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  • dude Perfect.

  • Welcome back The land.

  • This is the world's longest basketball way.

  • Can't complain The game and you're way came to guarantee the way it feels good to be.

  • Bad thing.

  • This is the laser shots.

  • No thing is a lady way.

  • It's time to do a little skeet shooting a cow field football stuff.

  • Here we go way.

  • Way from taking the show to turn up the lights past me to Mike.

  • Bring on the way.

  • Wait.

  • A warm bowl.

  • You ever want to know what it feels like to be Johnny Football?

  • Kyle Field.

  • Check this out way.

  • Try and contain a diving touchdown.

  • Joyful booth.

  • There's still one part of Johnny's game.

  • He's yet to master the extra point way.

  • This is about Johnny football.

  • This is the Johnny Football Heisman shot Foreman.

  • Alabama Rush.

  • I got it.

  • Oh, no way.

  • No, they didn't.

  • We're going there.

  • Ready way!

  • Think this is the even longer bowl?

  • This'll even longer bowl What?

  • Oh my perfect!

  • Perfect.

  • That's unfortunate.

  • Get locked out of your own stadium.

  • Oh, wait, let's do a little skeet shooting guns.

  • Yea, that's next.

dude Perfect.

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