty to win in
the last five years.
Former angel he's having a
pretty darn good year right.
Speaker 1: Well he would say so.
fabulous career and you never
tell a great player he's
fabulous career and you never
make baseball gold.
Speaker 1: Ball now for Big
Who's next to Corey Hart's 13
homers has the most with a.
Thousand off.
his day to get that.
Matter of.
enough shape that we know he's
moving on right.
We'll see Big Papi and.
Corey hard in the next round
because the defense for Vance.
Speaker 1: Hanley Ramirez Miguel
Cabrera the only ones left here
he is down the line fellas.
The good thing is when he for
the ball he didn't book it.
It didn't look bad.
He didn't hit one by one run on
the right goal line that tells
you that it was right on target
and look at that lot different
than Matt holidays.
He uses his upper body strength.
I mean he's just so strong.
That he kind of muscles the ball
out of the ball park where.
We saw holiday with a smoother
You see David our team beat
really a tax.
Holiday in the distance tracker
says for twenty five.
Clamping put on a show.
Here's a call.
That puts on a different story.
I'm really disappointed in the
low key jacket.
Well I was looking for the
burgundy jacket tomorrow.
And you know I mean I do well.
Local boy in your home park.
Yeah I know.
I grew up coming to Angels game
this year.
Like I said I was here in 79
when the.
Angels clinched for the first
time and so this is this is
pretty amazing.
Well hence the locals a look
right there.
Mr. ravage rich Bobby seven year
Yeah but so what's what gives
He's just your favorite angel.
Well he would just look at that
Look he's fighting through wood.
Well I'll give it up.
Get it.
You were smart enough to pick a
second baseman.
Well do you like in his home run
king and got that.
But I've been looking at.
Looks pretty smooth.
He's smooth.
Go ahead.
long ago to go to rehab he still
recording albums.
He had the absentee votes have
not come in.
A big baseball fan.
And now here we go with Hanley
Hanley Ramirez.
Who is starting to shrink.
Twenty six and we've started
straight years.
This doesn't happen all the time
that's for sure.
That's pretty nice.
No I love baseball.
Like I say.
Follow the.
Game pretty avidly.
I was down in the dugout and
Hank Aaron walked by.
I don't know if you guys heard
of him.
Somewhat of a legend his his
tallies his have been counted
seven 70.
know in the movie.
How would you have done as a
Well what do you think.
I would have.
You know.
Would've been drunk on air.
You know it wouldn't be the
I would I would have I would
have done OK.
I would I would have I would
harder than it looks.
Speaker 1: That's what I keep
telling people that you guys
Speaker 1: That's what I keep
Want to call a couple of
different Valentine.
It's hard for me that I learn
and learn and well every day
it's a racket.
You know.
Speaker 2: Every day it gets
How ahead you get Hanley Ramirez
up here and what do you think
What a wonderful feeling.
He's got that splitter right.
Well I've always wanted to ask.
Guess what time it is.
Homerun o'clock.
You're on home run a clock.
All right go ahead.
always wanted to ask you
what is your favorite.
Movie what's the favorite.
To use.
Gone With The Wind.
No to everything.
I'm not a great guy.
I was a little younger than.
She's won with an impressive
swing never seen a young man who
led the league in hitting and
has a fabulous.
Power factor.
And a perfect swing sorry.
Back back back back.
I think he needs a sweet heart.
He said line drives over the
center field fence is his line
drive the right set of real
He isn't showing anything.
He to Harry Carey to this if you
like Will.
Oh man.
My my.
That was what we call a.
Two back or.
Only two backs to quick backs.
But Joe when answering the
question I was wondering if I
had to game if I had to pick one
It's got to be anchorman.
I'm going to agree with but I'm
lucky because I've gotten to.
I'm going to agree with but I'm
worked on.
About such a great time and you
know I wouldn't feel that.
Well you got another one right
the other guy gets the other guy
You'n New York City
detective trying to figure out
Hanley Ramirez is ever going to
I mean he's a winner.
What is.
this comes.
This show.
Wahlberg are two detectives who
are the other guys.
Wahlberg are two detectives who
the limelight.
And how do you do.
We do.
squad hates us.
I can't imagine why you.
We do all right.
Hey you know those kids are
those kids supposed to be on the
I think they're license.
They all signed a waiver.
They got split loves.
But we look forward to seeing
that title.
The detective in New York City
New York City.
some a tie during big poppy tell
him to slow down take your time.
