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  • the pandemic is changing personal hygiene in meaningful ways.

  • Theat Absolute first thing you should do before you went to your house is to take off your shoes, says Dr Roshini Raj.

  • You're coming into your how perfectly after cleaning up your shoot.

  • If you can leave them outside, that would be ideal.

  • What about the clothes?

  • You just war while out.

  • If you are taking public transportation and you're sitting a seat, whether it's in a train or subway, this could be a reason why you would want to when you get home, remove your clothes because they were touching that scene and wash them immediately.

  • Wash all clothing, towels and linens regularly on the warmest setting possible.

  • Disinfect your laundry, hamper to or place a removable liner inside it to help its stake germ free.

  • Finally, don't shake dirty laundry to avoid dispersing the virus in the air.

  • You also may want to reserve a coat for going out out.

  • Don't put it with the right the rest of your clothes and keep it.

  • As for how often you should shower and wash your hair.

  • For most people who are going out briefly to get some groceries or get some food, it's not necessary.

  • The moment you step back into your home to wash your hair, take a shower.

  • All of those things.

  • You shouldn't help, however.

  • Wash your hands very thoroughly.

  • However, if you're working, going out to work in an environment where you're reading a lot of people, certainly if you're working in any sort of health care facility, it would be good idea came close or take a shower.

  • And here's a tip from Kate Middleton, the future queen of England that you probably didn't think of.

  • She's taken off her sapphire engagement ring, which once belonged to Princess Diana.

  • Turns out germs tend to thrive under rings.

  • They like the moisture that builds up regularly.

  • Washing your hands is a lot tougher with rings on your fingers.

  • These are areas that germs can lurk under or, you know, between the finger and the ring.

  • So it might be best to avoid wearing those at this time.

  • But if you really need to wear your ring, cleaning them thoroughly every day is a good idea.

the pandemic is changing personal hygiene in meaningful ways.

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