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  • Hi, I'm Anu Gia and I'm Hippo and its tip Tuesday on Show Me the curry dot com that today's tip is how to pop, eh?

  • Marantz seas just like popcorn and makes that amazing snack and super simple to do on super healthy.

  • And here's what a Miranda Miranda is known as.

  • Judge the Rye in Hindi.

  • Ondimba.

  • Joppy.

  • It is Judge logic.

  • I think they call it.

  • So Here's what I'm Iran looks like.

  • Look at that.

  • They're super super tiny little seeds, but they're packed with protein.

  • It's one of the most highly protein content grain available.

  • So a really good option if you want a really nice snack and you stay away from popcorn.

  • You know, sometimes they talk about corn being genetically modified and things like that.

  • If you wanna do not give that to your Children and offer another amazing snack than this really good options, I think it's a great stopping for salads, and it's a great crunch, and it's healthier.

  • So let's just get to the stove and show you how to pop it.

  • So we have a heavy bottom pan here on the stove, and it's at the medium to medium high heat, and it's already hot.

  • We want a pan to be before we start.

  • You put a little bit of water in it and see how it dances.

  • It's ready to go.

  • So when we're popping amaranth, we wanna start with just about a tablespoon at a time so that it covers the bottom of your pan evenly.

  • And you don't want a lot of seeds overlapping each other and be sure you have a lid handy because gonna pop out.

  • We're gonna pour that in and it's in a box immediately uncover it and keep moving the pan, and it burns really fast.

  • So there's only gonna take a few seconds burned out, and a few of the scenes did stick and burn at the bottom.

  • But that's OK, and then you pour it out quickly and you can go toe onto the next batch.

  • There will be a couple of seats that don't pop all the way, but when you eat it together, you won't be able to tell the difference and make sure you clean up the band before you do.

  • The next batch of Amaranth has bought.

  • Look at it so cute, so light and so fluffy and so crunchy.

  • So, like a compact it really lights not at, like addictive.

  • Keep eating more and more.

  • Like I said, it's really really good on solids and or just to have it as a serial number.

  • Yeah, you're good at fabulous texture, Herbert.

  • Like a holiday party.

  • Yes, yes, absolutely.

  • So this is only one tablespoon right here, and it really increases in size quite a bit.

  • And it only takes literally, like, 10 15 seconds to pop this so you can keep doing this over and over and get yourself a nice big batch of it.

  • We invest.

  • So if you have a tip out there that you like to share with us and of us, please don't forget to send it to us.

Hi, I'm Anu Gia and I'm Hippo and its tip Tuesday on Show Me the curry dot com that today's tip is how to pop, eh?

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