Right Stan Lee is that's what.
I'll be at the SBC.
You guys will be there.
I think I may be maybe.
Speaker 1: You guys don't get
We could go.
me too.
I'm going to give him a D.
It's a pretty big place.
Well we'll get it somehow
So drop your name at the door.
Terry Carrie we're going to get
Holy Toledo.
Speaker 2: If that ball wasn't
hit hard.
I'm Santa Claus.
My hero carries a little
All right.
It's all right.
All right.
approaching Harry.
My goodness.
Now that's a big fly.
Touched him all.
So handily with seven big.
Happy enjoying the show.
Once upon a time as a youngster
in the red sox system so they go
back a little way.
Speaker 1: And now with the
came up with the Marlins.
Speaker 2: It is a similar
approach to twin Joe don't you
think you're going to see that
coming up real soon.
Well the key is they're both a
lot bigger than you think they
You know we look at handler
Ramirez playing shortstop and we
don't realize how big or
individually strong with a good
athlete what a career and he's
still here.
He's still pumping him out of
Way back back back back.
I mean.
He's hitting the hardest ball as
a jumping off his.
Jody Davis hit me with a shot.
There he is.
I mean.
These are not shock.
Oh man on.
I hear you.
Now what's with the golf ball
how you get one out to go.
These were worth more money to
Seventeen thousand.
But some guys just see it
Speaker 1: Standing was heroes
good luck charm.
He owes me.
If he wins.
Speaker 2: Let him know.
Good luck with the new movie The
Way We Get To do some replays.
Wolf I.
Will do this ry right here a
slow motion replay right here.
Gets the hands up front.
And what I like is this finish a
beautiful finish beautiful
finish this putt coming off the
ground from.
Turnin and then watching it that
reminds them.
No ohe older he was letting
it all go and no one realizes
this Hanley Ramirez is forty
seven years old.
That's what's most amazing it
That you never know about those
birth certificates well from
other places you know.
Speaker 1: You never know.
Thanks for joining us.
Thanks a lot.
The other jacket Darby Grinch.
like probably a nice second
place right now.
With much Dad.
We're here.
have it on the jacket.
No I've got the muscle.
I left it.
I must go from will ferrell
joining us and Miguel Cabrera
about to join us Hanley Ramirez
putting on quite a show.
He'll be moving out of the next
round and now the guy that leads
in two of the three Triple Crown
categories of the American
Welcome back everybody.
Two angels stadium major league
baseball proud to support Stand
Up To Cancer visit Stand Up To
Cancer done or to learn how you
can help us in the fight against
cancer MLB all star red carpet
represented by Chevrolet and
network Tuesday.
Tomorrow 4:00 p.m. Eastern then
the all star game on Fox and
ESPN Radio tomorrow 8:00 p.m.
Eastern Time.
We've got the home run derby by
the way in the park right now
talking to the fans Henry Aaron
Reggie Jackson and.
Speaker 2: Frank Robinson.
Let's see.
That's a lot of home run.
It's almost 2000.
What an honor to be on the field
with those.
What an honor to be on the field
We all really appr.
Well here's our leaderboard
Corey Hart Hanley Ramirez David
They're going to be moving on.
Speaker 1: Matt Holliday is on
the bubble.
The goalkeeper needs five to
We love a swing off.
I'll explain it if we need to.
Hit it six to advance.
You know.
They were asking Hank Aaron.
Speaker 2: Did he try to hit
home runs and he told Reggie
Jackson no.
So he had seven hundred fifty
And he hit a little.
Yeah sure it stopped.
Seven hundred fifty five
I'll tell you what else he had
two thousand two hundred ninety
seven accidental about that
Shares Miguel Cabrera fellows
Speaker 1: Has turned his life
He's always been a marvelous
player won a World Series ring
before his 21st birthday which
is pretty darn good and there.
There's Henry earned.
Speaker 2: With Reggie Jackson
Frank Robinson is where's Frank.
Here's Frank about that picture.
Yoow what I mean.
Look it says about 2000 homers.
And great people.
Have done.
Wonders for the game of baseball
continue to do so.
Miguel Cabrera.
You're going to get out of him
it's gone 27 years of.
Has 77
RBI eyes to lead the majors 346
batting average.
Leads the majors.
Speaker 1: Twenty two home runs
is second in the majors teams
that has the most Toronto 24.
