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Welcome to 'Word Lab' Everybody
I'm going to focus on a single basic English word
that you probably already know
And just simply show you some next level ways to use it
Let's get started
And the word of the day is…
And I know what some of you are thinking right now
So, stop that!
But for the rest of us, typically you would use blow as in
Blow out a candle
or, The wind is blowing
Let's take a look at some more advanced, next level ways
to use the word 'Blow'
Yes it can also mean 'to explode'
so if you say 'Something blew up'
or 'It's going to blow up'
It means it going to explode
My dinner blew up in the microwave because I cooked it too long
I left a banana on a chair and it blew up when I sat on it
That computer will blow up if it gets too hot
If your phone blows up
that just means you're super popular
You're getting a lot of text messages or phone calls suddenly
Maybe you just posted a picture of yourself
eating some scrumptious yummy dessert
And suddenly your phone is blowing up
because of all of the messages you're getting
All the 'Likes' and the 'Comments'
Feed that narcissism
My phone blew up because it's my birthday today
And I'm so popular
Once I become famous, all of the girls are gonna blow up my phone
I just know it
My boss blew up my phone the other day because I forgot to come to work
Now, if you are blown away, it means you are impressed with something
Or if you blow somebody else away, then you are impressing them
I was blown away when I found out that my girlfriend is a K-Pop star
That guy really blew away the competition with his speed
You gotta try this new pizza, it will blow you away
Blowing somebody out of the water
Well that just means you're much better than them
You're way ahead of the competition
You can defeat anybody
Usually this is used if you are talking about sports or some kind of competition
Their team blew us out of the water during the championship game
This restaurant is so good, it just blows everyone out of the water
Hey did you see that new Ferrari that came out?
It's gonna blow Lamborghini out of the water
It's a waste!
It's ruined!
If you 'Blow it' that means you had an opportunity
and you wasted it.
You didn't take advantage of it
We were winning the game and then suddenly
I blew it by missing all of my shots
Just be normal and don't say anything weird to that girl
You'll blow your chance to go out with her
Ah I blew it guys, sorry, that was my mistake
So a 'Blow by Blow' is a story with lots of detail
Probably too much detail
Like if somebody asks, “What did you do today?”
And then a blow by blow would be like
Oh I got out of bed
And then I scratched myself
And then I yawned
And then I brushed my teeth…
That's a 'Blow by Blow'
Just every single detail
Just tell me what you did basically
I don't need a blow by blow
He asked you out?
Oh my gosh, I wanna hear a blow by blow
Oh my gosh, every time I talk to him
he gives me a blow by blow of his day
So unnecessary
Now, a blow can also be a negative consequence
A setback.
Something bad that happens
Our company suffered a huge blow because of the poor economy
My self confidence took a huge blow because the teacher yelled at me
It was a major blow to our team when our star player got injured
Ok this last one is pretty funny because it actually means
the opposite of its normal meaning
Instead of to blow out, it means to suck
You don't want to use it with strangers or your boss or something
It's too unprofessional
Hey I heard you got dumped by your girlfriend
Dang that blows!
Our new teammate blows.
She was supposed to be the best player
Alright, I know it was a lot, but here is a quick summary
of all of the different ways you can use the word 'Blow'
Alright I hope you guys enjoyed that
This is my first kind of video of this kind
So if you like this kind of video, message me
write me, send up a smoke signal!
Just let me know what you think
If you like it, then I'll just keep making more of it
Or if you don't like it, you can write in the comments
Dude this video blows!
Anyway, this has been 'Word Lab'
See ya next time
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Word Lab "Blow"

129 Folder Collection
ShakesBeer published on April 6, 2020
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