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(calm music)
- Hey everyone, it's your girl Jenn.
I know March has been pure madness,
but not like the sporting March Madness,
just like pandemic madness, and during this time,
I have been discovering small joys
that have been keeping me sane
and just like a little bit perky around the house,
so I thought I'd share with you, so let's get started.
On days where I just want to look
a little bit more presentable, if I just need
a little pick me up, 'cause sometimes like
when I'm looking into the mirror,
I'm just like wait, I've been looking the same
for the past like five days, I just want to add
some variation, and on days where I just want to
kind of even out my complexion, I will go in
with Bite Beauty's Changemaker Supercharged
Micellar Foundation.
I'm in the shade M55, and I would say
that this has medium coverage.
When I apply this, I'll just kind of dot it
around my eyes, my nose, my mouth,
and I'll just blend that out and I love the fact
that I don't need to powder this.
My skin is on the normal to dry side
so I don't know what this will be like
if you're oily, but on my skin, I just apply it
and I don't even need to pat it down with powder,
which I love because you know, it's just
an extra step that I can remove.
I love the texture of this.
It's like really whipped and moussey and bouncy
and for some reason, I just like formulas
that are like whipped in texture, and I think
it's because it reminds me of food,
so it just gets me a little excited, you know,
gets me going.
So I have been rolling up my sleeves
with my skincare routine and I have finally added retinol.
Now I am trying to preserve my face as long as possible,
like not neurotically, but I am definitely
taking preventative measures,
and retinol increases cell turnover,
which means that the cells shed or the skin sheds
and then underneath, the skin that's left,
it's like really youthful and radiant,
and with retinol, you have to ease it in.
It's not like balls to the wall type of guy
and just slap it on, like you have to like go slowly.
The retinol I've been using is this one by Skinceuticals,
it is their retinol 0.3, and this was recommended
to me by my dermatologist and this is perfect
for retinol beginners like myself.
So my first week, I just applied this on my face
two times a week, and I did notice some effects,
like it was just a bit of peeling.
Like you know when you put glue on your hand
and then you wait for it to dry and like
you slightly peel it off?
It kinda looked like that but just like
in random patches of my face, like my forehead
and like on my cheek for some reason.
It looked like I had slight sunburn
that was like peeling off at the end,
but after that first week, my skin got adjusted to it
so then I ramped it up to three times a week
and now we're on week three and now I am doing
four times a week, and so far I've been loving it.
I love the fact that my skin adjusted to it pretty quickly.
So if you guys are on the market for just like retinol
and you want to start off, I highly recommend this one.
So next up I want to talk about these glasses by Quay
This is part of their Chrissy Tiegen collaboration
and I love Chrissy.
This style is called the Jezabell
and it's got a thin, gold rim that has
all these like little glitter particles on it.
And I think it's so cute.
These glasses protect you from blue light
from your laptop, your computer screens,
your phone and it just kind of blocks that out,
so you're covered.
I love how oversized they are because it makes your face
just look really like small and petite
and I don't know, I've just been digging
the way they look, and now we're looking at our phones
and screens like even more now,
so I thought that I would take some safety measures
and protect my eyes.
If I'm gonna be honest, I don't remember
the last time I have had just like natural nails.
I think for the past like three or four years,
I've just had gel nails, over and over again.
It was just kind of like when you start gel nails,
like you just get addicted to it,
and finally that streak has stopped
because everything is closed, and it felt so nice
to just have my nails breathe and like regrow.
I'm glad that I was able to give them a break
but the other day, I thought that I just wanted
to give them a little bit of a shine,
so I have been using Sally Hanson's Color Therapy
Sheer Nail Polish, I love the color Bare Kiss.
I added like maybe two or three coats of this
and it just gives it like a slight tint,
looks super natural still, and it just gives it
a nice little shine.
I love that you don't have to be so meticulous
with the painting of this.
You can be like a little bit messy
and it doesn't really matter, and if it chips,
it also doesn't really show.
This is just like a very, very like low maintenance polish
that will just give your nails
just like a little extra gleam.
I'm also very curious to try their Give Me a Tint color,
it's kind of like this pale periwinkle shade
so this is gonna be my next nail color.
So I want to move onto some book recommendations.
First, I want to talk about The Power of Now
by Eckhart Tolle, this has been on my to-read list
for the longest time, like the longest time,
and this month I had no excuse and it honestly
came at such a right time, because this book
is a guide on being able to live your day
by each moment and really focusing on the power of now.
The present is all we have, ever.
We never can really grasp the past,
we can't really, we can plan for the future
but it's never really ours, there's no certainty of it,
but there is certainty in the present,
the moment that's happening right now,
and I've always struggled with being present.
I'm either like analyzing or even regretting
things that I've done in the past,
or I am planning and strategizing for the future,
but for the present, it's always been kind of
like a fleeting moment, it's just been like autopilot,
and I found myself during this time really being anxious
about oh my gosh, like what's gonna happen.
It was just me really worrying about the future
because there are just so many variables that can happen,
like all these things that I am thinking about,
like the impending doom and the world ending,
well like has the world ended right now?
What is actually your problem right now?
And this book showed me that problems are a construct.
There's only situations that we can deal with
at the moment or that we deal with when they happen
in the future, but if it's not happening right now,
there's nothing you can do about it,
so just enjoy the present.
I would really recommend this book to anyone
that is really struggling with anxiety and worrying
about what's gonna happen.
This book will really kind of be a substantial
piece of work that will ground you.
So my next book recommendation is When You Eat
at the Refrigerator, Pull Up a Chair.
I picked up this book because I've been noticing
my increasing tendency to eat aimlessly
and snack until like I can't breathe.
Like I've been binge eating, and it's been something
that I have like on and off activity with.
And it always happens when I'm feeling stressed
or if something inside me is not being met,
and obviously during this time,
we're all really stressed.
I have been finding a lot of like comfort in eating
but I just didn't want it to tip over
into something that was like super unhealthy,
so that's why I think this book was a great reminder
for me to speak more compassionately to myself
because when I binge eat, I really beat myself up,
you know, like the stuff that we say to ourselves
is the meanest because we know exactly
what will make us feel worthless.
I noticed that I had to kind of restructure
how I find comfort, so now I'm like really being adamant
about journaling and just being as active as I can
because I've noticed that that kind of helps me
get out of me just trying to wander
around the pantry for comfort.
Eating should be quite intuitive and you should eat
until you feel satiated but not go overboard
trying to compensate for something.
So if you are also struggling with just
finding all your comfort in food,
I highly recommend that you read this,
because it'll definitely shed some light
on how you can be more compassionate with yourself
and just kind of be in check with your body and your mind.
And for my last favorite, of course I have to plug in
my new March playlist.
I feel like, I wish I could just give you guys
the playlist beforehand rather than after the month
but anyway, in March my playlist
was all about being inside, being a homebody,
you know, quarantine life.
So go check it out, it's great songs
that you can chill to, clean to,
have some wine to, it's just nice home music
and I hope you guys enjoy it.
I'll leave a link in the description box
along with all the products and things
that I talked about, and I want to thank you guys
so much for watching, please let me know
any of your favorites and things that you have found
like solace in during this time
in the comments down below.
I would truly love to read about them.
All right, I'll see you guys in the next one, bye!
(calm music)
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Jenn Im-March Favorites 2020

26 Folder Collection
Jenny Wu published on April 4, 2020
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