Could a Triple Crown happen.
Back back back back back back.
Speaker 2: BROWN I think the
Well I think it can because he's
that good and I think that's
Speaker 1: Have a triple crisis
let's remember that you stripped
you hit 3 0 1.
Well that was the year and his
Triple Crown still when it hit
20 at the top he was more in the
three twenty.
Three third one I think what has
happened with.
His old saying goes we've got
the other guys when the year the
pitcher going on and the better
hitters are going to lead the
league in hitting.
And homerun.
Speaker 2: And they only found
He plays in but he makes every.
Vote territory.
He was like one of those shots
in the clown's mouth.
You get a free game.
Jackson hit it off.
Ricky Rochelle.
All Star Game.
Speaker 1: You know in the
All-Star games he's appeared in
four of them before with
All-Star games he's appeared in
's been in right field he's
been a left field he's in third
base is a pinch hitter now he's
going to first base Sydney he'll
pitch and catch.
You do everyg else Kenny.
But when he first came out with
glory you know as a third
And I did.
Speaker 2: I never figured he
would stay and look at his third
That's almost torance.
You know why.
He was torn.
He's no good.
Speaker 1: Twenty four hasn't
done that.
All right.
Can he really.
Cincinnati Reds in blood you Joe
not only.
Tony for us.
24 was at the Marlins a little
bit for guidance.
But he's from the same hometown
in Venezuela as your shortstop
for David Concepcion Cabrera was
for home runs many of the tape
measure varieties and he's
patient to Hank.
Get into that.
Big Poppy's watch and he's with
Erin Andrews Erin.
Speake What do you think
about the power right now that
Miguel Cabrera has out there
Four hundred and sixty nine feet
four hundred forty six.
A big baby.
We saw when he came off the
field here.
What do you say to you.
Speaker 1: Rooting for you.
Hey you want me to win this.
You know my man.
Looking out boy.
Lot of people will.
In the water.
He's so.
Happy there for the fourth time
in the home run derby.
It's not that you you have a ton
of fun with everything you do.
But is there pressure.
This time around.
win this thing.
Not enough pressat all.
You know this is something that
I do for the fans.
Who come and have fun.
You know whatever happens
try to win but it doesn't
The good thing is participate
and make sure the fans.
used to what we do here.
Speaker 2: You're having fun.
Speaker 2: You're having fun.eat
your high life.
You know he just he just you
know things are going good.
You know you have.
ballgames and.
You've got to try to keep it
that way.
I know I'm a big fourth on my
team and I've got to bring my
egg and I was.
Speaker 2: Good to see you here.
this thing but also being a dad
trying to get his son over.
Speaker 1: So he doesn't get hit
by a ball them.
Well I chip responsibility first
But you're a big poppy said
Browder having fun and let
people see that we're having
That's what he does.
That's what he does he's a great
when he comes and lights up the
stadium when he's at the plate
and he's having fun today.
But he's also showing people
He's an all star who is dead at
the end of April.
So what do we release him.
Well hey how you doing.
How do you thousand ninety two
thousand twenty eight.
It's time to go you're 55 years
old like Joe says when he says.
Well that.
already in the second round
because he's passed.
tt Holliday course the total
because it's a holiday will be
gone now but the totals.
Carry over to the second round.
So this is not.
Well why would he keep hitting.
No no no no.
I need these because the
aggregate first and second round
get you to the finals the top
This does not quite have enough
How about the ball get off.
Speaker 2: The ball when we're
on the phone it was floating up
It was floating in the pot.
It was part of Stonehenge.
Speaker 1: Lord.
Seventy six feet and that's
where it landed right Chris.
Speaker 2: That is the
projection of where it would
Speaker 2: That is the
Well this one.
Has a helicopter up there and it
almost heads.
Great swing.
Great Power.
Cannot pick them.
What you're doing pretty good so
We've got a contest down.
Let me say I mean he is the most
accomplished in the purest
Of all these guys.
Mean it's 21 years.
So I mean he was beautiful.
Did you have.
I think Pop.
You're still in.
My lap.
Every member I pick.
I remember I picked that guy
from Milwaukee on the
I remember I picked that guy
Why didn't.
We know anything about Joe
Oh I don't know.
by a German guy.
Speaker 1: That's what you stand
for guys.
And he gets if we get there yet.
I didn't say Stanford.
I said stand by with Jamie.
