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  • Jon Stewart the other night on his show made fun of a bunch of different

  • up Fox News figures nothing new there I want those people in particular was

  • stuart varney and he went after varney because

  • look we got well at least temporarily it appears as if we have a way

  • out have an intervention in Syria right i mean a

  • asada giving up his chemical weapons we should be fine mission accomplished

  • banner

  • and there were so many people on Fox that were against going in

  • and to Syria are doing any kinda military action and of course there were

  • enough for any principal reason they were against it because Obama was for it

  • but then the second that we got out early intervention now the Sun therefore

  • intervention

  • and they just there's no idea logical consistency

  • so listen to this is the storm varney

  • talking about but Jon Stewart any special couple Jon Stewart

  • right and then afterwards you'll hear store Barneys robot all

  • which is hi all areas

  • they have the Daily Show's Jon Stewart he found yet another reason to make

  • follow-up

  • while on Tuesday night listless have good

  • the patriot-news this as anything but a fantastic development

  • present Obama has just letters into a humiliating

  • defeat schools too

  • sanity

  • you be does this time rational forethought but we'll get you

  • it was funny missus do it is in fact dead wrong we lost

  • to the russians that's awesome her that's also because that is the weakest

  • for a bottle I've ever heard about anything

  • how was it a defeat we were gonna

  • go into Syria and do a bombing campaign

  • with the goal of stopping assault from ever using chemical weapons again

  • but now so now

  • because Russia got involved in a related message to Syria

  • we got so that they'll give up their chemical weapons without telling a

  • firearm is all

  • that so when when when when when when when other wins all around in every

  • single direction

  • how can you possibly can so how to defeat all because Russia came up with

  • the idea and Obama didn't come up with the idea

  • so now you're in favor of bombing anyway but why would you bomb when they're

  • going to give up their chemical weapons anyway

  • I would be useless about that it doesn't make any sense man

Jon Stewart the other night on his show made fun of a bunch of different

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Jon Stewart Vs. Stuart Varney

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    Mankiw Xu posted on 2014/04/08
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