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  • On July 16, 1945

  • the earth experienced its first atomic explosion near the city of San Antonio, New Mexico.

  • The bomb was called Trinity, and it paved the way for decades of numerous nuclear explosions.

  • while nuclear explosions don't contribute to the global warming

  • They can kill millions of people, Cause a crash in global temperatures

  • and render lands completely useless for growing crops for more than five years

  • That being said, who has the power to do so?

  • Well, aside from the famous United States and Russia

  • There is the United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan and North Korea

  • There's also been a debate going on whether Israel has nuclear weapons or not

  • apart from these countries there are some that participate in a nuclear sharing program

  • which allows them to have nuclear weapons for defensive purposes only

  • Those countries are Belgium, Germany, Italy, Turkey, and the Netherlands

  • There are also countries that used to have nuclear weapons but chose to dissolve them

  • Those countries are South Africa, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine

  • Aside from the famous Nagasaki and Hiroshima

  • there has been quite a few nuclear explosions for testing purposes

  • mainly by the United States and the former Soviet Union

  • And although the nuclear weapons prevented the progression of the cold war

  • It could've led to the complete destruction of our species

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On July 16, 1945

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