To those people down here down
the road from some of us in the
Nutmeg State and Country state
Stanford Connecticut the land of
steady habits and much more.
Joe Cabrera he has been studying
all sorts of steady.
Hits under that boy and a little
Mr.s under that boy and a little
Speaker 2: Let's hear it for.
Go cover.
Hey hey hey I thought you know.
Well Cabrera is like.
Speaker 1: An they married in
the upper body and lower body
heat in his hand.
You get everything coordinated
and he hits it a flash.
So McGill Cooper hits enough.
He'll be in a whole ball.
He's has the least.
Of the four.
He has seven big poppy is eight.
And the Ramirez nine.
For her third team.
What about these swings though.
For 76.
How about that.
The rock pile.
Holiday in distance tracker says
you know what.
We don't have a tape measure
that long.
And here it is the way he gets
firm like Joe is saying get this
off the back.
What a wonderful sleigh.
What a wonderful player.
We're going to watch this for a
long time to come.
All right.
Here's our results in that
holiday inn and Nick Swisher and
Bernard whereas Chris Young
thanks for being part of the
But the show moves on with
MLB at home as presented by
Speaker 2: Here to connect you
to what matters most learn about
T-Mobile is covered 19 response
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But I'm too busy.
Jason it's.
I'm not.
Saying this.
Want to get.
We began with age and now there
are four.
Speaker 1: He has been three
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glasses you get to wear.
And so now here's our batting
order you go in descending
But since Miguel Cabrera Justin
you're gonna give me a breather
Big Papi said No problem.
So David Ortiz with a Miguel
Cabrera with seven Hanley
Ramirez with nine.
Speaker 1: And it is possible
though improbable career minded
enough to hit and even move to
the finals because it's the
total of the two rounds that
advance the top two of these
Well I'm betting he's going to
have to hit.
Speaker 2: I know he's gonna
Call it a hunch.
Target they keep.
Speaker 1: Two people still born
with it can get over this.
I understand the Red Sox have
had the Angels number except for
the last time out in the
putting on a show and always a
chance to do it again.
Tony one of the great stories
here in this all star game and I
just want to put it might give
here in this all star game and I
stories in a while.
Arthur Rhodes making the all
star team at 40 the flame
throwing left hander set up man
for Dusty Baker.
Cincinnati Reds first ball start
At 40.
After surgery and a couple of
years ago was Poppy not quite
caused the death of his young
son a couple of years ago and
son a couple of years ago and
nice better than nice.
It's a lesson for a lot of big
poppy fighting the airwaves
Right center field and it's gone
Independents as.
Speaker 2: Or underrated for him
I don't need to do that.
Way back to right center field.
It is back and.
Speaker 1: Every once in a while
leg and he gets it down with the
bat started perfectly.
And that was one of those.
Speaker 2: All about that rhythm
and the timing.
Center for.
Yeah he missed it.
He missed it the dry.
He throws that one out of here.
Well Sloan rose up.
He has something.
You know what amazes an emotion
That's on its way to.
You know it's amazing.
We haven't seen any foul ball.
Think about it Ramsey.
Know what it tells you that
these guys know more about what
they're doing now than they did
They're saying.
You know up.
And that's.
the middle of the bleep.
That ball in on a military we
get as I said and drove four
hundred seventy eight so five in
this round for.
I'm just telling you the way he
came out.
Like a heavyweight prize fighter
the first time we really didn't
see we wanted to chronicle is
you know his slow start the last
two years and then.
Speaker 1: Who knows him like
But if this is any indication
how old 300 his teammate back
when they were young punks with
the twins seeing him on.
Oh and this is down the line
This is the guy to their.
If you ask him that.
Prior to take over first place
skate wow with this you dirty.
Speaker 2: Man.
the right field.
See your red.
Speaker 1: Light gives him a
total of fifty seven runs out in
this round eight in the first
round seven thus far.
Well this is drilled.
To see these guys doing they're
putting all the weight on once
you get it out of the gate goes
to the back foot and they put
all the lead on the front foot
when he does Herm who ends that
front foot they're coming off of
the back foot almost.
Every sling.
To transfer and then and.
Speaker 2: Then they translate
that energy back foot the front
foot up through the back of the
wonderful playing this game.
Poetry in motion.
back back down again.
Gave it to.
Four hours.
tell you about their Joe
windfall right.
Well what happens when they
shows that their character
they're not using their leg.
shows that their character
I agree totally.
