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  • we've now performed 100.

  • Well, if you think of this 1.79 1,000,000 tests, that's one million, 790,000 test nationwide.

  • And I think we're gonna put up a screen here someplace that they're on cue.

  • They just don't care.

  • And here it is.

  • Uh, this is the process starting on 5 march and ending right there, Right about now, right?

  • That's about it.

  • So, uh, and it's going up at a rapid rate.

  • Nobody has done more testing and one of the reasons why they say, and I think I can say this Debra very strongly, But one of the reasons that we have more cases is we've done more more testing.

  • If I went to some of these countries that, in my opinion, far more people, then we do that had the problem.

  • And if we did the kind of testing proportionately that would do it that have many more cases than us.

  • But we have more cases because we do much more testing.

  • So when you do the testing, you have cases.

  • Otherwise you wouldn't know about the cases.

  • People sit home, you don't know about it.

  • But we have now done 1,790,000 tests nationwide.

  • That's more than any other country in the world.

  • Hence we have more cases, and that number is growing by nearly 125,000 people per day.

  • I think of that one.

  • So it's going by 125,000 people per day.

  • Uh, I told you about South Korea.

  • This is a vastly faster, and we also have, they say, the most accurate of tests CVS is launching and they've been great.

  • Two new drive through testing sites in Atlanta, Georgia and Providence, Rhode Island.

  • And each location would be able to test upto 1000 patients per day using the ultra fast five minute test developed by Abbott Labs.

  • Now they're down.

  • D'oh!

  • Five minutes ago, The ultra fast It's very accurate.

  • Abbott Labs.

  • I want to thank them.

we've now performed 100.

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