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  • Hey, what can I help you with?

  • My grandfather gave me this helmet.

  • It's a football helmet.

  • Look at you know, my cranium is extremely large.

  • It's a huge brain eaters.

  • I'm coming down on the point shop to sell my old football helmet.

  • The reason I want to sell it.

  • It's been sitting in my house forever collecting dust.

  • I'm trying to sell it for $500 but Lois, I'd probably dio is $200 bread.

  • Around the tines of the twenties, the helmets became optional.

  • It was much more brutal than today.

  • Lot less rules, literally.

  • In one year in college ball, 12 people died so eventually became mandatory.

  • And believe it or not, when they first came out, you went to a shoemaker to get your helmet made.

  • I believe it's believed that the first football helmets were used back in 18 93 in the Army Navy game.

  • But those helmets sought, and by the 19 forties, leather helmets like this were a mandatory in the NFL.

  • When they first came out, they didn't have the holes for the years, so guys hated him because you couldn't hear anything with, um, this is just like a thick hat.

  • The need thing is, as most of these were tossed, right?

  • I mean, you just don't see these things anymore.

  • And this one's in great shape.

  • Like most Americans, I love football, and I want this helmet.

  • I have to be smart on the price because it's not tied to a particular player or team.

  • How's it feel?

  • It's not good.

  • Um, So what do you want to do with us?

  • No, no, I'm wondering, you know, is there is there a market for, like, a long time memorabilia there is.

  • I mean, it's not associated with the player or a team or anything else like that.

  • Um, I'll give you 100 bucks for it.

  • 100 bucks.

  • I can't.

  • I can't do that.

  • I'll go 100 quarter.

  • That would be him.

  • How about 1 30 then?

  • We're haggling.

  • All right.

  • 1 30 I started on $130.

  • Seeing that they wouldn't budge.

  • So I figured I might as well just take what I could get in Rome with it.

Hey, what can I help you with?

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