He didn't look too tired to me a
Yes window just a little window
you know.
Yeah just a little out of his
One Hopper off the line he goes
and he's Israeli and find out he
had a long way together.
He was.
Speaker 1: Away.
Speaker 2: I remember the guy
thrown at him as one of the
greatest armies in the history
of baseball Tony Bennett.
So guys out harder than Joe
Hagen trying to steal from his
Hagen trying to steal from his
you know what he did right.
He tried.
I said try.
You know when I saw him at 90 at
double Eastern League 20 years
for the Buffalo face throwing
out guys from his knees he's an
18 year old.
Speaker 1: Robbie I said I'm no
scout I'm no scout.
Yes but this guy is better and
everybody else in the league got
to compete.
You knew then you know now.
Well we have a big lefty sitting
down next to us.
Speaker 2: Who's watching of big
lefty big coffee go to work and
that'll be Ryan and Howard too.
Wait a minute.
What is.
Put him in your zone a little
bit right.
Who's won a home run.
You know what it takes to be a
It takes a lot of stamina.
Everybody is out there for him
on the.
Speaker 2: Well you won it in 0
What was your key.
Speaker 2: Well you won it in 0
In Pittsburgh.
You know.
The biggest piece of advice that
I got was from.
Lance Berkman in the very
beginning where he told us not
Speaker 1: See you go out there
and swing at every pitch every
You know take your time in
between that.
And so on the like the first six
say Yeah I do.
Speaker 2:ctly.
How about this show that you
left big hockey is putting on
here the federal.
Did I ser him.
To be able to come out here for
this home run derby.
To be able to come out here for
Right at home not right out
right at home the spotlight out
in L.A.
He wouldn't have it any other
Got the family got the thread
got the teammates.
though he's definite.
Rhythm ballads.
Very strong man right.
You hit so many long home runs
but when you sit and you're
watching poppy or Cabrera hit it
off the rock pile.
I mean I know you get it over
When you're sitting here
watching this thing you become a
I mean when you sit here you
watch guys doing.
What they're doing right now.
Speaker 1: And I've been up
So I'm what it takes to see guys
getting to the ball and just
kind of put a charge into.
This is awesome to watch.
Speaker 2: This one.
Yes I'm like that.
You coulpreciate that.
Everybody watches being here and
congratulations on another all.
Thank you very much.
eciate I want to ask you.
How about Poppy.
You know what.
I did.
I'm liking the two time OK.
Speaker 1: I like it.
Are they protected.
I have seen you know.
But I have to.
I have to say I was looking at
signing the guy she's having and
I know.
I might have to say.
And their marriage might have
He's got the style the way and
Speaker 2: And this is at least
I mean.
see how shiny they are.
I think they glow in the dark.
Speaker 1: It to the pen.
I think they put the scales on
And they put on Mickey Mouse on
the back.
Speaker 2: So my buddy buddy
Bobby is big thing with a 13
homers this time.
Talk radio.
Speaker 1: Let's let's all take
a look at it Ryan.
You can chime in too big poppy.
Join this thing.
Well if you're similar.
Tall long way.
He's just out there.
Fun and get was.
As you can see.
the shoes right there.
It's all in the shoes.
The hole is too tall in the
shoes right there.
Speaker 1: Yes all the weight
goes back.
Speaker 1: Yes all the weight
the foot on those fine shoe.
Inside he's just warming up
eight and 13 equals twenty one.
So David Ortiz in good position
To get in the finals.
We should say that part of the
reason Ryan is joining us here
is some of the work that he and
many of the major leaguers do
with action team program action
team is the partnership between
the MLB players.
And volunteers of America.
The group provides support in
the community in many many ways.
They've teamed up to create a
national youth volunteer program
to inspire and train high school
students to become community
leaders today.
Speaker 2: More than 30 thousand
students volunteered for the
Kids organized volunteer
How many action teams schools
really you know.
We're trying to get out there as
How did the high schoolers and
teachers get involved with.
The high schools high schoolers
and teachers and get involved
like the LP.
Speaker 1: Dawg.
Or they can go to Volunteers of
Check it out.
Should I know it's been
invaluable to you right.
Yeah it has it has.
You know some of my teammates I
think from some of the footage
from earlier.
I showed myself.
Saying back to Reno Ben
Francisco doing.
We went out to.
Some of this.
You talk like old folks the time
and type home kind of condo so
to speak and the kids were out
there as.
Speaker 2: It's pretty rough day
was raining and I mean they just
showed a whole lot of
determination being out there.
We kind of helped out showed our
support plan some pretty intense
games of bingo kind of helping
out you know in the yard I mean
people get serious in there
about that bingo.
people get serious in there
me some dirty looks.
I couldn't.
You know some folks were making
some dirty.
Speaker 1: Or an athlete or
anything like that to make a
Well it made a difference on
that team that you play for in
Philadelphia and in the
community that they rewarded you
with a wonderful contract
because of that and I know that
you're going to give back as
much as you can on the field.
And off the field.
Yeah most definitely.
We've had kind of a tough year
this first half but had some
injuries and whatnot but.
You know w
Get some guys back and get
focused on the second half and
then we get to go.
focused on the second half and
series with the Redskins you
guys swept every one of those
games is different.
Definitely definitely.
Ugly but effective I always say.
Speaker 1: So ugly but
Miguel Cabrera it's amazing how
he took the cut to pitches that
were a little inside and the
inside part of the plate and hit
him to right center field over
four hundred and fifty feet.
Speaker 2: He hit hard.
I you like to take the ball
away and go the other way man.
He takes the ball that's it like
It goes the other way.
Big time.
I think wow when you're.
That's the first foul ball
I think wow when you're.
Yeah I think that when you he
can get inside of a ball.
Keep your hands inside and.
I'll take it the other way.
I think that's when things are
working right.
Little easier.
V.P. pick.
You know he's believed to be
where they are not during the
season too.
So I'm all for the latter.
How about hitting against the
starter for the National League.
It's a bit like that gets that
little boy with.
That ball is torn.
I can say.
One thing about about.
Him the Mets.
You know when I when I first
baseman first came out he had
great stuff.
And I think that he thought he
could just kind of over our guy
It's not just 98 it's 98 with
So that was kind of unfair in
itself but I think the one thing
that yes that's happened is that
he's definitely grown and he's
that yes that's happened is that
and actually pitch and not just
depend on his fastball but he's
and actually pitch and not just
and I mean he's went with that
fastball looks like it comes at
your hip and that goes back over
the hidden side part of it.
It's not fair that he's here at
times my two strikes it's not
fair but.
Line it's hell.
Speaker 2: Yeah it's gone it's
definitely phases.
Now you get a guy that line and
have some movement over that.
The pressure going to get back
in this group here by the way.
And he's having some ment on
the balls and hitting up growth.
This one his group tore.
He may rename those videos
He's he's playing water ball.
The rock pile.
Speaker 1: So he's got twelve
and the top two totals advance.
Remember Carhartt starts with
Clay put on a show that for his
arm around it.
He did.
Speaker 2: Ryan let me show you
something here.
later but this is Cabrera gets
under this a little much.
Speaker 1: This is a Mickey
Nineteen fifty one.
That's all right.
It's let's see.
Thirty five inch long.
Thirty three point six John.
Is it.
Yeah I mean do you think it's
not bad.
It's a thicker handle.
My bad I usually is a.
Thirty five.
Thirty four.
We're a little bit of a thinner
We're a little bit of a thinner
the Jack Robinson bat as well.
That you know back in the days
is the love the thicker handles.
And it balances the bad out.
Nice actually.
I go up there take a round with
point sixty thirty six pounds
thirty just thirty thirty point
because Dawkins is good to.
Estimated worth about one
hundred thousand one hundred
fifty thousand dollars in an
fifty thousand dollars in an
The baseball All-Star.
Speaker 2: If you were there
would be some people keeling
over if you went to the plate
would right.
It has some issues I guess.
Oh no no.
Sunday marks.
Do this call Billy Crystal
because he bought.
A Mickey Mantle glove for like
300 grand.
Oh man.
Oh man.
He'll probably be there for
CABRERA I'm not quite up there.
Speaker 1: You know with a golf
Couldn't quite do it.
Speaker 2: I'm kind of worried
How did we get did you guys have
to click.
How did we get did you guys have
Mine.ick. got.
Yeah I I.
I didn't.
But these guys took Cabrera from
me and they took me from me.
Yeah he's in here.
So well I feel like I'm going to
have to say I think your heart
might be they might be the big
play as he lowered his hands and
he's got a slight upper thigh.
So now his hands go straight to
the zone.
Afwatching that first round
is he might surprise people
might go back to Milwaukee for a
second year.
Well Cabrera and Poppy for you
know what Miguel is not going to
make it.
Joe heot going to make it
because Corey Hart already has
So he didn't catch him.
Poppy twenty and Corey 30 hasn't
Home Run Derby two years ago.
World champion a couple of years
Thanks for all the work.
With the young folks.
Thank you very much.
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But we want you to know that
we're with you.
Back here at Angel Stadium in
our 2010 State Farm Home Run
Derby Boys and Girls Club of
The offi charity of Major
League Baseball to more than
four million kids worldwide is
at MLB.
Go beyond dot com to learn how
you can help create positive
place for kids.
Speaker 2: All Boys and Girls
Miguel Cabrera is gonna be out.
Hey copy is twenty one Corey
hard yet to hit with thirteen
Hanley Miriam.
Ramirez No he was not something
to think about Corey.
Ramirez No he was not something
Well there are the shoes.
Speaker 1: Ryan Howard was
talking about.
I still like Big Bob.
I still think Poppy got him beat
Speaker 2: Yeah he looks you
got a little more style right.
You know they are like a wide
Yeah right right.
Those little flashy poppies has
Speaker 1: A read out of
Yeah that's.
You go walking down there and
those big boys can handle is
quite a talent.
Of course the lunch was disputed
Not long after he was bench and
had to run in.
A bench for not hustling or
perceived not hustling Freddy
Gonzalez got the heave ho.
Speaker 2: I don't know if there
was any debate though on whether
or not he was hustling.
He wasn't hustling and he needed
to be benched and he did exactly
what he needed to do.
I k I don't think there was
a debate.
Speaker 1: No not on that.
But then two weeks later Freddie
was out of work.
Speaker 2: That's all.
I certainly hope that didn't
have anything to do.
I would hope not.
Because I remember Tony Perez
and to all of Famers Andre
Dawson and the reds.
Took Ramirez aside and basically
told him.
You know you let your team down.
You let yourself down don't let
it happen again.
And I think when he comes from
those two guys you have to
He listened he went on a tear.
to be around a long time.
I think he's going to have for
all the time.
He's hitting good.
Good point hitting homers.
Well again he's not your typical
small shortstop.
Not typical leadoff hitter
This one is pulverized to left
center field way back.
Then got.
Speaker 2: Looks like he's
really swinging hard but his
swing is just very efficient.
He's doing exactly what kept
swinging hard but he got to the
He's got that good timing.
Speaker 1: Again it's a friend
that he's known for a long time
long before professional
baseball Alexis Fernandez
pitching to you can you know
that that means in the Dominican
and those long winters there is
a lot of his BP being thrown to
make this swing.
Is that a good point.
Speaker 2: Hanley Ramirez with
three homers in this outing a
total of twelve This one will
not quite get it.
Speaker 1: Tell about the young
this young man from the Atlanta
Braves with our own thanks so
much to me and Jason Heyward and
Braves with our own thanks so
Speaker 2: Get that some out.
How's it feel.
Speaker 1: Do have a few
Fantastic. Do have a few it hom.
Of course all the Atlanta Braves
are happy to hear about this.
You told me even though you
aren't able to play in the
All-Star Game there was no way
you were missing this.
Why not at all.
Because the fans get the bonus
and you know it's a great
Because the fans get the bonus
base about was coming but also
I'm American.
You're part of the.
Democrats class with all the
Way point just 20 years old.
What did it mean to you when you
found out you made the team.
It was.
The.and priviland I want
Enjoy all of them.
Every All-Star game I can.
And hopefully with many more to
It was not the.
Couple of your teammates from
you and they're just saying
everything just seems to be
going right.
everything just seems to be
Braves right now.
No this is a team that would
come to the ballpark every day.
No this is a team that would
good things done that we.
And have a good time.
We go out there and play hard.
Speaker 2: Somebody's got to get
offense or the fist we've hadget
all the guys over here on the
deck say who they think is going
to win this thing.
I don't know.
I would say big probably put on
You know if Miguel can keep it
going all I know before I can't
So we'll see.
Good to see you here.
Thank you sir.
All right Chris.
guy there than just Palin.
Speaker 1: Yeah I got to say
that understanding of who he is
and what he's supposed to do to
help the team and total
appreciation for the game of
his knowledge of history and so
impressed with a home run this
center that it's about for a
good 30 feet.
You know that's like a dog leg
You hit it up there up there and
around to the green.